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KTM Update: Consider our heritage as we move into the modern age

TRANSIT took note of some very interesting articles about KTMB and Malaysia’s railway heritage, which is changing before our eyes with the Ipoh-Padang Besar & Seremban-Gemas Electrification & Double Tracking (EDT) Projects. Heritage stations along the west coast of Malaysia are being replaced with modern structures. In some cases, aspects of the stations are being […]

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KTM Update: Komuter service extended to Sg. Gadut 14 May 2011 (Update #1)

Update: See photos of Senawang & Sg. Gadut stations here! All images courtesy of @TWK90 TRANSIT takes note that KTM Komuter services have been extended from Seremban to Senawang & Sg. Gadut as of 14 May 2011. Free services will be provided between Seremban & Sg. Gadut for a 1 week period until 20th May. […]

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Updates #83

Updates #83 1. Article: Free Rides (Streets – NST, 26 April 2011) – NST Streets takes a look at 4 free community shuttle buses in the Kuala Lumpur area. More information on shuttle “schedules” can be found here.

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KTM Update: Senawang and Sg Gadut stations to start operating in May 2011

TRANSIT took note of this article which updates us on the status of the KTM Komuter extension to Senawang & Sg. Gadut. As you can imagine, TRANSIT is pleased to see the expansion of KTM Komuter services further south, which will reduce some of the traffic congestion on the KL-Seremban Highway. The Komuter service will […]

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KTM Update: ETS to Sg. Gadut by Christmas? Maybe he meant, Christmas 2011?

Back in November 2010, TRANSIT read of comments by Minister of Transport Kong Cho Ha that KTM’s Electric Train Service would reach Sg. Gadut by December 25, Christmas Day. We highlighted those comment in this post, KTM Update: Can Sg. Gadut station be ready by Christmas¬†2010? which also included information about the extension of electric […]

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Electric trains to reduce travel time? We think double-tracking makes the biggest difference.

We at TRANSIT have been following the electrification and double-tracking of the Malayan Railways since the proposal was first mooted. And we regularly check in with the blogs and other resources that follow the EDT project to keep updated on what is happening. We believe that the double tracking of Malaysia’s railways is of huge […]

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Allegations of corruption on Seremban-Gemas EDT project

Recently, TRANSIT noted an article in the Star newspaper describing the progress of the Seremban-Gemas Electrification & Double Tracking (EDT) project. RM3.45b Seremban-Gemas electrified line is 33% completed Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said the work on the dual-track railway was 32.81% completed and it was expected to be operational by Aug 2012. […]