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MIROS DG: Safety belts by 2015; SPAD COO: It’s not soon enough;

TRANSIT took note of some very interesting comments in The Malay Mail about the new proposals for the installation of seat belts in express buses by 2015. We also note that SPAD COO Azhar Ahmad states that 2015 is too long and the installation ought to start as early as 2015. Now, TRANSIT wants to […]

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Minister: future of e-bikes under study

TRANSIT took note of this article in which the Minister of Transport is now quoted as saying that studies are being done to determine the feasibility of having electric bicycles on the road. This is an abrupt about-turn from his earlier comments, that the Ministry would consider banning the e-bikes – comments which were rubbished […]

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Update: Finally, SPAD is in charge (Update #1)

Updated with SPAD’s Organizational Structure and comments & feedback from TRANSIT! TRANSIT noted this very interesting article which indicates that the Land Public Transport Commission is now the only authority for land public transport in Peninsular Malaysia. Ok, technically it will assume the duties on Monday, Enforcement officers will be in place starting on Sunday, […]

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Letter: All taxis must have functioning seat belts

TRANSIT noted this letter from Gim Teh of Melbourne, who comments on a simple, recognized road safety feature – which is unfortunately not available in many of the taxis on the road – taxis which are inspected regularly for safety! All taxis must have functioning seat belts (The Star) Thursday January 27, 2011 IT is […]

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(Some) Amendments to Road Transport Act go into effect Feb 1

TRANSIT took note of the following article, Amendments to Road Transport Act go into effect Feb 1 (The Star) The following details are noted: Amendments to allow for hybrid and fully-electric cars will not got into effect on Feb 1; The powers of the Road Transport Department (JPJ) will be expanded to allow JPJ to […]

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Parliament will debate bus crash…SPAD twiddles thumbs until next year (Update #1)

TRANSIT notes a major first in Malaysia – that the Malaysian Parliament will hold an emergency debate about the recent bus crash that killed 7 youths and injured 39 others. Interestingly enough, a recent motion from the same MP to debate the recent bus crash at Simpang Ampat was rejected by Parliament – leaving TRANSIT […]

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So how should we feel about the “delay” to SPAD?

TRANSIT was debating for some time about how and when to make this posting. You see, it is not easy to always express our real feelings about public transport. Many people in government and the public transport industry are quite sensitive to criticism, and that sensitivity can increase unpredictably…… But frankly, we are disappointed and […]