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Should we be happy or sad about the withdrawal of KTM from Singapore?

Like many people, TRANSIT is gearing up for the closing of the KTM railway stations at Tg. Pagar and Bukit Timah in Singapore. As you probably know by now, the last trains will leave Tg. Pagar on June 30, 2011. From 1 July 2011 all KTM Train services will stop at Woodlands Checkpoint. Some people […]

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Cabbies who were like thugs

TRANSIT was again shocked when we took note of this article, describing harassment and assault by taxi drivers at the Bukit Jalil terminal. Cabbies who were like thugs (The Star) I AM a foreigner who is disabled. I normally use a wheelchair to get around. As you know, Malaysia is not very wheelchair-friendly at the […]

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Malaysia needs national policy to improve transportation system – so what else is new?

TRANSIT took note of the following article detailing a press conference by FOMCA (Federation of Malaysian Consumers’ Associations) and PMBOA (Pan-Malaysia Bus Operaters’ Association) in which they state that Malaysia needs a national policy to improve the transportation system. TRANSIT: So what else is new!?!?! (also, why didn’t we get the invite…?)

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Press Statement from TRANSIT regarding the National Summit on Urban Public Transport (18 September 2008)

For Immediate Release The Association for the Improvement of Mass-Transit (TRANSIT) Klang Valley issues the attached statement regarding the recently completed National Summit on Urban Public Transport, sponsored by the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute. TRANSIT welcomes the opportunity for dialogue to improve the public transport sector. Our observations of the National Summit (as described […]