Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, a fascinating model railroad & miniature world!

TRANSIT took note of this fascinating youtube video showcasing Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, the world’s largest model railroad and an amazing miniature world, which includes kilometer after kilometer of model railways, highways, a model airport,cruise ship, police, fire engines, and everything else that makes a city come alive. We hope you enjoy the video as much […]

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We can’t make this stuff up: Melaka Monorail traps passengers (Update #2)

Update: We are certainly confused about the different information from the NST and The Star! Update: SPAD has investigated the service disruption and ordered a 48-hour closure of the Melaka Monorail! TRANSIT took note of this article in The Star which displays an amazing coincidence combined with a not quite unexpected event. The Melaka Monorail […]

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A cable car in Port Dickson? How about reviving the rail link first?

Update: Paul Singh of KL writes that the NS Government should “First, bring back the sparkle to PD” by cleaning up the water & beaches! TRANSIT took note of an interesting announcement from the Menteri Besar of Negri Sembilan, indicating that the state government plans to build a cable car link between Port Dickson’s new […]

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Heritage: “tracking down memory lane”

TRANSIT took note of this interesting column written by NST editor Syed Nadzri, about his memories of KTM travel. The column follows the recent series by NST about the heritage of the Malaysian railways which is rapidly changing as the Electrification & Double Tracking (EDT) projects progress. Tracking down memory lane (NST) 2011/08/08 By Syed […]

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KTM Update: Consider our heritage as we move into the modern age

TRANSIT took note of some very interesting articles about KTMB and Malaysia’s railway heritage, which is changing before our eyes with the Ipoh-Padang Besar & Seremban-Gemas Electrification & Double Tracking (EDT) Projects. Heritage stations along the west coast of Malaysia are being replaced with modern structures. In some cases, aspects of the stations are being […]

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Heritage: Traveling along the North Borneo Railway

TRANSIT also took note of this wonderful article about the North Borneo Railway(now Sabah State Railways), and the famous North Borneo Railway tour train pulled by an authentic Vulcan 6-016 steam engine! Vulcan chugs on (NST, 5 August 2011) The recently-revived North Borneo Railway steam train evokes the romanticism of a rail journey during the […]

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Updates #96

Updates #96 1. Hotline Story: Stop as you please? Passengers forced to alight even in the middle of the road (Malay Mail, 26 July 2011) – Priveena Mahan complains about being dropped off in the middle of the street. [TRANSIT: RapidKL responds here explaining that they cannot always approach bus stops properly because of parked […]

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MIROS DG: Safety belts by 2015; SPAD COO: It’s not soon enough;

TRANSIT took note of some very interesting comments in The Malay Mail about the new proposals for the installation of seat belts in express buses by 2015. We also note that SPAD COO Azhar Ahmad states that 2015 is too long and the installation ought to start as early as 2015. Now, TRANSIT wants to […]

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Updates #92

Updates #92 1. Article: Essential to have reliable transport system (NST, 30 June 2011) – A commentary and update on plans to improve public transport in JB and the Iskandar region, as well as cross-border connections between JB and Singapore. [TRANSIT: This article deserves its own post as there are some questionable statements and claims […]

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On June 30 Malaysians and Singaporeans said goodbye to Tg. Pagar and Bukit Timah railway stations! (Update #1)

Update: Sultan Ibrahim of Johor explains why he took the initiative to drive the last KTM train out of Singapore! TRANSIT took note of more articles about the closure of Tg. Pagar railway station (and Bukit Timah – why does everyone forget Bukit Timah) and the effective withdrawal of KTM train service from Singapore. On […]