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A cable car in Port Dickson? How about reviving the rail link first?

Update: Paul Singh of KL writes that the NS Government should “First, bring back the sparkle to PD” by cleaning up the water & beaches! TRANSIT took note of an interesting announcement from the Menteri Besar of Negri Sembilan, indicating that the state government plans to build a cable car link between Port Dickson’s new […]

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Updates #84

Updates #84 1. Article: Puduraya area almost free of ticket scalping (Malay Mail, 5 Mail 2011) 2. Article: Terminal Bas ala KL Sentral – discusses a proposal to revamp the Terminal One bus terminal in Seremban to make it more like KL Sentral. [TRANSIT: The irony here being that KL Sentral was never designed as […]

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Repair Seremban-Port Dickson railway, says Negri Sembilan MB.

TRANSIT took note of this very interesting article about the currently unused Seremban-Port Dickson railway. The Menteri Besar of Negri Sembilan has requested that SPAD look into rehabilitate the railway so that the state can operate passenger services as planned. Repair rail tracks, says Mohamad (The Star) 26 April 2011 By SARBAN SINGH THE Negri […]