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The Olympic Flame at Aberdeen Station, Vancouver

TRANSIT took note of this wonderful photo, showing the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Flame being brought into the Aberdeen Station on the new Canada Line – a symbolic connection between the Olympics and Public Transport – two ways to bring people together. TRANSIT Says: Stronger, Higher, Faster is a good motto for public transport as well. […]

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Push for Asean railway tourism

TRANSIT took note of this article regarding the concept of railway tourism in Malaysia. Railway tourism is an increasingly popular way to travel through a country and experience what it is ‘really’ like. The sights outside the windows, combined with the slower pace of rail travel and the comfort of the rail carriage as opposed […]

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Pedestrian crossings not as safe as expected

TRANSIT earlier received a request from a reporter from the Star to comment on walkways and pedestrian bridges in and around KL. The article below reflects the research and reports. Pedestrian crossings not as safe as expected 17 September 2009 By LIM CHIA YING PEDESTRIAN bridges, walkways and underground tunnels can be a boon to […]

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Updates #15

1. BUS SERVICES: Once again an empty promise (NST) – this letter writer from Malacca comments on bus service there. 2. Perak aims for a ‘slice’ of S’pore (NST) – This article describes how Tourism Malaysia is hoping to encourage Singaporean tourism to Perak state with the arrival of Firefly’s new Ipoh-Singapore service. [TRANSIT: if […]

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Updates #14

1. Updated our FAQ page with a response to a question about the new code system used by RapidKL. 2. Updated our posting about the new 4-Carriage LRT trains for the Kelana Jaya line with links to the Bombardier website (at the end of the posting) in response to a request for additional background information. […]