TRANSIT has come about with many different proposals and ideas to improve public transport in the Klang Valley and other areas of Malaysia.

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  • Our presentation for the Conference on Sustainable Urban Public Transport
  • Our briefing to Parliamentary Research Unit
  • Results from the NKRA Urban Public Transport Lab (Section 1)
  • Results from the 1st and 2nd National Summit on Urban Public Transport (Section 2)

Here is a small portion of our collection of proposals, presentations and ideas. Please note that some of the files may be large and will require time to download.

Also, please note that all files posted here to this website and this page are the property of TRANSIT and are for reference only. These files should not be used or distributed in any way without informing TRANSIT.

1. Proposals from TRANSIT & Others

2. Memos/Reports to Government/Authorities

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6. Official and Unofficial Plans

23 replies on “Proposals”

Dear Sirs.
Thanks for doing a good job.
Please inform me whether the map you have displayed as “proposed” is the official version or your suggestion to the authorities.
Thank you,


Thanks for your message. The map that you have seen is not the one proposed by the authorities. We have two different maps, one proposed by Fikir Runding Sdn. Bhd. and the other proposed by TRANSIT. These proposals are constantly being revised based on network planning and changes to the existing network and public transport needs in the Klang Valley.


Moaz for TRANSIT

I do not know where to send this suggestion to so here I am ….. I would like to suggest to RapidKL to increase frequency of buses for route U86 which plies One Utama RapidKL bus hub to Kepong via Damansara Perdana as well as return sector. Right now frequency is only an hour one bus and there are now lots of youngsters as well as oldies alike living in DP and would very much like to take the bus instead of having to drive their cars to be more environmental friendly. Have suggested to RapidKL via their email address and never receive any response, not even an acknowledgement of suggestion received.
Hope TRANSIT can assist. Thanks.


Thanks for your suggestion. We certainly agree that the frequency of Route U86 can be improved and will forward your email to RapidKL.

I would also like to suggest that you get your friends and neighbours to email RapidKL directly with your request for the improvement in frequency. The address is

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Proposal for Tram in Klang Valley and Penang
-Tram should travel on a counter flow directions in order to prevent it from getting stuck in jams.
-Tram are cheaper to build compare to monorail and major construction and can be build on existing road.
-Could copy Hong Kong Tram that are double decker and cost around HKD2 regardless of distant.

Proposal for All Public Transport
-Touch n Go discount when using public transport

Complain about Buses
-Metro buses parked at road side causes unnecessary jam near Pasar Seni.

I have new Idea By adding a new public transport system.
with whom I must have meeting to explain that?

dear sir,

now there is a land transport commission, i hope they do a proper master plan for the country’s transport system. all our mega projects have been ad hoc, the HST and MRT. the government should not rely on proposal from companies to put forward proposals. this would lead to corruption as these companies together with some umno ali babas will be given the contract which end loosing tax payer money. look at singapore’s meticulous planning of their mrt.

lets have a planning dept at the commission. we need:

urban rail transit systems in JB, Penang, Kuantan, Johor and Kota bahru/kt and also kk and kuching.

proper management of the KTM komuter raise frequency and faster speeds.

the double tracking system to be finished as soon as possible. please plan for EMU delivery when the track is completed, not after.

instead of HST from singapore extend double tracking from muar to join mainline to batu pahat keluang and mersing and up to kota bahru along east coast. also need a link from muar to melaka pd to seremban and possibly pontian and singapore.

also plan rail systems for east pass through brunei and also connect to indonesia.

another extension from kuantan to karak or bentong. i think it is too
costly to build a railway through the highlands .

Hi Yunli

Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the 2010 and 2011 National Summits, and we did have people attend but we were not able to get much new or useful information.

After the first summit, which was quite successful, the other summits turned into conferences, which no longer were able to capture public imagination in the same was as the first one did.

TRANSIT hopes that future National Summits will take on the same approach and goal-oriented, rakyat-focused attitude of the first summit.

Regards, moaz for TRANSiT

Iskandar Malaysia Integrated Marine, Road, Rail and Air Hub.

Iskandar Malaysia is aggressively gaining its momentum to become a globally renowned development program.

However, I wish to point out the lack of total integration approach in our national and regional future transportation and logistic plans , especially the ongoing development for Iskandar Malaysia.

Although transportation by Air, Road and Rail are being thought of , there seems to be inadequate concern on the development for the marine industry, especially on the connectivity of our marine transportation route around our southern peninsular.

In the past , before our highways were available, the sea route around Malay Peninsular were bustling with marine activities , especially with cargo vessels, barges and ‘tongkangs’ servicing the ports and harbours.

The waterways along Johore Straits is not navigable as the route is obstructed by the Causeway which was built when Johore and Singapore were under the same rule. At that time the sea route around Singapore waters was also relatively a domestic route and navigable for our local mariners , until the island became a Republic when she became independent from Malaysia.

The sea route around the republic therefore now became no longer navigable and economical for our domestic licensed vessels, as they would have to comply to foreign and international standards that will push the operating cost of our domestic vessels to be much more costly.

Not much seems to have been done to overcome this setback , and the progress of our marine industry, especially involving our locally manageable marine businesses, started to dwindle and seems to have diminished especially for the region linking the western and eastern coastline of Johore.

With Mega Investment going into Iskandar Malaysia, it is crucial for transportation by sea along the cost of Johore be re-established as this would contribute greatly to the commercial development of the region. To achieve this, several infrastructure need to be developed to enhance the development of Johore and at the same time maintaining the crucial commercial link for our business activities in neighbouring Singapore.

a. The Causeway have to be removed and replaced with other alternative , at least along the Malaysian side which is believed to be the relatively deeper and navigable side of Johore Straits.

b. The alternative link such as the iconic ‘Scenic Bridge’ which was proposed during the premiership of Tun Dr Mahadhir, a Swing Bridge (as being presently used in Butterworth), or better still an underground or immersed tunnel (such as those being introduced in Korea, Turkey and China) would be very appropriate. Appropriate ferry and marine cargo terminal would be incorporated to provide a seamless link for commercial activities.

c.The present Railway Station within the Sultan Iskandar CIQ Complex in Johore Baru is already well suited to be ‘Asia’s Southernmost Railway Terminal in ASIA’. This Terminal can be well link to a Railway Hub in Johore Bahru providing Commuter, LRT, Monorail, or MRT services to Woodlands in the south , to Senai and beyond in the north, to Ramunia up to Mersing in the east , and to Tg Piai (Southermost Tip of ASIA) up to Pontian in the west of Johore.

d. The Johore Railway Hub, probably North of Johore Bahru would also provide an effective network for cargo trains to Tg Pelepas Port, Pasir Gudang Port, Senai Airport and several industrial zones enroute.

When the Johore Straits is accessible and navigable for domestic marine vessels plying directly between Tg Pelepas and Pasir Gudang , it would be a competitive alternative for the transfer of goods between to two ports by medium size vessels or barges, for goods destined within the regions in Johore, or beyond for transhipment to the east and west of Peninsular Malaysia.

Together with this would be domestic commercial activities for smaller crafts thriving along the coast of Johore , especially along the southern water frontage facing Singapore. International ferry terminals would be conveniently established at suitable landing points mutually selected by Johore and Singapore authorities.

Navigable access for marine craft across the present site of the causeway and all along the Johore Straits would trigger vast commercial development in marine activities for vessel design, construction, operation, MRO and upgrade.

An Integrated transportation development linking Marine , Road, Rail and Air Terminals would Leap-Frog Iskandar Malaysia development to become the most Integrated Logistic Hub of the ‘Southernmost Tip of ASIA’.

Salam sejahtera Tan Sri. Saya setiausaha persatuan pemilik dan Pemandu teksi India W.P dan Selangor. Tan Sri, kini banyak masalah di hadapi Pemandu semasa membeli teksi baru. Kini tidak ada satu teksi sempurna daripada Proton. Walaupun Proton dan JPJ telah meluluskan kereta Exora menjadi teksi tetapi SPAD kini tidak meluluskan Exora menjadi teksi. Kami tidak faham apa masalah pihak SPAD dan Proton. Kami ingin memberi nasihat kepada SPAD untuk meningkatkan mutu perkhidmatan teksi bandar. Kami harap Tan Sri akan jawap permohonan kami. Terima kasih.

Wait too long for bus to Jasin Melaka.My wife who need to visit my son everyday in Malacca goverment hospital need to wait nearly more than 2 hours to get the bus from central melaka to Jasin,her home. She keep on told me its very painful and tired to wait for the bus in front of bus stop hospital.Not only her, I get used to see a lot people including pregnant ladies,old people,handicspped people all keep on waiting for bus quite long. Government Malacca keep on publizing that Malacca on of the developed state and world heritage state.But, I totally disagreed with the declarition as no improvement on public transport. Somemore, taxi drivers at Central Malacca charge RM15-20 for trip from Central Malacca to hospital Malacca which I think very unfair fair as it only take 5-10 minutes to reach hospital from Central and the buses charge only RM1..Please help forward this message to respective channel for better improvement in future..Thanks..

Hi i would like to join this group. Can you advice how can i be a member and be able to contribute to yr team.

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