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Updates #67

Updates #67

1. Hotline Story: Bus company apologises but says passengers should provide small change (Malay Mail) – NURAZAILY of Kuala Lumpur claims she and her friend were treated rudely by a RapidKL staff while taking a bus from Subang Jaya to KL. They were forced to get down from the bus and accosted by a person who appeared to be RapidKL staff (perhaps the route manager for the area).

TRANSIT: Check out the response from RapidKL, which includes an apology but only addresses the issue of the complainant’s friend not having enough small change, and says nothing about the person who accosted them. The behaviour of RapidKL staff and management in this situation is clearly unacceptable, as you can see from the many comments.

2. Hotline Story: Jan 6 monorail delay due to technical problems (Malay Mail) – Complaint about a 30 minute delay on the KL Monorail with a response from Prasarana staff.

3. Hotline Story: Ticketless bus rides (Malay Mail) – Jackie of PJ complains about a RapidKL bus driver not issuing tickets on the U86 bus route. Mohamed Hazlan, COO of bus operations, responds.

4. Letter: KTMB must get its priorities right (The Star) – Hamdan Ibrahim of KL comments on the recent allegations of corruption in the contract to upgrade KTMB’s ticketing service.

5. Letter: KL taxi services are shameful compared with taxis in S’pore (The Star) – Andrew Leong of KL complains about the behaviour of KL taxi drivers and passengers.

6. Article: Human error blamed in fatal bus crash (The Star) – State Infrastructure Committee chairman Datuk Ramly Zahari said police investigations showed human error was the reason for the Cameron Highlands bus crash which killed 28 people.

“Claims that the accident was caused by an oil spill on the road are just assumptions,” he told reporters.

TRANSIT: sounds to us like another person in the public service attempting to cover his backside. Interestingly enough, this article, Bus accident probe panel holds first meeting today (Malay Mail) suggests that the probe into the crash has just started.

Once again, the government shows us its mettle – why do they continue to allow people to make public conclusions before the inquiry has even started?

7. Article: Seremban on the right track (The Star) – information on the process by which Seremban intends to be recognized as a city – with additional information on plans to improve public transport in Seremban and Negri Sembilan.

8. Article: Puduraya to reopen soon (The Star) – Basically, the Federal Territories Ministry has said that Puduraya can reopen soon

2 replies on “Updates #67”

6. Article: Human error blamed in fatal bus crash

when is it not every time an accident happens, it is not of human error? yes, human error. we heard it too many times. what are the govt going to do about it to minimize human error that has caused numerous fatal accidents in the country? are the authorities serious in tackling the issue once and for all?

4. Letter: KTMB must get its priorities right

YES ticketing is not a MAJOR problem NOW. It’s about refurbish & overhaul current train so that the passenger doesn’t have to transfer to another komuter like what happen NOW they have to JUMP from their Komuter onto the track (imagine children/pregnant ladies) then walk on the track and CLIMB into my Komuter thru the driver door *sigh

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