Advocating for better public transport in Malaysia.

Transit Malaysia is a group of concerned citizens focussing on representing public transport users and advocating for their needs. We also act as a watchdog to ensure that public transport projects are being delivered according to the needs of the rakyat.

Our objectives

  • Promote the use of Public Transport.
  • Represent Public Transport users to the Government.
  • To act as a watchdog and pressure group on Public Transport issues.
  • To act a think tank to promote Public Transportation.

Matlamat kita

  • Menggalakkan penggunaan pengangkutan awam
  • Mewakili pengguna pengangkutan awam kepada kerajaan
  • Berfungsi sebagai pemerhati dan kumpulan pendesak dalam isu pengangkutan awam.
  • Menjadi badan fikir mengenai hal ehwal pengangkutan awam

What we’re saying

Congestion on the LRT must be rectified immediately

On Tuesday, May 25th, TRANSIT Malaysia put out a call-out to passengers to submit photos and videos through Twitter to understand the impacts of the new SOPs on the public transport system. We would firstly like to thank everyone who contributed to this effort. Throughout the morning and evening peak hours, we received numerous complaints […]

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TRANSIT Malaysia Statement on the LRT Incident

TRANSIT is saddened to learn about the Kelana Jaya LRT Line incident that injured hundreds of commuters on the evening of May 24th. It is clear that Malaysians are very upset and calling for accountability. We wish to point out that behind every so-called accident is a chain of events and decisions. We want Malaysians […]

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