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Updates #84

Updates #84 1. Article: Puduraya area almost free of ticket scalping (Malay Mail, 5 Mail 2011) 2. Article: Terminal Bas ala KL Sentral – discusses a proposal to revamp the Terminal One bus terminal in Seremban to make it more like KL Sentral. [TRANSIT: The irony here being that KL Sentral was never designed as […]

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Updates #78

Updates #78 1. Article: One passenger killed, six seriously injured in bus-lorry crash (Malay Mail, 20 March 2011) – A passenger was killed while six others were seriously injured when their bus was involved in an accident with two lorries at Km341.9 North South Expressway early today. This article, Injured man in bus crash killed […]

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Check out London’s newest ‘Red Bus’

TRANSIT learned recently that the “New Routemaster” double decker bus design has been unveiled at the London Transport Museum‘s Acton Depot. The new bus by Wrightbus was chosen as part of a design contest to revive the much loved London Routemaster double decker bus and eliminate articulated (“bendy”) buses – a campaign pledge of current […]

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TRANSIT likes maps – they tell us so much about a public transport system (Update #2)

Update: TRANSIT received a message from Eddie Jabbour, designer of the Kickmap, recently, which is as follows: On Dec 7th there is going to be a NYC Subway Map “Form vs. Function” forum which the KickMap will be a part of. See: Are there any readers in the New York City area interested […]

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Mishaps prove unfriendly bus halt design can be fatal

A bus driver was detained after the stage bus that he drove crushed a disembarking elderly woman passenger to death at Tanjung Malim bus station on 31 May 2010.  A witness was reported by Sinar Harian described the accident as gruesome, as the victim was spotted to be nervously supporting herself on the side of […]

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London Calling (Part 2): London introduces new version of iconic Routemaster bus

On 17 May 2010 the City of London unveiled the ‘Routemaster 2.0’ a new version of the iconic ‘Routemaster’ double-decker bus. Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who is the Chair of Transport for London (the quasi-government organizing & ownership authority for transport in London), proposed a new ‘Routemaster’ design as part of his election campaign, […]

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Vancouver SkyTrain featured in Railway Interiors Magazine

TRANSIT notes that the latest version of the Vancouver SkyTrain, (which uses the same Advanced Rapid Transit Mark II trains from Bombardier as the Kelana Jaya line) has been featured in the Railway Interiors International Magazine. Information about the Railway Interiors International Magazine can be found here. An online version of the magazine, including the […]