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  1. Accessibility and Universal Design
  2. Bus Stop Design
  3. Information and Wayfinding
  4. Culture, Society and Public Transport
  5. Station Architecture
  6. Public Transport-Related Technology
  7. Organisation, Policy-Making and Advocacy in Public Transport

This page is a work in progress. We intend for it to contain useful information & discussion and comments about public transport, from design, (including station design, interior design & architecture, universal design and accessibility and information and signage) to culture and heritage (including art, museums, and music). We invite you to contribute your ideas, feedback and resources to make this page better and more interesting and broad-reaching.

1. Accessibility and Universal Design

1.1 Policy on Universal Design

Department for Transport (UK)
2004 – European Conference of Ministers of Transport report on improving accessibility (with UITP – International Association of Public Transport)

1.2 Guidelines for Universal Design
1.3 Consultation on Universal Design

New York – Research on Low-Floor buses (1998)

2. Bus Stops Design

2.1 Guidelines for Bus Stop Design
2.2 Malaysian Bus Stop Design

3. Information and Signage

4. Culture, Society and Public Transport

4.1 Art
4.2 Music
4.3 Museums and Heritage
4.4 Corporate Branding and Design

5. Architecture and Urban Design

5.2 Current Stations
5.2 Other examples

6. Information about Public Transport-related Technology

6.1 Bus-based Technologies
6.2 Tram-based Technologies
  • Trams (also known as Streetcars) – from VTPI,
  • Rapid Trams (also known as Light-Rail Transit, LRT, or Light Rail)
  • Tram Trains (also known as Light-Rail Transit, LRT, or Interurbans)
6.3 Mass Rapid Transit Technologies (MRT, MTR or Metro)
  • Mass-Transit Course Module from ITDP
  • 3rd Rail
  • Overhead Pantograph
6.4 Special Technologies
  • Maglev
  • Guided Bus
6.5 Non-motorized Technologies
  • Non-Motorized Transport Course Module (ITDP)
  • Traffic Calming (ITDP Fact Sheet)

7. Organization, Policy Making and Advocacy in Public Transport

7.1 General Information
7.2 Policy Proposals & Resources
7.3 Interesting Position Papers
7.4 Public Transport Organizing Authorities
7.5 Passenger Advocacy Groups
7.6 Master Planning
7.7 Theoretical Perspectives on Transport Activism

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According to@Wrongdoings_rapidkl comments, I bet he does not really know the real picture of our Malaysia public transport. He definitely does not take public transport everyday.Well, the recent big arrest for graft and corruptions aren’t clear enough?? My comment is always based on true hard facts. Many Malaysians know the real dark truth whether you like it or not. Furthermore, what do you think Malaysian government can do to improve our public transport with RM105 billion of graft money per year?? It’s been more than 10 years, every year the graft money is RM105 billion. Do you think our government still need to borrow money to build MRT system and improve other public transportation system nationwide if we have this kind of money every year??? So Wrongdoings_rapidKL. Do you think I’m supporting any political party or I’m just stating the fact?? Even our Prime Minister admit that every year, Malaysia is losing out approx. RM105 billion due to graft and corruptions. Do you think he need to make this statement if none of these things happen?? Whether I’m just stating nothing but pure true facts or I’m supporting the oppostion political parties it’s your right to make your guess and speculations. All I know is I’m just stating hard true facts, I’m totally fed up already!!! With all those money, do you know how many poor or hardcore/needy Malaysians can be saved???!!! THINK THINK THINK!!!! Don’t just support the government BLINDLY AND RECKLESSLY!!!

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