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On June 30 Malaysians and Singaporeans said goodbye to Tg. Pagar and Bukit Timah railway stations! (Update #1)

Update: Sultan Ibrahim of Johor explains why he took the initiative to drive the last KTM train out of Singapore!

TRANSIT took note of more articles about the closure of Tg. Pagar railway station (and Bukit Timah – why does everyone forget Bukit Timah) and the effective withdrawal of KTM train service from Singapore.

On 30 June 2011, we invited our readers to share their memories of travel to/from Tg. Pagar and Bukit Timah railway stations.

A royal finish: The Sultan of Johor driving the last train out of the Tanjung Pagar station in Singapore as a passenger holds up a thank you card. Railway operations at the station ceased Thursday. - TEO YONG CHEANG / The Star

The last Kuala Lumpur-Singapore train, Ekspres Sinaran, which left KL Sentral at 9am, reached Tanjong Pagar at 6pm, while the last north-bound passenger train, Ekspres Senandung Sutera, departed Tanjong Pagar at 10pm.

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Should we be happy or sad about the withdrawal of KTM from Singapore?

Like many people, TRANSIT is gearing up for the closing of the KTM railway stations at Tg. Pagar and Bukit Timah in Singapore.

As you probably know by now, the last trains will leave Tg. Pagar on June 30, 2011. From 1 July 2011 all KTM Train services will stop at Woodlands Checkpoint.

Some people have taken to celebrating the final days of KTM service in Singapore by visiting the train stations, planning trips etc.

But Karim Mahsood of KL argues that June 30 is not a day for celebration.

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Updates #90

Updates #90

1. Article: Close shave for six schoolgirls (NST, 18 June 2011) – Six secondary school students in Georgetown had a close shave yesterday after the school bus they were in overturned in Jalan Mount Erskine.

The school bus lying on its side after the crash in Jalan Mount Erskine, Penang, yesterday. — NST picture by Norhayati Umor

2. Article: Country’s first electric motorcycle launched (The Star, 16 June 2011) – Modenas CTric was launched by the Transport Minister.

[TRANSIT: So wait, now you like electric motorcycles?]

3. Article: Taiwan high speed rail ‘sinking’ (APF, 14 June 2011) – Along a stretch of rail in central Taiwan, the soil has subsided due to excessive draining of ground waters, and the limit of what is considered safe is approaching, said Lee Hong-yuan, head of the Public Construction Commission.

4. Article: Reining in the trains (The Star, 18 June 2011) – Chan How Ban’s column on China focuses on High Speed Rail, including government plans to reduce service speeds on the Beijing-Shanghai high speed rail from 350km/h to 300 km/h to reduce operational costs. There will also be a service operating at 250km/h to show respect for those who want a slower pace.

[TRANSIT: If 250km/h is showing respect for those who want a slower pace, then KTMB is probably one of the most respectful companies in the railway industry.]

5. Article: RapidKL promises investigations – this comes in response to complaints about RapidKL’s U40 bus service in Kajang.

6. Article: JB-S’pore rail link to connect with new MRT line – Basically, the Thompson Line will terminate at Republich Polytechnic, where passengers can access Rapid Transit System (RTS) services to JB.

[TRANSIT: Thanks to Ethan for that clarification. Of course we know no details about the RTS so far but it looks like a separate crossing is going to be built.]

7. NKRA Update: Pemandu updates with articles in the various media on the Urban Public Transport NKRA.

8. Letter: No logic to segregation (Malay Mail, 13 June 2011) – Complaints about women-only services

9. Artikel: Bas U69 Selalu Lewat (Harian Metro, hb. 14 Jun 2011) – Mohamed Hazlan dari Prasarana / RapidKL membalas surat tentang perkhidmatan bas RapidKL.

10. Article: Cameron Highlands bus crash file with A-G (NST, 14 June 2011 – The report on the Cameron Highlands bus crash has been completed and shared with the Cabinet and is now with the Attorney-General’s Office. However, there is currently no plan to lay charges.

11. Article: MRCB poised to clinch RM800m LRT contract (Business Times, 15 June 2011) – self explanatory.

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More info on KTM’s last day in Singapore 30 June 2011

TRANSIT took note of this notice of service termination produced by KTMB with information about the final date of KTM intercity service to Singapore.

The final service will take place on 30 June 2011. From 1 July 2011 all KTM service will stop at JB Sentral with shuttle trains providing service between JB Sentral and Singapore’s Woodlands Checkpoint.

Information brochure about the last day of KTM service to Singapore courtesy of KTMB.

Click here for a larger version of the image above.

The last journey from Tanjong Pagar railway station has caught the attention of the public. We now learn that the Sultan of Johor will be driving the last train out of Singapore.

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Party like its 1932 at Tanjong Pagar railway station

TRANSIT took note of this interesting series of articles detailing plans for a party at Tg. Pagar railway station to celebrate the closure of the historic building on 30 June 2011.

An image of the Tg. Pagar railway station courtesy of The Straits Times.

The building opened in 1932 (in case you are wondering about the title of our post).

A Facebook page, The Train into Tanjong Pagar, has been set to coordinate the activity. They’ve also posted a video of the last Eastern & Orient Express Train departing from the station.

The Singaporean blog “Good Morning Yesterday” has this interesting post about Tg. Pagar railway station including some excellent old photos.

Are you planning to attend the party at Tg. Pagar railway station? If so, make sure that you buy your ticket (assuming that you can get one) and don’t forget that if you board the last train in Johor you will be passing through two customs checkpoints (Malaysia departure and Singapore entry) and they may not be all interested in allowing you to keep the food & drinks you are carrying.

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Updates #86

Updates #86

1. Article: Pedestrian bridge near Sungai Besi LRT station ready for use (The Star, 21 May 2011)

THE pedestrian bridge connecting the Sungai Besi LRT station for residents of the Raya Permai People’s Housing Project (PPR) and Raya Permai Flats has been completed. Iamge courtesy of The Star.

2. Article: KLIA Ekspres value fares for the holidays (NST) – Express Rail Link (ERL) is offering its Group Saver and Family Package for families and friends travelling on KLIA Ekspres. More information at

[TRANSIT: The CEO of ERL Sdn. Bhd. also notes that the ERL has a 99.7% on-time performance rating.]

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500km of ‘MRT’ in Iskandar, Johor? Not in our lifetime (Update #1)

Update: SPAD CEO Mohd Nor Kamal has responded to the announcement by saying that SPAD has not seen any proposal yet!

TRANSIT took note of a very interesting announcement from down south, where the Chief Executive of the Iskandar Regional Development Authority appeared to announce a 500km MRT project for the region.

Now before any jaws drop down to the floor, stop and think for a minute. MRT is a term that means “mass-rapid transit” meaning, a “rapid transit” service (or combination of “rapid transit” services) that moves a large number (a “mass”) of people.

In other words, in this case “MRT network” could actually mean “Mass(ive) Rapid Transit network” and still be a semi-appropriate use of the term.

And this isn’t the first “strange” use of public transport terminology – TRANSIT commented in July 2010 about the use of “Vast Rapid Transit” to describe the proposed rapid transit network

MRT proposed for Iskandar Malaysia (Star Biz, 13 April 2011)

KUALA LUMPUR: A plan to build a 500km mass rapid transit (MRT) system has been proposed to improve the connectivity within Iskandar Malaysia, according to Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) chief executive Ismail Ibrahim.

“The MRT project will be developed in five or six phases. The first phase is expected to be completed by 2020. The announcement will be made by the Prime Minister if the proposal is accepted,” he said at the Invest Malaysia 2011 yesterday.

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Singapore makes KTM train stations into national monuments (Update #1)

TRANSIT took note of this news from down south, where the Singapore government has decided to make the KTM station at Tanjong Pagar into a national monument. In addition the smaller station at Bukit Timah will also be preserved.

Singapore makes train station national monument (The Star)
8 April 2011

SINGAPORE : Singapore says it will preserve the 1930s train station as a national monument after Malaysia hands over control of the building later this year. Image courtesy of The Star.

SINGAPORE : [The] Singapore [government] says it will preserve the 1930s train station as a national monument after Malaysia hands over control of the building later this year.

The Preservation of Monuments Board said Friday that it hasn’t decided if the downtown Tanjong Pagar Railway Station will be open for tours.

The station has Neoclassical and Art-Deco architecture. It features a 72-foot (20-meter) -high ceiling over the central hall and tiled wall murals depicting scenes from Malaya, as Malaysia was known under British rule that ended in 1957.

Singapore joined Malaysia in a union in 1963, but split two years later. Malaysia held on to the station despite the split. The two countries agreed last year to a land swap that gives Singapore control of a railroad and stations that run through the island.


That’s good news for those who are interested in Railway Heritage and Railway Tourism activities. We certainly hope that the station will be opened to tour activities and the stall holders will still manage to get income out of the tourist visits.

The station site would also be a good place for a heritage railway museum, to supplement the Land Transport Gallery at the LTA offices in Little India.

The topic has made the international news with at least 50 stories, including this one from AFP here.

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Another phase of the Singapore Circle Line opens 17 April

For those who are interested, Singapore’s City Circle Line (CCL or ‘Circle Line’) will open up to passenger service from Dhoby Ghaut to Bartley on 17 April 2010. This will add to the existing Circle Line service from Bartley to Marymount, which was opened earlier.

General Info about Circle Line


See photos of the new Circle Line stations

Circle Line Discovery Programme


Advanced congratulations from all of us at TRANSIT!