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This proposed expressway should be Petaling Jaya’s LRT or MRT line!

[Admin; TRANSIT has long objected to the proposed Kinrara Damansara Expressway, as you can see from this draft post which we created 2 years ago] TRANSIT took note of the proposal to build an elevated expressway through the heart of Petaling Jaya. TRANSIT opposes the expressway proposal and strongly recommends that the corridor be used […]

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Melaka monorail downtime is not a joke

TRANSIT took note of a few interesting articles from down in Malacca, where the Chief Minister appears to be making light of the embarrassing situation with the troublesome monorail. TRANSIT is disappointed that the CM is not taking the problems of the monorail seriously. His suggestions that tourists are interested in coming to Malacca to […]

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Latest: Malacca monorail re-suspended (Update #1)

Update: The Malacca monorail will have a full time engineer from the China-based company that built the monorail! TRANSIT took note of this article which states that the Malacca monorail service has once again been suspended by SPAD after the most recent service disruption. The service had only resumed operations last weekend after an earlier […]

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Malacca Monorail to run again – but only on days without rain (Update #3)

Update: Read an interesting letter from Esa Adam! Update: The monorail service has been suspended again! Update: No sooner had the service received the green light to resume operations (not in the rain though) the service has stalled again – when it was operated after a sudden rain shower! TRANSIT took note of the recent […]

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Melaka tram project to “go legit”?

Some of our readers may have heard of the phrase “to go legit’” (legitimate). One might think that the phrase “to go legit” refers to when criminal concerns (you know, mafia, gangsters, politicians) attempt to exit their life of “crime” and find legitimate ways to earn money. In some cases, to “go legit” actually refers […]

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Updates #61 (more bites on Melaka’s ‘snail-pace’ Monorail and Cheras’ new Shopping Haven!)

Updates #61 1. Article: Commuters want bus service to ply their area (The Star) – Teluk Intan residents are looking for a revival of bus service in Lower Perak. TRANSIT: Perhaps someone should tell them there is no money to support a decent bus service because KL needs an MRT network. 2. Letter to Editor: […]

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Prasarana reveals info about upgrades to LRT stations

The media were all abuzz recently with Prasarana’s announcement of details about three upcoming/ongoing upgrade projects at LRT stations Masjid Jamek, Hang Tuah and Titiwangsa. According to V. Ravinderan of Prasarana, the stations would be upgraded in the following manner: Masjid Jamek – RM9 million, for: relocating the existing ticketing counter room for the Ampang […]

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Malacca monorail almost ready (update #2)

Updated with a detailed brochure of the Malacca Monorail! Updated with a new photo of the fully assembled Malacca Monorail train! fully assembled Malacca Monorail train at station. Image courtesy of @tongtongmka at TRANSIT notes that the proposed Malacca monorail, a 1.5 km, elevated line from Taman Rempah to Hang Tuah, is almost ready […]