A group of concerned citizens have formed ‘The Association For The Improvement Of Mass Transit’ (TRANSIT), which includes the following modes of public transportation:
– Bus – KTM Commuter – LRT- Road – Bicycle – Pedestrians –

Sekumpulan warga rakyat prihatin telah menubuhkan ‘Pertubuhan Untuk
Penambahbaikan Pengangkutan Awam’ (TRANSIT), yang merangkumi penguna
pengangkutan awam berikut:
– Bas – Komuter KTM – LRT – Jalanraya – Basikal – Pejalan Kaki

Our Goals

TRANSIT aims to:
– Promote the use of Public Transport.
– Represent Public Transport users to the Government.
– To act as a watchdog and pressure group on Public Transport issues.
– To act a think tank to promote Public Transportation.

Matlamat TRANSIT :
– Menggalakkan penggunaan pengangkutan awam
– Mewakili pengguna pengangkutan awam kepada kerajaan
– Berfungsi sebagai pemerhati dan kumpulan pendesak dalam isu pengangkutan awam.
– Menjadi badan fikir mengenai hal ehwal pengangkutan awam

Take Action

TRANSIT urges the public to TAKE ACTION to improve public transport in Malaysia. We need your effort & support! There are many ways in which you can make a difference:


TRANSIT needs people who care about public transport and want to help improve the current situation in Malaysia!

We will be posting more information very soon about how you can join TRANSIT!

2. Share your complaints, comments, questions or concerns about public transport!

TRANSIT is happy to help in the best way that we can.

We welcome all your complaints, problems and suggestions with the public transportation network in the Klang Valley in particular and Malaysia in general.

Kami mengalu-alukan sebarang aduan, komen, dan cadangan mengenai sitem pengangkutan awam di Lembah Klang.

Forward your complaints , suggestions, and inquiries to the following contacts:

Kemukakan aduan, cadangan, dan pertanyaan anda kepada:

46 replies on “About TRANSIT”

I have been waiting for an association like this for a long time.

We must ask the authorities to come up with a workable schedule for buses, link up the stations and services, improve security at the bus stops, add new routes (within housing areas and from KL to PJ vice versa).

Priority must be given to buses. I want to live in Kuala Lumpur without driving a car. ( No Car Lifestyle)

Let us work together to make taking buses work!

I am really impressed with the establishment of TRANSIT. I am a big fan of having to live in a city with excellent public transportation especially bus transportation network system. I have also come up with some great ideas of improving our pathetic public transportation network system as well as other public facilities and amenities. Hope to share with the members of TRANSIT real soon.

I am also wanna be part of the CAR FREE LIFESTYLE bro!!! cheers!

Budget 2009
1) RM35 million (2009 – 2014) to improve public transportation.
Question: Spending RM35 million to do what?
2) God: Public Land Transportation Commission
Bad: Start by middle of next year.
Question: Why can’t the Commission start now?

The Public Land Transportation Commission must consider:
1. Integrated System ( Services & Stations )
2. Schedule
3. Routes
4. Information
5. Bus Stops/Hubs/Terminals
6. Condition of Interior
7. Driver & Vehicle
8. Recruitment & Training of Drivers
9. Commuters’ Education.

Please help. We are suffering.

Hi Tong How Lit

Referring to your comment, RM35 million for the span of 5 years really cant do much to improve public transportation. And you have made a good point, why can’t they always start immediately? Why the hell always have to wait for a specific date?

By the way, since we both have something in common and suffering at the same time, maybe we can communicate through email? Mine is, what is your email?

Hi Edward, TH

Am glad that Moaz and team has set up this blog for us to view our concern. Was a resident in USJ1 and nowadays, KL. It is truly about time that we should raise our concern on the very bad interconnectivity and so called public transportation system that is in place in the Klang Valley.

Of course, tax payers money is being used for all these infrastructure and it is not fair that those tax payers from other parts of the Klang Valley have to sacrifice for the sake of a good public transportation system which should have been done correctly in the first place! Too many cooks spoil the soup and we are certainly in that scenario. Just too many players but I hope that the government (federal) can ensure that only one major player in the Klang Valley so that we can have a good public transportation system that can outshine our neighbouring countries.

Announced in the budget that we will be spending such a huge amount is surely unjustifiable. How about infrastructure in other parts of the country where tax payers have contributed the most?

Malaysia boleh and this will be a challenge for the government.

Should public transportation be improved, I am sure that TH and thousand of others in Klang Valley will join him in the NCL (“No Car Lifestyle”) that a lot of Singaporeans have enjoyed.

Cars are already overpriced in Malaysia and yet we have all the jam due to a poor system of public transportation.

Just my two sen worth on our very costly, time consuming, bad planning public transportation system.

Can they open the pedestrian bridge connecting Pasar Seni LRT to KL KTM station already?

I’ve been looking at it since september and till now not open yet!

it’s been finished for over a month but still not open!

What are they doing? Makan gaji isit?!?!?!?!?

freaking annoying

Teng How Lit says

Question: Why can’t the Commission start now?

The Public Land Transportation Commission must consider:
1. Integrated System ( Services & Stations )
2. Schedule
3. Routes
4. Information
5. Bus Stops/Hubs/Terminals
6. Condition of Interior
7. Driver & Vehicle
8. Recruitment & Training of Drivers
9. Commuters’ Education.

For a start, each of you who are using the Kommuter, LRT, Rapid KL can do a lot. Identify the station/terminals and see what can be done to improve them. Take photgraphs if need be. Then we can push KTM/Rapid KL, City Hall and the various Local Councils to start with them. They have funds which can be utilised for small improvemtns like a covered walkway to link the stations. Hope each one of you can do that and sent information to us. Then we can approach the MP etc to push for this small impreovements.

Thank You

Peter Sinniah

Maintenance of buses ,LRT & its stations are things that I would like to highlight to Rapid KL. Any equipments or system that is not functioning (break down) should have a better turn around time for fast replacement of spare parts. They need to buck up on service & maintenance aspects.
No excuse to take 1 to 2 months repairing a malfunction ticketing system or the information display panel….more things need to be done in running the company..

Recently, i got to know from the news that the government has decided to revive the MINI BUS services due to the lack of public transportation services in the country, and i got really shocked! I grew up in PJ but i studied in Kl attending a high school somewhere in Ipoh road during the early 90s. I often had to take these notorious mini buses, they were coded as kings of the roads. I remembered vividly how those mini buses polluted the air quality of the city, reckless mini bus drivers driving like kings of the road, passengers sitting in the bus enduring loud music blasted from those dodgy speakers and swaying left and right while the bus was moving, the bus conductor screaming on top of their lungs to lure more passengers and so on. Those were the horrendous memories i still have when it comes to mini buses.

I really hope TRANSIT would do something to stop this ordeal to happen again!!! It is a shame of the country to see these pollutants (mini bus) running freely in the country.

hei, i just stumble into this website, and i would like to show some support for you guys, it about time we have this kind of blogs or website for the people, i am utterly dissapointed with the public transport in malaysia. so many people using it no safety as most pick-pocket and people cramped together.they should invest more on buses and commuter and expand the network i think.

anyway i think we should take to the streets and do a pettition or something or interview everyday user and raise the voice! keep up the pressure guys

all the best!

I decided to use public transport for my commute to work from Shah Alam to KL everyday. Not just because of the benefits to environment and economy, but it is more sane then me driving while enduring the famous Federal Highway traffic snarl.

As suggested by Peter, how or where can I post information or pictures?

Muhamad and @young-voice,

Thanks for your postings.

Regarding activities, we are looking for more people who are interested in participating in these activities. We need your support.

Regarding photos and images, please email all images to

Regards, Moaz Yusuf Ahmad

Schedules after 8 from Terminals

Those who are looking at the TRANSIT site and using RapidKL buses, please make the following observation.

1. What is the frequency of the buses leaving the terminal (say for e.g the Bandar Utama end – U82)

I am suggesting this as I am noticing that after 9 pm there seems to be fixed schedules. You see buses heading towards BU but dont see the same number returning to KL. What is happening. It is inconveniencing the rakyat. We are losing about 4 hrs per day travelling both ways to and from home/work. 4 hours is a lot of productive time wasted.

Schedules after 8pm from Terminals (correction)

Those who are looking at the TRANSIT site and using RapidKL buses, please make the following observation.

1. What is the frequency of the buses leaving the terminal (say for e.g the Bandar Utama end – U82)

I am suggesting this as I am noticing that after 9 pm there seems to be no fixed schedules. You see buses heading towards BU but dont see the same number returning to KL. What is happening. It is inconveniencing the rakyat. We are losing about 4 hrs per day travelling both ways to and from home/work. 4 hours is a lot of productive time wasted.

I observed this for 3 days the Pasar Seni – BU route (U82). Ans some passengers did tell me that all is not right at the BU end of this route after 9 pm. Similar incidences may be happening in other routes.

This is unfair to us who need to take a second bus to return home as I found out in the 3 days. I was lucky enough to take the last bus home after spending 2.5 hrs (time take to wait and take the buses). I missed the second last bus home due to this unscheduled times after 9 pm.

Please submit your own observations to TRANSIT

I am glad there are concern citizens who take initiatives to help the government to improve our PT.

Maybe TRANSIT can help the citizens by suggesting ‘Journey Planner’ in which people can know which public transport to take to get from one destination to another.

where can i access to the approved LRT extension line (Ampang Line)in satelite map version v?DBKL? Prasarana? Please advise.

I just used a KTM train from Midvalley to KL Sentral for the first time yesterday at 2:30pm as I was flying back to Kota Kinabalu where I am from.

I have never, in my life seen more chaotic scenes than what I saw yesterday. I can’t really understand how this is still common in Malaysia!

People pushing, barging into carriages, packed in like sardines. Men being shouted at and dragged out of KTM carriages for “women” only even though they were with wives, girlfriends or co-workers by KTM security guards.

People travelling to KL sentral (like me) with baggage and being unable to get into the trains because the 3 cars were too packed to fit anyone else.

I had a huge argument with the security guard on duty on my side of the track as I told him off for being rude to some passengers who clearly didn’t know (me included) about this women only carriages as there were no signs visible to me or them and we had actually boarded the trains only to be dragged back out.

If KTM is so scared about women being disturbed by men, then its KTM’s fault for not providing adequate rail carriages to meet the demand of passengers.

Why are we still in this day and age still getting this kind of services? Isn’t KTM supposed to be a modern outfit managed by EDUCATED university graduates who are supposed to be customer oriented?

You wonder why the public transport system doesn’t work.


Why 36 Billion MRT, why not BRT which is 30 times cheaper than MRT and faster to build- pencaipaian didahulukan! The traffic congestion is very simple, too many single occupancy vehicle on the road. Simply because there is no efficient bus , or mini bus plying the garden ,feeder bus connecting to LRT- in KL. we are talking of KL, not Kampong! Reason -more profitable for the govenrment to sell cars ( heavily subsidised by the rakyat, build flyover, highway and collect toll-yet still we face the traffic jam.) there is no polical will at all for hte govenrment to improve the situation. They are only interested in making money. Are there real and well research or just another group of smart people sitting in the air-cond room who do not even take the bus or LRT. Are there BRT success Model?
No need to spend lavishly lawatan sambil belajar so far to Brazil, just try Xiamen China ? only 3.5 hours away ( sometimes our jam from Kl to Pj easily take us 1-2 hours)
We are not against development, but are there public debate the merits that warrant MRT, the only way to solve KL city 1.8 million population congestion? Hk 7.5 million, Singapore 4 million on small tiny island! Beijing 19 million ! why not explore other cheaper means when our Kl City population may not justify the return? Why not explore BRT 30 times cheaper? are there open an transparent process in arriving MRT? this is rakyat’s money. or just another
Kroni ,kontraktor diutamakan, rakyat diketepikan? in the name of privitised development, billions will be siphone out. the authortiy have the right of reply, we will be pleased to hear their side of the story.

May I know who you are and where you came from? I mean in setting up this TRANSIT…


Personally, I was born just over 32 years ago and I have spent my entire life using public transport. I have been conscious of public transport for 25 years.

As for TRANSIT the description is exactly what it is – a group of public transport users, frustrated by the breakdown of public transport and lack of investment (as well as terribly ineffective government policy) got together to decide to make an effort to raise awareness and effect change.

I hope this explanation answers your question.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Dear Peter, thank you for the invitation. I was an ex-student of the UiTM Transport course. So, yeah…I understand very well how bad is our public transport system is. There is just no integration, not only on the operational level…but higher up to the agencies involved. And how many were there? Hmm… The public transport system was made even worse when there is no policies to control the private vehicles. Or is it vice versa? Hahaha…

Amshida Ahmad Rani

I was born in Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, 57 years ago. I have used public transport for most of my life. Every 5 years, we are told about improvements and so does the ten year Malaysia Plans. The Klang Bus Terminal in Klang is still in the same condition as it was in 1970. NO CHANGE……….filthy, urine smell, hawokers with no cleanliness, restuarants with pollution, etc…..and no covered link to Pasar Seni station, .that is on of the few reaons why we are concerned .


One of the biggest things you can do it actually make a video of the deplorable state of our current LRT system to see why more Malaysians don’t use public transport. The ticket machines are broken all the time, the toilets are filthy, the buses don’t run on time and are poorly maintained. There is no informations about routes or any tourist information.

Nobody trusts that the new MRT system will be any better.

Hi! I’m Shahirah Hamid a journalist from ntv7. I’m doing a report on the public transportation system in KL and I’m trying to get in touch with the representatives from TRANSIT but to no avail. I tried calling the numbers but one of the numbers is a wrong number and the other number was not reachable. I even sent an email but there’s no reply. Could anyone be kind enough to direct me to the best person to speak to regarding my news report. I appreciate your help. Thank you

Askm Shahirah

We apologize that we were not able to respond to your phone calls – our principals are not in Malaysia at this time and that is why the phone numbers are not working.

As for not responding to your email, I have to apologize personally as I have been away from the computer for 3 days.

I have responded to your email personally with information about how we can conduct the interview.

All the best to you

Moaz for TRANSIT

you may contact me if you wish to know alternative solution to MRT for a city less than 3 million population – 30 times cheaper BRT- Bus Rapid Transit. KL ( not the whole of Malaysia) should implement Bus Rapid Transit first before MRT.This will save the rakyat billions and reduce cars on the road. There are already success model in this region.

Dear Moaz,

Thank you for your reply. I already sent you my reply via email I hope you will get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you. Best regards.

what is the best way from Hentian Putra Bus Station to The Curve Mall by Rapid bus? Can someone give any suggestion…or has transit bus go there?

The fastest way would be to take KTM Komuter to KL Sentral, PUTRA/Kelana Jaya LRT to Kelana Jaya Station and Rapid Bus U89 to The Curve. There is also an infrequent shuttle bus from Kelana Jaya LRT station to IKANO Power Centre which is just opposite of The Curve.

Hope this helps.

Moaz for TRANSIT

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