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Party like its 1932 at Tanjong Pagar railway station

TRANSIT took note of this interesting series of articles detailing plans for a party at Tg. Pagar railway station to celebrate the closure of the historic building on 30 June 2011.

An image of the Tg. Pagar railway station courtesy of The Straits Times.

The building opened in 1932 (in case you are wondering about the title of our post).

A Facebook page, The Train into Tanjong Pagar, has been set to coordinate the activity. They’ve also posted a video of the last Eastern & Orient Express Train departing from the station.

The Singaporean blog “Good Morning Yesterday” has this interesting post about Tg. Pagar railway station including some excellent old photos.

Are you planning to attend the party at Tg. Pagar railway station? If so, make sure that you buy your ticket (assuming that you can get one) and don’t forget that if you board the last train in Johor you will be passing through two customs checkpoints (Malaysia departure and Singapore entry) and they may not be all interested in allowing you to keep the food & drinks you are carrying.

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