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London Calling (Part 2): London introduces new version of iconic Routemaster bus

On 17 May 2010 the City of London unveiled the ‘Routemaster 2.0’ a new version of the iconic ‘Routemaster’ double-decker bus. Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who is the Chair of Transport for London (the quasi-government organizing & ownership authority for transport in London), proposed a new ‘Routemaster’ design as part of his election campaign, […]

Mass Transit (LRT/MRT/METRO) TRANSIT - Commentary

My City Moves Me (the Art of Public Transport)

TRANSIT members have¬†always felt that public transport was more than just engineering and technology. We have always believed that transport itself was about communications – bringing people and ideas together. Public transport is often mundane and frustrating for some people but for others it can be a great source of inspiration. This video by Kristopher […]