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Updates #92

Updates #92

1. Article: Essential to have reliable transport system (NST, 30 June 2011) – A commentary and update on plans to improve public transport in JB and the Iskandar region, as well as cross-border connections between JB and Singapore.

JB Sentral in Johor Baru. The Cross-Border Rapid Transit System which will link Malaysia and Singapore will terminate near JB Sentral. There will also be shuttle train service from JB Sentral to Woodlands. Image courtesy of NST.

[TRANSIT: This article deserves its own post as there are some questionable statements and claims being made. For example, we are wary of the Masteel proposal for a Komuter-type service in the Iskandar Development Region and do not believe it can be implemented in the time-frame mentioned. The writer also mentions a monorail service in Melaka “that runs” and we know that is not accurate either!]

2. Article: CM and reps to cycle to work (The Star. 30 June 2011) – Melaka Chief Minister Mohd. Ali Rustam will bicycle to work on 1 July 2011. The state will also start construction on bicycle lanes near Seri Negeri.

3. Letter: KLIA limo tells on us (The Star, 20 June 2011) – Nori of Kota Damansara compares the quality of taxis & limousine picked up from KLIA and Changi airport.

4. Letter: Improve the ETS ticketing system (The Star, 30 June 2011) – Irate Passenger of Ipoh complaints about being late for an ETS train because of the numbered-paper system at the ETS ticketing office.

[TRANSIT: Er…we can understand that ETS ticketing agents could have acted on their own accord to facilitate the ticket purchase … but how long could it have taken to cycle through all those numbers? How about showing up earlier?]

5. Article: Cabbies rally against Bersih march (The Star, 30 June 2011) – some taxi drivers found the time to complain about the upcoming Bersih 2.0 protest march, claiming that they will lose business (especially from Arab tourists) as a result.

[TRANSIT: If things are so bad in the industry that one day of slow fares would be lethal, they had better get cracking and get as many fares as possible between now and July 9 instead of wasting their time (and opportunity to collect fares) with the rally.]

6. Article: KTMB to introduce new packages following closure of Tanjong Pagar (The Star, 1 July 2011) – KTMB is not giving up on Singapore and will make an effort to introduce more railway tourism packages.

7. Article: UNDER STUDY (NST, 30 June 2011) – a proposal for a 1-way traffic dispersal system for Brickfields may see buses remain on Jalan Tun Sambanthan in exclusive contra-flow bus lanes, rather than following other vehicles through the 1-way system.

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