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Vancouver SkyTrain featured in Railway Interiors Magazine

TRANSIT notes that the latest version of the Vancouver SkyTrain, (which uses the same Advanced Rapid Transit Mark II trains from Bombardier as the Kelana Jaya line) has been featured in the Railway Interiors International Magazine.

Information about the Railway Interiors International Magazine can be found here.

An online version of the magazine, including the report itself can be seen here.

Finally, a photo of the interior of the latest ART Mark II Trains for SkyTrain, courtesy of the Buzzer Blog is below.

photo of the interior of ART Mark II trains courtesy of Buzzer Blog.


Public transport is a public environment used by so many different people for so many hours of the day. It is vital that these people have a chance to share an attractive, well-designed space that is comfortable and safe.

We are happy to read that Vancouver’s ART Mark II has been highlighted and perhaps RapidKL can learn about giving the public the chance to give feedback and designing public transport from the user’s perspective.

Those who have an interest in interior design may be interested in the Railway Interiors Expo Asia which will be held in Hong Kong in November 2010.

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