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A cable car in Port Dickson? How about reviving the rail link first?

Update: Paul Singh of KL writes that the NS Government should “First, bring back the sparkle to PD” by cleaning up the water & beaches! TRANSIT took note of an interesting announcement from the Menteri Besar of Negri Sembilan, indicating that the state government plans to build a cable car link between Port Dickson’s new […]

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Malacca government takes public transport to a new level

The recent announcement about a tram system in Malacca, which would supposedly be complete by Merdeka Day, 2011 (August 31, for those not familiar with Malaysia), inspired the following piece from Moaz Yusuf Ahmad Malacca government takes public transport to a new level I believe that Malacca Chief Minister Mohd. Ali Rustam, or someone in […]

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TRAM for Malacca in 2011? Not likely says TRANSIT (Update #3)

Updated with articles & images of the supposed tram! Updated with reports on the signing of ‘MoU’ on 3 March 2010! TRANSIT has taken note of a number of articles commenting on a proposed tram service linking Ayer Keroh to Malacca. RM272m tram project for historical state (Star Metro South & East) Melaka bina sistem pengangkutan trem […]

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Feedback submission on Melaka Aerorail

Today is the 2nd last day for the submission of feedback and comments regarding the public display for the Melaka Aerorail. TRANSIT has issued the following submission The Association for the Improvement of Mass Transit (TRANSIT) wishes to express its concerns about the Melaka Aerorail project, an intermediate capacity transit system consisting of two phases […]

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More info about LRT public display

Detailed information about the public display for the Kelana Jaya and Ampang LRT extension can be found at the posting Public Display for LRT Extensions or our special Updates page. A list of objections can be found here and feedback forms can be found here. Our postings about the Public Display has led to an […]

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Updates #21

Updates  #21 1. RapidPenang introduces Monthly Loyalty Pass – RM70 for unlimited travel. Application form is here. 2. RapidKL Monthly RapidPass (5 different types at costs from RM40, 50, 100 & 150) are on sale from August 20th. 3. Dynamic Diesel on sale from Sept 1 (The Star) – Diesel fuel in Malaysia will meet the […]

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Viability of Melaka Aerorail questioned in Assembly

TRANSIT notes that a question about the viability of the Melaka Aerorail was raised in the Melaka Assembly, along with a motion to scrap the project. Melaka Assembly Rejects Motion To Scrap Aerorail Project August 05, 2009 20:41 PM MELAKA, Aug 5 (Bernama) — The Melaka government should review the RM1.5 billion aerorail project as […]

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Updates #17

Updates #17 1. TRANSIT is going to Malacca this weekend with the intention of submitting comments about the proposed Malacca Aerorail. If you are a resident of Malacca or you just care about real investment in public transport, please submit your comments about the Aerorail. 2. Malacca Monorail ( – Aside from the Aerorail there […]

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Updates #15

1. BUS SERVICES: Once again an empty promise (NST) – this letter writer from Malacca comments on bus service there. 2. Perak aims for a ‘slice’ of S’pore (NST) – This article describes how Tourism Malaysia is hoping to encourage Singaporean tourism to Perak state with the arrival of Firefly’s new Ipoh-Singapore service. [TRANSIT: if […]

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Malacca Aerorail – Technical Drawings

A closer look at the Aerorail site reveals the following technical drawings of the Aerorail train, a section of the suspension tower, and various cross sections of the routes. All images are from Aerorail Design A diagram showing a section of Aerorail suspension structure – like a suspension bridge over land. One type of […]