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No bus for you, Sebarang Prai (as of 21 November). Watch out, Kedah & Perak. You might be next! (Update #2)

  • Update: TRANSIT has learned that the Penang Government will provide subsidy to CityLiner!
  • Update: TRANSIT has learned that CityLiner bus services will operate until the end of November, and that CityLiner is in talks with the Penang Government to resolve the issues facing their operations in the state!

TRANSIT has learned that Konsortium Transnasional Berhad will stop CityLiner stage bus services in Sebarang Prai on 21 November 2011 – this coming Monday.

We urge public transport users in Sebarang Prai who rely on CityLiner bus routes to make alternative transport plans immediately – so that they are prepared if and when the shut down takes place.

And since SPAD has already been caught flat-footed by the shutdown of CityLiner bus services in Negri Sembilan, as well as the threatened shutdowns in Kedah, problems in Perak, Melaka and Kelantan, and other issues … well, we do not see any solutions coming anytime soon.

The public transport industry has been in pain for  a long time. Sadly, while the government has changed from two ineffective “doctors” (CVLB & Department of Railways) to one unproven “doctor” (SPAD), they have done very little to alleviate the pain.

Sure, this new “doctor” has lots of wonderful plans for the public transport industry, but like many of the young among us, this “doctor” is more interested in the urban lifestyle (KL & the Klang Valley), and in the flashy & fancy solutions (LRT, MRT) rather than the reliable and effective medicine (realistic solutions).

To borrow another analogy, SPAD is pumping the public transport industry full of steroids to make it look big & strong, instead of cutting the fat & improving fitness, to make the industry lean, mean, and healthy.

Ok, enough with the analogies. The article is after the jump:

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No bus for you, Seremban and surrounding area! (Update #4)

TRANSIT woke up to more and more bad news with bus service! Thousands of commuters living around Seremban are affected as local bus services are shut down.

Going nowhere: Bus drivers and employees of the consortium sitting at their depot in Oakland near Seremban 2 after services to several areas were terminated yesterday. Image courtesy of The Star.
More buses than usual lying idle at the depot now that services have been greatly reduced in Negri Sembilan. Image courtesy of The Star.

The biggest surprise – the buses shown in the photos above are “CityLiner” branded buses – and the CityLiner brand is used by various subsidiary companies of Konsortium Transnasional Berhad – Malaysia’s largest (and probably most complicated – see corporate structure here) public transport consortium and owner of well known public transport brands Transnasional, Nice and Plusliner.

The item below is quoted from the KTB website.

Cityliner – Negeri Sembilan Operations

Just like the two regions above, this region is an operations merger of four subsidiary companies under Jelebu Holdings Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary (83.2%) company of Park May Berhad that operates in Western part of Negeri Sembilan with two other subsidiary companies of KKMB, i.e. Starise Sdn Bhd and the stage bus outfit of Syarikat Rembau Tampin Sdn Bhd that operates the Eastern part of Negeri Sembilan. A Regional Manager was appointed to lead one integrated team to focus on the profitability of running the entire stage bus operations in Negeri Sembilan. The resulted merger has a capacity of running approximately 215 permits/buses. Besides running ordinary routes in housing areas and on main roads of Negeri Sembilan, the Cityliner buses here also serve the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) from Seremban, Nilai and Banting.

Now, we are really not happy. We could understand if a small bit-player was forced into stopping service because of continuous loss-making operations. But this is the largest public transport consortium in the country! Can they not find a way to keep services running?

In any case, read the articles. We will provide links to the various articles and comments after the jump.

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No bus for you! Company stops bus service to three housing estates in Seremban

TRANSIT took note of more depressing news as another suburban area has lost its bus service:

Company stops bus service to three housing estates in Seremban (The Star, 17 August 2011)

RESIDENTS in Taman Permai, Taman Duyung and Taman Oakland have been left stranded as the bus service to the residential areas has stopped since May 30.

They now have to pay more in taxi fare to reach to their destinations such the schools, hospital and market.

The bus company, Seremban Town Service (STS), which serves the residential areas hourly, has stopped the service because of poor passenger load.

Frustrated: Residents waiting at the bus stop in Taman Permai I to flag down passing taxis. Image courtesy of The Star.
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A cable car in Port Dickson? How about reviving the rail link first?

Update: Paul Singh of KL writes that the NS Government should “First, bring back the sparkle to PD” by cleaning up the water & beaches!

TRANSIT took note of an interesting announcement from the Menteri Besar of Negri Sembilan, indicating that the state government plans to build a cable car link between Port Dickson’s new “waterfront township” and nearby Pulau Arang.

Pulau Arang will also be upgrade with more water chalets and a jetty, with international CIQ facilities and lots of tourism-related and M.I.C.E. related facilities.

But as nice as this sounds, TRANSIT has to wonder how the government has forgotten about the importance of reviving the Port Dickson rail link … something that the MB called for back in April of this year.

MB: Project to connect PD Waterfront with Pulau Arang will boost tourism (The Star)
Thursday August 11, 2011

SEREMBAN: The country’s first proposed mainland-to-island cable car will be built in Port Dickson as part of the RM2bil PD Waterfront project.

The cable car project, spanning 750m, will link the new PD Waterfront township with Pulau Arang, an uninhabited island.

Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan said the project would further help boost tourism in Port Dickson.

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Not another ‘terminal’ fail(ure)

TRANSIT took note of three interesting articles in the past week that have detailed more of the disappointing failures of bus terminals in Malaysia.

We also note that the phrase “epic fail” has become commonly used by people throughout the world (well, at least the online, social-networking world) to described major failures that occur.

Instead of “epic fail” TRANSIT introduces to you the “terminal fail” – terminal in this case referring to the bus terminal as well as the “terminal” state of our bus terminals (and to some extent, our public transport industry).

When a public transport terminal becomes a hypermarket (and the news is reported in the “community announcements” section of a major media outlet, that is a “terminal fail”. When a poorly-located terminal operating since December 2008 still cannot attract customers (after shutting down one major section), that is a “terminal fail”. And when an old, classic and well-located bus terminal cannot find new customers and is in danger of closing down because its future has not been planned for, that too is a “terminal fail.”

So let’s take a look at what is going on, shall we?

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Repair Seremban-Port Dickson railway, says Negri Sembilan MB.

TRANSIT took note of this very interesting article about the currently unused Seremban-Port Dickson railway.

The Menteri Besar of Negri Sembilan has requested that SPAD look into rehabilitate the railway so that the state can operate passenger services as planned.

Repair rail tracks, says Mohamad (The Star)
26 April 2011

A segment of the unused Seremban-Port Dickson railway line. Image courtesy of The Star.

THE Negri Sembilan government wants the federal authorities to rehabilitate the 39km Seremban-Port Dickson railway line which has been out of use for about three years now.

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Updates #67

Updates #67

1. Hotline Story: Bus company apologises but says passengers should provide small change (Malay Mail) – NURAZAILY of Kuala Lumpur claims she and her friend were treated rudely by a RapidKL staff while taking a bus from Subang Jaya to KL. They were forced to get down from the bus and accosted by a person who appeared to be RapidKL staff (perhaps the route manager for the area).

TRANSIT: Check out the response from RapidKL, which includes an apology but only addresses the issue of the complainant’s friend not having enough small change, and says nothing about the person who accosted them. The behaviour of RapidKL staff and management in this situation is clearly unacceptable, as you can see from the many comments.

2. Hotline Story: Jan 6 monorail delay due to technical problems (Malay Mail) – Complaint about a 30 minute delay on the KL Monorail with a response from Prasarana staff.

3. Hotline Story: Ticketless bus rides (Malay Mail) – Jackie of PJ complains about a RapidKL bus driver not issuing tickets on the U86 bus route. Mohamed Hazlan, COO of bus operations, responds.

4. Letter: KTMB must get its priorities right (The Star) – Hamdan Ibrahim of KL comments on the recent allegations of corruption in the contract to upgrade KTMB’s ticketing service.

5. Letter: KL taxi services are shameful compared with taxis in S’pore (The Star) – Andrew Leong of KL complains about the behaviour of KL taxi drivers and passengers.

6. Article: Human error blamed in fatal bus crash (The Star) – State Infrastructure Committee chairman Datuk Ramly Zahari said police investigations showed human error was the reason for the Cameron Highlands bus crash which killed 28 people.

“Claims that the accident was caused by an oil spill on the road are just assumptions,” he told reporters.

TRANSIT: sounds to us like another person in the public service attempting to cover his backside. Interestingly enough, this article, Bus accident probe panel holds first meeting today (Malay Mail) suggests that the probe into the crash has just started.

Once again, the government shows us its mettle – why do they continue to allow people to make public conclusions before the inquiry has even started?

7. Article: Seremban on the right track (The Star) – information on the process by which Seremban intends to be recognized as a city – with additional information on plans to improve public transport in Seremban and Negri Sembilan.

8. Article: Puduraya to reopen soon (The Star) – Basically, the Federal Territories Ministry has said that Puduraya can reopen soon