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Updates #90

Updates #90

1. Article: Close shave for six schoolgirls (NST, 18 June 2011) – Six secondary school students in Georgetown had a close shave yesterday after the school bus they were in overturned in Jalan Mount Erskine.

The school bus lying on its side after the crash in Jalan Mount Erskine, Penang, yesterday. — NST picture by Norhayati Umor

2. Article: Country’s first electric motorcycle launched (The Star, 16 June 2011) – Modenas CTric was launched by the Transport Minister.

[TRANSIT: So wait, now you like electric motorcycles?]

3. Article: Taiwan high speed rail ‘sinking’ (APF, 14 June 2011) – Along a stretch of rail in central Taiwan, the soil has subsided due to excessive draining of ground waters, and the limit of what is considered safe is approaching, said Lee Hong-yuan, head of the Public Construction Commission.

4. Article: Reining in the trains (The Star, 18 June 2011) – Chan How Ban’s column on China focuses on High Speed Rail, including government plans to reduce service speeds on the Beijing-Shanghai high speed rail from 350km/h to 300 km/h to reduce operational costs. There will also be a service operating at 250km/h to show respect for those who want a slower pace.

[TRANSIT: If 250km/h is showing respect for those who want a slower pace, then KTMB is probably one of the most respectful companies in the railway industry.]

5. Article: RapidKL promises investigations – this comes in response to complaints about RapidKL’s U40 bus service in Kajang.

6. Article: JB-S’pore rail link to connect with new MRT line – Basically, the Thompson Line will terminate at Republich Polytechnic, where passengers can access Rapid Transit System (RTS) services to JB.

[TRANSIT: Thanks to Ethan for that clarification. Of course we know no details about the RTS so far but it looks like a separate crossing is going to be built.]

7. NKRA Update: Pemandu updates with articles in the various media on the Urban Public Transport NKRA.

8. Letter: No logic to segregation (Malay Mail, 13 June 2011) – Complaints about women-only services

9. Artikel: Bas U69 Selalu Lewat (Harian Metro, hb. 14 Jun 2011) – Mohamed Hazlan dari Prasarana / RapidKL membalas surat tentang perkhidmatan bas RapidKL.

10. Article: Cameron Highlands bus crash file with A-G (NST, 14 June 2011 – The report on the Cameron Highlands bus crash has been completed and shared with the Cabinet and is now with the Attorney-General’s Office. However, there is currently no plan to lay charges.

11. Article: MRCB poised to clinch RM800m LRT contract (Business Times, 15 June 2011) – self explanatory.

3 replies on “Updates #90”

Re: : JB-S’pore rail link to connect with new MRT line

That’s not quite accurate. LTA said the line would end near Republic Polytechnic, which is slightly over 2km away from the checkpoint, and it is the cross border Rapid Transit Link which would connect the Thompson Line terminal station to the checkpoint and into Johore.

Ha3.. we got something that can be broad smile here. “If 250km/h is showing respect for those who want a slower pace, then KTMB is probably one of the most respectful companies in the railway industry.”

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