Public Transport Complaints and Suggestions

If something is wrong with transport in Malaysia, you’re right. Small issues that affect your accessibility and journeys on public transport can also be an inconvenience to others as well. We urge you to take action to make your concerns and suggestions clear. Here’s how you can do that.

Getting your complaints and suggestions ready

The more precise information you can give, the more this will help the authorities in their enforcement of existing laws and regulations.

If you are discussing a particular route, be as specific as possible. Make sure to include as many of the following details as you can:

  • Bus (including operator)/train route
  • Bus/Train registration number
  • Date
  • Time of Day
  • Location (to the nearest station/bus stop/landmark)
  • Your observation/complaint

What Transit Malaysia can do

Post your specific complaints and concerns here to our website.  If you have photos, please email us with the details. TRANSIT will post your complaint to the website.

You can also contact TRANSIT on Twitter to give complaints and feedback on public transport issues. If you’d like to go further and advocate on behalf of the Malaysian travelling public, you should consider joining us as a volunteer.

Public transport operators

RapidKL Rail

  • RapidRail Sdn Bhd – (660759-D)
    No.1 Jalan PJU 1A/46, Off Jalan Lapangan Terbang Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah,
    47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
    Tel: 603-7650 7788 Fax: 603-7625 6669
  • General Feedback via Twitter – @AskRapidKL, Facebook – @myrapid, email – / Helpline – 603-7885 2585
  • CEO (Rail) – Amir Hamdan

RapidKL Bus

  • Rapid Bus Sdn Bhd – (1025200A)
    Kompleks Rapid Bus Cheras Selatan,
    Lot 1499, Jalan KB2/15, 43300 Balakong, Seri Kembangan, Selangor
    Tel: 603-8946 2000 Fax: 603-8964 4889
  • General Feedback via Twitter – @AskRapidKL, Facebook – @myrapid, email – / Helpline – 603-7885 2585
  • CEO (Bus) – Mohammad Yazurin Sallij Muhammad Yassin


  • Address:
    Lorong Kulit,
    10460 Penang
    Telephone: 04 – 255 8000
    Fax: 04 – 228 1070
  • General feedback form, twitter – @RapidPg, email –
  • Head of RapidPenang – Unknown

Government Authorities

APAD/Land Transport Agency

Keep sending your comments on the MRT to SPAD using their comment form, or through email or phone 1800 82 6868

Contact Information for SPAD’s address in KL is below. The information is taken from SPAD’s Contact Us page (versi BM)

Level 19, 1 Sentral (KL Sentral)
Jalan Travers
50470 Kuala Lumpur
General Line: +603 2268 5782
Fax Number: +603 2272 3744

LPKP / Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board

The CVLB is responsible for road-based public transport in Sabah & Sarawak with the exception of Tour/Excursion Buses (Bas Persiaran)

Hotline 1 800 88 96 00
State Offices (rollover the cities to get the contact information)
Complaints form

Elected Representatives

Ministry of Transport

Kuala Lumpur Members of Parliament / Ahli Parlimen Kuala Lumpur

  • MP Lembah Pantai (Fahmi Fadzil)
  • MP Kepong (Lim Lip Eng)
  • MP Batu (Prabakaran Parameswaran)
  • MP Wangsa Maju (Zahir Hassan)
  • MP Segambut (Hannah Yeoh Tseow Tsuan)
  • MP Setiawangsa (Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad)
  • MP Titiwangsa (Johari Abdul Ghani)
  • MP Seputeh (Teresa Kok Suh Sim)
  • MP Cheras (Tan Kok Wai)
  • MP Bandar Tun Razak (Wan Azizah Wan Ismail)

Selangor Members of Parliament / Ahli Parlimen Selangor

  • MP Subang (Wong Chen)
  • MP Damansara (Gobind Singh Deo)
  • MP Puchong (Yeo Bee Yin)
  • MP Petaling Jaya (Lee Chean Chung)
  • MP Gombak (Amirudin Shari)
  • MP Ampang (Rodziah Ismail)
  • MP Bangi (Syahredzan Johan)
  • MP Shah Alam (Azli Yusof)
  • MP Pandan (Mohd Rafizi Ramli)
  • MP Sungai Buloh (Ramanan Ramakrishnan)
  • MP Klang (Ganabatirau Veraman)
  • MP Kota Raja (Mohd Sabu)

State Assembly / ADUN

  • ADUN Subang Jaya (Michelle Ng)

Media Outlets

57 replies on “Public Transport Complaints and Suggestions”

Dear Moaz,

I must congratulate you and your team for setting up Transit and would love to become a member if that’s possible.

Fortunately for me, I did not travel on the LRT that fateful day but please allow me to share some of my thoughts on another aspect of the light rail system in Kuala Lumpur — namely the user unfriendliness of the KL Monorail stations.

Most of them have stairs and escalators to only one platform and if one wants to travel in the other direction, one either has to walk down some steps into a tunnel or as in the case of the Sungai Wang station, up via and overhead bridge and all this is pretty tiring, even for an able-bodied person like me and worse for persons with disabilities.

KL Monorail stations also only have an escalator for going up but should have both up and down escalators two both platforms.

Another problem is that the escalators leading up to the overhead bridge outside the Dang Wangi LRT station as part of the walkway between Dang Wangi station and the Bukit Nanas Monorail station have not been operational for over a year since mid 2006 when I took the picture posted in the link below.

Another issue is that I’ve often seen the lift at KL Sentral leading down to the bus station where many of the airport buses leave from to been out of service and this was the case for quite a few days or weeks sometime last year.

The up escalator of course works but to go down, one has to walk down a long flight of stairs, which is fine for young people imagine what it’s like for elderly people or people with heavy luggage who use the LRT, KL Kommuter or KTM Antarabandar (intercity) train and either want to connect to a bus, taxi or KL Monorail.

Also, Petaling Jaya has no bus system running between its various sections and connecting to a bus interchange serving the rest of the Klang Valley.

Dear Charles

Thank you for your comments and your feedback.

Regarding the design of stations on the LRT and monorail lines, TRANSIT has significant concerns with the accessibility of the public transport stations as well as their inadequate size to cater with current crowds.

I myself have gone on record saying that we need more investment in the monorail stations, including an expansion to 4-carriage trains.

However, nothing is forthcoming – despite the fact that it would be helpful for the monorail and that the manufacture of those monorail carriages would take place in Malaysia, creating jobs for Malaysian workers.

TRANSIT believes that, before we expand the LRT to suburban communities we should ensure that the existing rail lines meet the principles of universal design and have the capacity to meet passenger needs.

Regarding the non-functioning escalators at the pedestrian bridge over Jalan Ampang (part of the pedestrian walkway linking the Bukit Nanas and Dang Wangi stations) … we believe that this would be under the DBKL.

We will look for the contact for the DBKL urban transport department and make a posting to our website to highlight this issue.

We will try to find out more info and help to make a complaint regarding the non-functioning lift at KL Sentral.

As for PJ bus service, commercial bus service is out of the hands of the MBPJ. However, the MBPJ does run a shuttle bus service and it might be worth looking at an expansion of this service.

I suggest that you direct your concerns to the MBPJ and the office of Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim and Exco for housing and Local Government, Ronnie Liu.

We hope that this helps.

More road juctions –> More jams (proven by a British maths professor) –> More roads –> More hot air on public transport.

Current disincentives to cheap, clean, efficient bus public transport:
– Promotion of car manufacture, highway construction, bailouts of inflexible and inaccessible LRTs.
– Dependence on income from cars, fuel, highways.
– Bias for projects requiring big finance.
– Prevention of competition in bus fares, bus companies. Licenses are granted and failed companies bailed out in secret.
– Failure to provide incentives for buses: subsidies, reduced tolls, coordination, technical support.
– Failure to enforce safety (including emissions) in bus construction/purchase, maintenance, operation.
– Failure to enforce quality in bus services including frequency and adherence to routes.
– Failure to recognize obligations to (the rights of) the poor and the disabled.
– Complete failure in municipal planning, and dependence on the real estate industry that is dictating municipal development.
– Refusal to consider successful alternatives from other countries.
– Lack of elected municipal representatives to challenge and improve policies.
– Acquisitiveness and lack of ethics. The warning of climate change is that these defects can send us back to a caveman existence in a very real and permanent way – very suddenly.

The impact of the car and highway culture:
– Need to construct and maintenance highways, flyovers, bridges, tunnels, toll aprons, slope reinforcement, lighting, power stations, hospital beds.
– Mining, transport and processing of: rock, gravel, sand, cement, tar, petrol, diesel, coal.
– Financial losses due to jams (delays), accidents, administration, services, inefficient allocation of public funds, waste, personal expenses (purchases, accidents).
– Heat island effect from roads.
– Ill health: accidents, stress, air pollution (factories, vehicles, electricity plants), poisons (diesel nanoparticles, NO2, petrol volatiles, CO).
– Turns towns from human habitats into violent, hot, poisonous, noisy ghettos.
– Nature losses: forests (deliberate routing through them), hills and slopes (more flattening of land, some turned into quarries), agricultural land, river banks (sand mining).
– Climate change: heat and dust (from tyres, engines, lighting electicity generation, cement factories), CO2 (vehicles, electricity), NO2 (296 times as bad as CO2).

One major cause of traffic jam along Jln Pudu, Jln Imbi, Jln Sultan Ismail (from Park Royal Hotel all the way down to Wisma Sime Darby) IS THE TRAFFIC POLICEMEN AT ALL THE TRAFFIC LIGHT JUNCTIONS OVER-RIDING THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS !!!!!!

Like this morning, jam was from traffic light to traffic light stretched from Park Royal to Sime Darby because policemen interfering with the traffic lights by allowing traffic from one direction to pass through for too long, about 4 – 8 mins, actually the ideal should not be more than 3 mins ! As such the traffic lights are already perfectly prgrammed & all the policemen should be doing is to do nothing ! Please stop interfering the traffic lights.

When the policeman let traffics from direction A kept passing for more than 3 minutes, then all the cars from this direction can never be able to disperse quickly & immediately jam is building up. Then when cars from direction B turn to pass, very often they cannot move & thus their turn to pass through the junction was cut short probably to 1 mins., as a result cars from the back didn’t get their chance to move & more jam are building up! Similarly cars from direction C & directions D also have the same problem & more & more jam being building up!!!

You might not believe it but indeed the policeman at Sime Darby junction is actully causing traffic jam up to the Bank Negara in the morning because traffic coming from Cheras going into Jln Sultan Ismail from Jln Kuching is being held up by the Policeman interferring the traffic light at Sime Darby junction!!!

If we keep having policemen overriding the traffic lights then what’s the points of having traffic lights!!! Yet DBKL spent millions of Ringgit installing all those so called “intelligent traffic lights”, you mean those traffic policemen are more intelligent than those programmers who programmed all those intelligent traffic lights?

Im quite concern over the restructuring of Syarikat Prasarana and RapidKL. Im former Prasarana emplyoyee. The reason we have them separate it is to ensure that the procurement worth billion of ringgit will not be abused by Prasarana and that RapidKL will specifiy the assets required. This is the same structure like Syarikat Penerbangan Malaysia and MAS or KTMB Assets and KTMB. In fact we can already see this is not be working. Moving to posh office in Bangsar such a waste of public funds. They should use those funds instead to upgrade RapidKL buses. Commuters does not visit PRasarana office! In fact Prasarana should work hand in hand with RapidKL to improve the buses service by acquiring good buses. Those unutlised 500 buses is not RapidKL doing but its Prasarana coz they acquired lousy buses which can only be used for few years and asked RapidKL to operate them. That is the truth. And now government giving further more powers to them, I dont what else they willdo. I hope government to consider leave Asset owner and Operator separate so that public funds will be abused. Please consider this matter seiously.

We will try to find out.

One problem is that many of the comments are pingbacks, not really relevant.

In the meantime, we have increased the number of comments shown from 3 to 10 comments.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Wei Ling

We suggest that you send your complaint directly to Dr. Aminuddin Adnan, KTMB Managing Director.

You can contact him at or 603-22740400

You can also contact Hesmel Faznee Ismail at / 603-22631105

You can also lodge a complaint at the KTMB headquarters on Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin (opposite Kuala Lumpur station) or at KL Sentral.

If you wish, please send a copy of your complaint to or post it in the comments section here.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Submitted On : 22-Apr-2010 11:47:31

On 22 Apr morning, I went to Seremban station purchase intercity ticket (KL to Kampar 26 Apr, 9:06 am ).

I asked him for economy class but he said there is no more, only second class available.

But when I checked on KTMB website as at 11:30 am 22 Apr, there are 35 economy class ticket still available.

How come your staff told me it has finished but in reality is still available? Are your staff cheating to me?

I want to move to economy class and get the refund from KTMB.

The user id on the ticket is [TRANSIT: This information was removed to protect the privacy of the complainant]

Failure to respond to my complaint in TWO (2) working days, I will bring the issue to major newspaper and

The complaint from Seow has been resolved although there are still outstanding questions about the miscommunication & misunderstanding. TRANSIT is still following up on Seow’s concerns.

Regards, moaz for TRANSIT

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are some Officer of Bus & Rail Transportation infrastructure In Bangladesh govt., requesting to give permission for visiting in your Countries BRT Section. Our Main objective is to attend Seminar, workshop & Talk with higher authority about your all concerning BRT (Bus & Rail Transportation) system. This visit is so important for us to apply your system in our country. Our team will be at least 7(Seven) persons representative & approximate visit duration will be 3(Three) days. We like to visit in your country as soon as early. So please send me details confirmation.

So we submissively request you to permit us to visit your mentioned section & develop more better relationship with two countries between Australia & Bangladesh .

Another issue we are also visit Singapore , Thailand, Indoneshia,Brunai & Australia BRT.I am very glad to you though If you kindly possible please give me confirmation this visit schedule.

Md. Md. Ali Ashraf (Bipu)

Mobile : +8801198210946

Hi Mr. Md. Ali Ashraf

TRANSIT is not a government agency responsible for public transport in Malaysia. We have forwarded your request to the Public Land Transport Commission.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT


Thanks for the message. Actually, we were on sabbatical, conducting research trips in Australia plus other projects.

I am also going to undertake a research trip to the UK beginning this weekend.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

I am a frequent, if not daily, KTM Commuter passenger since Feb 2009. I travel on working days (Mon-Fri) from Kepong Sentral to KL Sentral. KTM Commuter consistently has delay and cancelled trip unannounced, however, yesterday’s experience was the worst experience I had.

Yesterday, 20 Sep 2010, I bought a one-way Kepong Sentral-KL Sentral ticket cost RM1.40 at about 645am, scheduled to catch 650am train. However, KTM’s Commuter scheduled 650am trip to Bangi did not turn up and the subsequent commuter to Seremban scheduled 705am was delayed and reached Kepong Sental about 715am.Due to the crowd, I had to miss this and the subsequent one which arrived at about 735am. I got on the 3rd train which arrived about 740am.
When the commuter almost reached Putra Station, about 805am, it was announced that the prior commuter had problem causing our train could not proceed with the journey and the passengers were requested to get off the train.

Since I was already late for work, I went to Putra Station ticket counter to request for refund so that I take other means of publci transport to reach office. At the ticket counter, I was told by the clerk/attendant that I was entitled to full refund because I was already halfway the journey. I told her that I did not request to be sent to Putra Station and my end of journey when I bought the ticket was to reach KL Sentral, as stipulated on my ticket. However, I was told (but I stilll do not understand untill today ) that I could either get a RM1 refund (becuase the commuter has brought me half the journey)or wait until the KL Sentral commuter to arrive to continue with my journey.When I asked when the working commuter to KL Sentral is scheduled to arrive, she brushed it aside and told me that I need to wait until it comes. I argued that the it did not make sense and I could not afford to wait indefinitely for the KL Sentral commuter. Finally, the attendant in a disgrunted manner refunded me RM1.40 in which in her words ‘ for you to take your cab’.

I was 45minutes later for my work and was dissappointed at both the service and treatment by KTM.The treatment by the KTM ticket attendant was unacceptable, perhaps KTM should make it compulsory for the staff to take the KTM for work daily for them to have the passenger’s experience.

Hi @Ai Ching

Thanks for your comments. This reflects a issue that we have with KTMB’s continued poor handling of their customer service.

Yes, we understand that trains are going to be delayed and that KTMB does not have enough trains. We understand that it is not KTMB’s fault because the government did not buy trains at the appropriate time, leaving KTMB with a Komuter fleet that is falling apart. And we understand that new trains are supposedly on the way.

However, we do NOT accept that KTMB has no responsibility in this matter. We say frankly that KTMB has the responsibility for providing a high-quality (not just decent, but high quality) customer service experience. Having low morale or not having enough trains is simply not acceptable. KTMB should strive to do their best to improve customer service so that customers will stick with the company through these tough times.

Unfortunately, no one inside KTMB seems to be pushing for the company to take on this positive attitude.

Thus, we have to get SPAD to gently nudge KTMB into a more service-oriented mode.

So on behalf of TRANSIT, I would like you to send a copy of your comment to SPAD (look for the contact information at the top of the left side panel of our website) and tell SPAD that you want to see better customer service while we wait for these new trains.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Dear Moaz,

Appreciate your thoughts and concerns on some projects that is on going in Melaka. Being a Mallacan myself, I find it amuzing that announcements are made but matters are to be implemented. As you had outlined the basic project status in your previous posting (Tram Project gets the nod), I would like raise my concerns in particular and appreciate TRANSIT to conduct a background check for the following:-

The AeroRail Project

1) On what basis was the project awarded to Pyramid Express Sdn BHd

2) Principal Agreement – Is there a completion date clause

3) Did the Aerorail project conduct a HIA Report, prior to obtaining an operating licence fron Jabatan Keretapi, since Melaka is an UNESCO endorsed city.

Tram Project
1) Principal Agreement – Is there a completion date clause

2) Who is the contractor and operator since MRails has no track record neither the capacity to manage such project.

3) on what basis was the project awarded

4) How could a state government award a project when MOT, JKR had not even endorsed the project.

5) Was there a feasibilty report conducted prior to awarding these projects.


Hi @Taboo

We will try to answer your questions to the best of our ability and knowledge.


1) We do not know why Pyramid Express Sdn. Bhd. was chosen for the joint venture with CM Melaka but we may assume that since the project was driven by the Chief Minister the company was chosen because it was able to make the “best offer”.

2) We do not know if there is a completion date clause.

3) We do not believe that a Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) report was conducted. This is because the original proposal for the Aerorail did have the project passing alongside the Melaka River from Jalan Hang Tuah, passing the clock tower, etc. However, the proposal sent to the Jabatan Keretapi terminated the Aerorail at Jalan Tun Ali (of Jalan Hang Tuah) which is outside of the heritage zone. We believe that this was a response to a public outcry (laughter, really) rather than in response to an HIA report.

In our private discussions with a member of the Economic Planning Unit, we learned that they did not approve of the project but at the same time, the EPU does not have direct authority to decide whether the project would get built or not.

Tram Project

1) We do not have any knowledge of a completion date clause and presume that no such clause exists in whatever agreement has been signed.

2) We believe that no decisions have been made about contractor or operator at this time, and that it is likely that the question has not yet come up among the involved parties.

3) We presume that “MRails International” came forward to the Chief Minister and arranged for the “MOU” between the CM, MRails and the Chinese “partner” – hence the project is an MRails “initiative” – and we believe that the purpose of the project is more for the sake of political appearance than actual practical improvements to public transport.

4) The state government does have the right to award a project to a private company provided that they can meet existing JPJ regulations. This is why we believe that the “tram” project will be consist of nothing more than buses with an “historic” appearance designed to look like someone’s perception of what “heritage” tramcars might have looked like.

5) It is likely that there was no feasibility study or detailed study conducted.

It should be very clear to all who are curious that the last time trams were found on Malaysian roads was in the 1930s in Georgetown, Penang. Existing JPJ regulations do not have any clear information about the use of real, steel wheel trams on Malaysian roads and our contacts in the JPJ and EPU have no idea how to start developing such regulations.

A simple question such as, “should trams have vehicle registration plates?” or “should trams be insured as road or rail vehicles” would lead to a great many legal challenges – meaning that these issues and questions cannot be resolved in such a short time.

Based on Mohd. Ali Rustam’s public transport “track record” we believe that the Aerorail and Tram Project were not much more than public transport gimmicks foisted on a gullible public by a complacent and complicit media. There is no clear evidence that there is any interest in actually completing any of these projects beyond making the announcement and having the photo opportunity.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Recently, KTMB train were twiced in fire. This is really an alert to passengers’ safety. Can anyone comment on this matter?

I read the Chinese daily newspaper Nanyang Siangpau today (morning) and I come across that Malaysia is going to sign a deal with China to build the high speed train between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. It will make the traveling time between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore by rail around 2 hours only. Malaysian government will prefer the high speed train travels between 240km/h-280km/h. Malaysia believes China is the advance high speed train user and producer now. They are going to sign an MoU with China when Wen Jia Bao visit Kuala Lumpur by this coming June 2011. The Chinese premier Wen JIa Bao and our prime minister YAB Datuk Seri Najib will witness the signing of MoU for the co-operation of high speed train. Can anyone elaborate further on this matter??

We also saw a similar article on this topic here.

It seems that the Chinese Government is willing to pay for the High-Speed Railway through Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia down to Singapore. It would be an ideal turnkey operation for Chinese Rail Builders.

We can imagine that China would also have some interest in upgrading & expanding the railways of Indonesia.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Hopefully the idea of high speed train between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur will be materialised within these 10 years.

I heard that the construction of Melaka tram has been officially launched today by our Deputy Prime Minister and the construction will start on this coming May. Can anybody kindly comment on this matter??

Dear Moaz,

Appreciate some clarification on the Melaka Tram Project:-

1. Has SPAD approved this project?!!!

2. Has a techincal commitee studied these “China Malee” trams. Or perhaps, does these trams actually exist and tested before. errr…the Melaka Monorail was also China Malee, currently occupied by “other beings”….

3. Does Petronas (our sole provider of NGV) have allocation for this project? NGV maybe cheap, but little that most of us know that its heavily subsidiesed by the Government (i.e. offcourse PetronasLAH!!) we understand Preference is given to industries that uses NGV for generating other sources of energy and least preference for commercial usage.

4. Is there an appropriate act, enactment, ordinace or law (or whatever elseLAH) been passed for these trams to be on the road in the first place…since these trams are sharing the existing carriageway with the other road users (curious, just incase of accidents) & “insurance premiums, (wonder what would the actuarist package out of this deal).

5. The rails act,1991 clearly states 3 months notices should be made available for “poor public, offcourse us”, to “voice out ” our concerns (the government call it, simply “feedback”)..being a Malaccan, We simply never saw, heard or talked any “evil” about this project.

and 1 bonus question

6. What does ground breaking ceremony means in Malaysia?? Has this project actually started, therefore approved….. or is it going to start and going to be approved or ………Malaysia Boleh!!!



Hi @Taboo

Not sure why you comment is in the “Comments/Action” section of our website, but to answer your questions, here goes:

1. No
2. No
3. No
4. No
5. No
6. Groundbreaking ceremonies mean nothing except that someone important broke some ground and got the project back into the newspapers.

As far as TRANSIT is concerned, the Melaka tram is an illegal project but who is going to speak up against it? Certainly not the people of Melaka or the Assembly.

Regards, moaz for TRANSIT

I am a daily commuter of the above train service from Kepong Sentral to Bank Negara in the morning (No Tren #2311).

This morning I saw a horror situation in the train. The last door to the last coach was jammed at Segambut KTM station as commuters kept pushing in even though it was already sardine packed. Train driver tried many times but unable to close the door. There was no announcement to warn commuters to keep clear of the door way. Train driver did not come to inspect if the door was technically jammed.

To all commuters’ horror, the train was moving with the door wide open at usual speed & commuters standing near the open door clinging to their lives. All of us just could not believe our eyes. The train moved with the door open alarm on. I got down at Bank Negara KTM station & hope no accident.

Kindly look into this incident. I believed there should be some safety feature before any lives lost.

Leah Chin

Thank you for your information. Please make a report about this incident to SPAD (Land Public Transport Commission as soon as possible.

Your report can be emailed to the following address: – and send a copy to us at

Please make sure that you include the date, time & route as well as the station that you boarded at. If you know the train number (printed on the outside of each carriage) it would be very helpful but it is not necessary.

If you do not hear back from SPAD before the end of the day, let us know.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

I called up RapidKL to ask who can I interview for my university assignment on public transport in Subang Area, they made me hold on for 5 minutes and hung up on me.


That is quite disappointing. Tell us, what were you going to ask them about? Perhaps we can help you contact the right people instead of having to go through the switchboard.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Dear Transit,

I bought a Touch & Go Kad Rabbit on 17 March 2011 & started using the card 2 days later. I was told by Rapid officers (in bus while promoting the Kad Rabbit) there would be discount using Kad Rabbit. For example the Rapid fare from K.L. to Kepong = RM1.90 by cash & it would be discounted to RM1.50 if Kad Rabbit is used.

However, I just checked my e-statement for the above card & found it was untrue. On 19 Mar 2011, I was charged RM2.00 instead of RM1.50 using kad Rabbit, i.e. I paid more using kad Rabbit instead of saving. This is a ripped off .

On 8 April 2011 I took Rapid bus U84 (WPL482) fom Klang bus stand to Kg Tunku using Kad Rabbit. I was sure there was RM4.90 in my kad but when I got down at Kelana Jaya SS6 terminal, I tried to scan kad Rabbit but unable. The machine asked me to top up. I inserted RM10.00 to top up in the bus but machine won’t accept. Bus driver was kind to help by using different RM10 notes. After several attempts, my top up failed & I paid cash. What kind of Kad Rabbit system? It is not reliable & a big ripped off

Kindly advice.

Leah Chin

Hi Leah

Thank you for the email. The best thing we can suggest is to save a copy of your e-statement (.pdf format is ideal, or you can save a screen grab using ctrl + PrtSc and then paste into a word document or MSPaint document).

Email a copy to rapidKL’s email address They should be able to check out the data and find out what happened.

If you are not satisfied with the response from RapidKL, let us know and we will contact them on your behalf.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT


What is really happening to the funicular train in Penang Hill??? Now the dogs are out and what is the new excuse now??? I really wish my predicitons are wrong, but I’m always right. I used to say first world facilities and third world maintenance. It happens to many aspects of our public transport system. When can this be stopped?? Nobody can do something about it for the moment?? This is really pathetic and way way way too much about it. Any powerful government/society/public figure can REALLY REPRIMAND THESE IDIOTS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT???!

Hi Jeffrey

We do not know what is going on with the Penang Hill Railway and we would be surprised if anyone knows the whole story. The fact of the matter is that it is a Federal Government project that is somehow being administered by the Penang Government. We do not know who should be considered responsible (the builder or the operator).

Frankly, if the Chief Minister of Penang is not going to say more than he already did, we cannot expect to see more action.

Interestingly enough, we are also hearing that the Penang Ferry service (also run by a Federal Government agency, Penang Port Sdn Bhd.) is also in a poor state, with only 3 of the 8 ferries in the fleet currently running.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

I use rapidKL bus U25 from surau darul huda section 10 wangsa maju to Sri rampai lrt.The problem when travel back (from Sri rampai lrt to surau darul huda), U25 bus drivers refuse to take us boarding, they say they don’t pass by surau darul huda section 10, but head to Lebuh ampang.All the U25 drivers also do same , they suggest me to take bus T302 instead which quite rare especially on off peak time….Would you please make it clear to me , why they don’t take us while I know they stop to pick up passangers from surau darul huda go to lebuh ampang.It is such wasting time to wait another bus while U25 suppose to take it route.Thank you for helping me.

@Cairel/Moaz Transitmy,

I apologised for any mistakes and errors that I made along all these months (unlike some petty people). Anyway, rest assured I will stopped commenting for quite a period to come in transitmy because I need to take a rest for the moment and you will not disturbed by me for the present. Frankly speaking I encountered too many VOMIT BLOOD and disappointed incidents caused by the government and political goons until I developed phobia about it already. So now you know why I acted a bit extreme about this kind of issue (you know what I mean). I wish you all the best and I hope our Malaysian public transport systems and its ticketing system can become better and better and hopefully one day one par with UK, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, New York and other great cities in the world.

Last night (28th July 2011) 11:30pm, NTV7 programme Siasatan Mandarin 2011 (got English/Malay subtitles) had mentioned a series of problems, issues and delay about the 14 train coaches donated by Japan JR West and the KTM commuter services. Even former transport minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat also had some disagreement about these issues with KTMB. The worst part is NTV7 could not get in contact with our new transport minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha although they had tried to do so for quite a few times as if he is trying to avoid media for all these dilemma and embarrassments You can watch it again on . Anyone who watched this programme last night will understand what is really going on. I don’t want to comment much about it.

Can anyone comment on the outcome of Kuala Lumpur – Singapore high speed rail link announced today 8th November 2011???

Can anyone comment and provide some articles or pictures about the refurbished KTM Blue Coach East Coast route train donated by JR Japan??

Just a quick check…what do you think of having an academy for public transport similar to what LTA has in Singapore?


We certainly support the idea. We have long encouraged Malaysian students to enter the fields of urban planning & transport & development planning. Our blogsite’s “RESEARCH” page has a little bit of information for research purposes, and we are continuing to add to this small but useful resource.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT.

ps. sorry for the delay in our response.

Dear Moaz Transit

I read came across this article today, which says the Fleet Trancking System for RapdiKL buses will be implemented in full force by June.

I think this is a good move by Prasarana as the bus commuters can now know the ETA of buses from the digital display board. The article also says that the control centre can monitor the movement of each bus.

But I am wondering (as it is not stated in the article), if this is a move that will resolve the current problems where the buses will arrive at the station but will wait for a long time to depart until they have obtained enough passengers for that journey. Without solving this problem, the system is not really useful to bus commuters as the ETA Actual Departure Time of the buses.

Can you feedback on what you think about this?


Hi @Kirsten

Thanks for your message.

While we appreciate Prasarana’s investment in the fleet-tracking system, we believe that it will be of little us to customers (passengers) unless the following three things happen:

  • Prasarana uses the fleet management data to improve fleet management, make bus and crew scheduling more efficient & effective, and reduce tardiness & indiscipline so that long delays at terminals and long waits for buses at mid-line bus stops/stations are a thing of the past.
  • Prasarana shares the fleet management data with the public under an Open Data policy, allowing (encouraging) the spread of information about Prasarana & Rapid KL bus & rail services – allowing customers to take better control of their travel planning. There is no point in limiting the bus service information to bus terminals or bus stops only. It should be available online, on your mobile phone, smart phone, etc.
  • Prasarana uses the fleet tracking data to convince SPAD, the DBKL, the Federal Territories Ministry, and the Road Transport Department to expand on the system of bus lanes and enforcement of bus lanes to reduce bottlenecks and other problems that affect the availability & reliability of bus services.

As you can see from our comments above, we believe that the most effective change would begin with RapidKL & Prasarana’s ‘software’ (bus drivers and fleet management) before looking at the long term technological solutions. At the same time, the long term technological solutions will empower RapidKL & Prasarana with information that, if used effectively, in a customer-focused manner, should lead to better public transport experiences for all customers (passengers) and encourage more people to use public transport.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT.

ps. sorry for the delay in our response.

Kindly to be inform that one of your staff was being rude with the passenger ..
The person was a one lady , free hair , working at bukit bintang monorial on 16:00 hours , 9th December 2013 .
Please take action and please take note !!!

Salam dan Selamat Sejahtera.

saya sebagai pengguna ERL Transit berpuashati dengan perkhidmatan yang disediakan.
Di sini saya ingin memberi sedikit pandangan:

Saya amat berharap agar Pihak Pengurusan ERL Transit KL Sentral dapat menyediakan perkhidmatan yang lebih effective dan cekap di kaunter tiket terutama di waktu “peak hours”.contohnya, menyediakan lebih ramai staff di kaunter. 2 orang di kaunter untuk urusan pembelian tiket dan seorang sebagai pembantu bagi melancarkan segala urusan seperti melayan sebarang panggilan telefon atau untuk top up tiket bulanan dan sebagainya.

Kami sebagai pengguna amat mementingkan masa. Dalam masa 3 minit di kaunter tiket kami masih lagi sempat membeli tiket dan menaiki train dan sampai di pejabat tepat pada waktunya.Namun sekiranya di waktu 3 minit tersebut, petugas di kaunter bergegas melayan panggilan telepon dalam waktu yang sama seorang staff lagi keluar dr kaunter untuk menolong pengguna di lorong laluan masuk (mungkin menghadapi masalah tiket dan sebagainya) keadaan ini menyebabkan kami ketinggalan train dan terpaksa menunggu 28minit untuk train yang seterusnya. Akibat daripada ini menyebabkan kelewatan 35 minit masuk waktu bekerja.

Saya amat berharap agar Pihak Pengurusan dapat menangani masalah ini di waktu akan datang agar mutu perkhidmatan ERL Transit bertambah baik.

Walau bagaimana pun saya amat memuji sikap staff-staff yang bertugas. Mereka sentiasa memberikan khidmat yang baik dan mesra kepada pengguna.

Sekian Terima Kasih.

I am sure most of us use the LRT quite often ya.
I just left the Kinrara BK5 station returning from downtown KL.
Visited the MEN’S and is appalled and disgusted with the condition and overall ambience. ( I don’t know about the LADIE’S of course ).
The urinals are dirty , the mirrors need replacing, the wash basins are stained too.
I dare not even enter the cubicles !

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