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12 injured in train and tanker collision in Kota Kinabalu (Update #5)

Tanker driver in Sabah train crash released on police bail Update: Is there a lawsuit in the works? Ironically, the lawsuit would be filed against the Sabah State Railways! Update: More information on the investigation into the train crash! Update: Was the collision between a train and tanker an accident waiting to happen??? Who will […]

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The KTM Debate: Should the railway sector be opened up to “competition”?

TRANSIT took note of this interesting letter by C.R. of Kuala Lumpur, who discusses the recent protest by the Railwaymen’s Union of Malaya (RUM), which included warnings of a “work-to-rule” campaign & potential disruption of Balik Kampung / Hari Raya Aidilfitri travel. C.R. argues that it might be time to open up the Railway sector […]

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Heritage: Traveling along the North Borneo Railway

TRANSIT also took note of this wonderful article about the North Borneo Railway(now Sabah State Railways), and the famous North Borneo Railway tour train pulled by an authentic Vulcan 6-016 steam engine! Vulcan chugs on (NST, 5 August 2011) The recently-revived North Borneo Railway steam train evokes the romanticism of a rail journey during the […]

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North Borneo Railway services goes ‘full-steam’ in July 2011

TRANSIT took note of this interesting article from The Borneo Post, announcing that the North Borneo Railway will re-start operations in July 2011. The North Borneo Railway is a heritage railway service operated by the Sabah State Railway (run by Sabah’s Department of Railways) along with a commuter rail service. Both services were disrupted by […]

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Updates #74

Updates #74 1. Hotline Story: Overcharging by cabbies at the bus terminal (Malay Mail) Nor of Bandar Sunway Selangor complains about overcharging by taxi drivers at the Bukit Jalil temporary terminal. [TRANSIT: This is the same terminal that Halimah Sadique of the CVLB visited once, more than 6 months after Puduraya was closed, where taxi […]

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Updates #72

Updates #72 1. Article: Work on LRT extensions to start next month (Malay Mail) – work on the LRT extensions will start in March 2011, with short segments from the existing terminal stations. 2. Article: KK-B’fort rail service resumes Feb. 21 (Daily Express) – Sabah State Railway services between Kota Kinabalu & Beaufort will resume […]

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New trains for Sabah State Railway

TRANSIT focuses more on Peninsular Malaysia and the Klang Valley but we are always interested in public transport throughout the country. Today we share some information about the Sabah State Railway, including the return of rail service to the line and future Commuter Services. Background Information Sabah State Railway (SSR) is a railway system and […]