Full Press Statement – regarding the closure of 13 RapidKL bus routes

TRANSIT Malaysia has always been concerned with the termination of bus routes without public consultation. It has been a major issue for the fifteen years we have been providing a voice for public transport issues. What is worse is that the past fifteen years have not led to the necessary changes in policy to prevent […]

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Terminating bus routes? – Aliff Rafik

Editor’s NoteThis blog post is written by a non-TRANSIT member, but we’ve asked for Aliff’s permission to re-post this on our website, considering the recent RapidKL termination announcement of bus routes by December. This was taken from the Malaysia Land Public Transport Fans group on Facebook. We don’t necessarily agree with all of his points, […]

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Ketelusan Banci 2020 pemangkin pembuatan keputusan berasaskan fakta

Sempena perjalanan Bancian Penduduk dan Perumahan Malaysia 2020 (Banci 2020) yang akan berlangsung antara 7 Julai dan 30 September, TRANSIT Malaysia ingin menggesa kerajaan untuk komited bagi memastikan hasil dari bancian dapat dimanfaatkan oleh rakyat marhaen melalui data terbuka atau ‘open data’. Prinsip-prinsip ketelusan, pertanggungjawaban dan urustadbir baik merupakan teras dalam kecekapan sistem penyampaian kerajaan yang […]

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Limited loading fair for fare-deprived RapidKL?

Rapid Rail was rapped by the Home Minister for its (now reversed) announcement of physical distancing relaxation on its trains, with the minister quoted saying “we understand their concerns” that “less passenger capacity” due to the measure translates to less revenue for every cost unit incurred. The real irony behind this is his use of […]

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TRANSIT Malaysia’s Feedback on Draft KL Structure Plan 2040

TRANSIT Malaysia has provided some feedback on Draft KL Structure Plan 2040, which document can be found here. Maklumbalas Draf PSKL2040 Rumusan Maklumbalas PSKL2040 mempunyai cabaran dalam penyelarasan institusi bagi perancangan spatial dan pengangkutan yang lebih berintegrasi dan mampan, kerana gaya hidup warga kota sama ada dari segi pilihan lokasi menetap, berlibur dan bekerja tidak […]


Is the government’s proposed congestion charge actually helpful?

So, the federal government has recently brought focus to congestion charge after announcing its decision to acquire several tolled highways and turning them into such.

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The Kelana Jaya Line Crashed This (Monday) Morning

Collective groaning At 6:45 am yesterday (18th February 2019) morning, the Kelana Jaya line ground to a complete halt between KLCC and Kelana Jaya. For about two hours, hostlers (those people who were manually driving your trains this morning) and Prasarana staff were scrambling to manage the influx of people coming into the Kelana Jaya […]

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Malaysian Urban Forum 2019! (and long time no see)

The Malaysian Urban Forum is happening today and tomorrow! Also, we’ve started working to bring Transit Malaysia back online.

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A word on the MRT Cheras Assault

This incident is a damning indictment into how our public transport network, and indeed, our cities cater so poorly for women’s safety.

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KiDEx facing legal roadblock with @pjcitycouncil

TRANSIT took note of the following article describing legal issues that will delay the approval of the Kinrara-Damansara Expressway. Apparently the company that will build the expressway and has received ‘conditional approval’ from the Works Ministry and support from Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, has failed to get approval from the Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya…in […]