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This proposed expressway should be Petaling Jaya’s LRT or MRT line!

[Admin; TRANSIT has long objected to the proposed Kinrara Damansara Expressway, as you can see from this draft post which we created 2 years ago]

TRANSIT took note of the proposal to build an elevated expressway through the heart of Petaling Jaya.

TRANSIT opposes the expressway proposal and strongly recommends that the corridor be used to build a north-south rapid transit corridor, likely a monorail or LRT line. We expect that this would cost the same or less than the proposed expressway, occupy less visual space and obviously would not bring pollution on site.

Image showing the alignment of the Kinrara-Damansara expressway, proposed in Budget 2011.

As public transportation this corridor would connect with 4 public transport corridors (either existing/under construction)…the existing KTM Komuter line in PJ Old Town, the Kelana Jaya LRT Line at Taman Jaya, and the LRT extension in Kinrara and the MRT Line, both currently under construction. There is also the proposed Federal Highway Bus Rapid Transit corridor.

This has far greater connection potential than an expressway and will move 10 times as many people.


We see that cities across the world are in the process of taking down elevated expressways and improving their urban realms…while we in Malaysia are unfortunately looking at building more.

We have an opportunity here to build a lasting legacy for public transportation in Petaling Jaya…let’s not mess this up.

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Melaka monorail downtime is not a joke

TRANSIT took note of a few interesting articles from down in Malacca, where the Chief Minister appears to be making light of the embarrassing situation with the troublesome monorail.

TRANSIT is disappointed that the CM is not taking the problems of the monorail seriously. His suggestions that tourists are interested in coming to Malacca to see the broken down monorail are insulting and show a lack of respect for taxpayer money, which has been invested into this project.

At the same time, (or should we say, to make things worse) the CM is talking about expanding the monorail to provide service along Jalan Tun Ali in the backside area of Jalan Hang Tuah, the attempted new town centre / institutional zone for the city.

CM sees lighter side of Malacca monorail controversy (The Star)
Tuesday December 13, 2011

MALACCA: Despite the endless glitches that has struck the Malacca Tourist Monorail, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said there is a bright side to the issue.

“I know many quarters have criticised the monorail service due to the glitches but we are optimistic it will gain popularity once the flaws have been rectified.

“It has gained fame thanks to the media reports about the earlier problems,” he said, when officiating at the ground-breaking of the second phase of the service at Jalan Tun Mutahir here yesterday.

[TRANSIT: It has been said that there is no such thing as bad publicity … but that’s not quite true.]

Mohd Ali said the service had malfunctioned 27 times since its launch in October last year.

On the right track: Models posing next to a replica of the new Malacca Tourist Monorail coach that will begin services once the second phase has been completed in February 2013. Image courtesy of The Star.

“We almost made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for encountering countless breakdowns,” he quipped.

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Latest: Malacca monorail re-suspended (Update #1)

Update: The Malacca monorail will have a full time engineer from the China-based company that built the monorail!

TRANSIT took note of this article which states that the Malacca monorail service has once again been suspended by SPAD after the most recent service disruption.

The service had only resumed operations last weekend after an earlier 1 month shutdown caused by another service disruption.

Monorail in the cold again (The Star)
Wednesday November 30, 2011

MALACCA: The tourist monorail service connecting Taman Rempah to the Hang Tuah station has again been suspended due to safety de-fects – just days after it resumed service.

The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) ordered the service discontinued indefinitely from yesterday after finding the auto-mode function of the rail to be faulty.

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Malacca Monorail to run again – but only on days without rain (Update #3)

  • Update: Read an interesting letter from Esa Adam!
  • Update: The monorail service has been suspended again!
  • Update: No sooner had the service received the green light to resume operations (not in the rain though) the service has stalled again – when it was operated after a sudden rain shower!

TRANSIT took note of the recent announcement that the Melaka Monorail was permitted to resume operations as it had met almost all of the safety conditions set out by public transport regulator SPAD.

The Melaka Monorail operator Menara Taming Sari Sdn. Bhd. had been told to shut down the service on September 30, for a 30 day period after the latest service disruption that forced passengers to disembark from the train using a ladder.

The letter from Esa Adam:

The monorail saga continues (The Star)
Thursday December 1, 2011

THE Malacca monorail is in the limelight again but for the wrong reasons (The Star, Nov 30), just days after resuming service.

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Melaka tram project to “go legit”?

Some of our readers may have heard of the phrase “to go legit'” (legitimate).

One might think that the phrase “to go legit” refers to when criminal concerns (you know, mafia, gangsters, politicians) attempt to exit their life of “crime” and find legitimate ways to earn money. In some cases, to “go legit” actually refers to the laundering of money – investing the proceeds of criminal activity into non-criminal activity, in the hope of increasing the value of their wealth.

In this particular case we use the phrase “go legit” because it nicely describes the new attempt to help the questionable Melaka Tram project to find some sort of resolution with SPAD, within the confines of Malaysian Law.

Those who have followed our website know we have expressed our admiration for the enthusiasm of Melaka Chief Minister Mohd. Ali Rustam, but questioned his advisers for giving him poor advice on public transport.

The succession of incomplete or ineffective public transport “solutions” (like the monorail and the Aerorail) mooted by the CM have not inspired confidence. But TRANSIT has seen the improvements (even though we have serious questions about the Melaka Tram).

And so we wonder if Ali Rustam & Melaka public transport are “gonna make it” and that it “might work out fine this time.”

[TRANSIT: In case you were wondering, the quotes above refer to lyrics from a song, All Right by Christoper Cross]

Rail transport to ease congestion (The Star)
Thursday July 21, 2011
MALACCA: The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) has proposed a rail link to address the state’s infamous traffic congestion.

SPAD chairman Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar said a high volume of vehicles entering the city contributed to the bottleneck in the tourist city.

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Updates #61 (more bites on Melaka’s ‘snail-pace’ Monorail and Cheras’ new Shopping Haven!)

Updates #61

1. Article: Commuters want bus service to ply their area (The Star) – Teluk Intan residents are looking for a revival of bus service in Lower Perak.

TRANSIT: Perhaps someone should tell them there is no money to support a decent bus service because KL needs an MRT network.

2. Letter to Editor: Loyal commuter hopes KTM will be more considerate (Sinar Harian) – A loyal user of Seremban-Sg Buloh KTM Komuter service wrote on his frustrations over more than half-an-hour wait for a train to arrive, and for the significantly increased journey period spent per trip, which he squarely blamed on the introduction of the ETS Service from KL to Ipoh. The male writer wanted KTM to not only look at the women-only coach designation, but to improve capacity to combat overcrowding.

TRANSIT: We wonder what happened to the Alor Gajah-Batu Gajah bypass proposal, which should solve the problem of managing freight-commuter services. Now, we have the ETS (another hi-tech name for the typical Commuter EMU service), together with freight, diesel intercity and KTM Komuter. And in the GTP Roadmap, the government is looking for 5 minutes headway for KTM Komuter in the near future. Brouhaha!

Perhaps someone should tell the writer there is no need to support the existing Komuter service because, what he really need is a futuristic MRT service.

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Prasarana reveals info about upgrades to LRT stations

The media were all abuzz recently with Prasarana’s announcement of details about three upcoming/ongoing upgrade projects at LRT stations Masjid Jamek, Hang Tuah and Titiwangsa.

According to V. Ravinderan of Prasarana, the stations would be upgraded in the following manner:

Masjid Jamek – RM9 million, for:

  • relocating the existing ticketing counter room for the Ampang line;
  • raising part of the existing Concourse 1 to the level of the plaza floor;
  • providing facilities including toilets, surau and kiosks, facilities for the disabled such as link bridges (from Kelana Jaya to Ampang line stations), lifts, ramps and a chairlift, covered walkway from the station to the Jalan Melaka bus stop (opposite Standard Chartered Bank),

Titiwangsa – RM5 million for:

  • Fully-enclosed integration with the monorail station;
  • providing facilities such as additional lifts, a new waiting area, surau, ramps to the toilet for the disabled, queue boxes with tactiles and a chairlift at the existing pedestrian bridge.
  • Upgrading of ticketing and Touch ’n Go counters, as well as new LED and energy-saving light fittings and the refurbishment of existing toilets
Rendering of future Titiwangsa LRT/Monorail station courtesy of The Star.

Hang Tuah – RM8 million for:

  • integration of paid and unpaid areas of the Hang Tuah LRT (Ampang Line) and Hang Tuah Monorail stations;
  • A new lobby and ticketing counters at the Hang Tuah LRT station (Ampang line),
  • providing new kiosks and public facilities including an information counter, Touch ’n Go point of sales, a new facade, new extended roof, new LED lighting and energy-saving light fittings and upgrading of power supply.
  • The station platform will be widened from 3.5m to 8m;
  • Facilities for the disabled such as lifts, toilets, ramps, escalators and tactiles will also be installed.
Rendering of future Hang Tuah LRT/Monorail station courtesy of NST.

More information about the upgrades can be found at the following sites/articles:


Given that these three stations are major interchange stations on the LRT/Monorail network, we are happy to hear about these upgrades and improvements. Of course, we at TRANSIT are curious about the details of the plans, including floor plans and interior design, as well as timelines for the project.

So Prasarana, how about publishing more information about the project beyond the list of upgrades from your press statement and the 3 renders of the stations outside. Inquiring minds want to know what their public transport stations are going to look like when the project is finished.

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Malacca monorail almost ready (update #2)

  • Updated with a detailed brochure of the Malacca Monorail!
  • Updated with a new photo of the fully assembled Malacca Monorail train!

fully assembled Malacca Monorail train at station. Image courtesy of @tongtongmka at

TRANSIT notes that the proposed Malacca monorail, a 1.5 km, elevated line from Taman Rempah to Hang Tuah, is almost ready for operations.

Informative brochure about Malacca Monorail including route map - Image courtesy of Malacca Government & @Goliath_1984.

For a larger version of the above, please click here.

Informative brochure about Malacca Monorail including technical information about the train & stations - Image courtesy of Malacca Government & @Goliath_1984.

For a larger version of the above, please click here.

The gaps in the track have been completed and the badly-placed rails have been removed and replaced.

track sections of the Malacca monorail are replaced. Image courtesy of @Daeng_Jal at

The stations are almost complete:

Image of Taman Rempah station courtesy of @9MMRD at

Most importantly, the monorail train has arrived:

The Malacca Monorail train Image courtesy of @9MMRD at

With only 3 carriages, we wonder how it is supposed to carry the planned 80 passengers.


It’s cute…but it is definitely not the monorail that we thought it would be, based on the render:


A rendering of the Malacca monorail suggests a completely different monorail design from what was actually (below) built. Image courtesy of @Daeng_Jal at

Actual train

The Malacca monorail at Rempah Station. Image courtesy of @9MMRD at

We have to wonder what the ADUN and people of Malacca will think of the monorail that they actually got as compared to the monorail that was proposed.