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Updates #78

Updates #78

1. Article: One passenger killed, six seriously injured in bus-lorry crash (Malay Mail, 20 March 2011) – A passenger was killed while six others were seriously injured when their bus was involved in an accident with two lorries at Km341.9 North South Expressway early today. This article, Injured man in bus crash killed while rescuing passengers (The Star) has more details as well as some disturbing photos.

Sahad @ Shariff Md Din was earlier travelling with his family and other passengers when the bus they were in crashed into a lorry.

The 74-year-old who was helping the injured victims was flung into a ravine and killed when the stalled bus got hit a second time at KM341.9 of the North-South Expressway near Bidor by a container lorry.

Mangled wreckage: An expressway staff and a tow truck worker checking the damage on the bus near Bidor Sunday. Image courtesy of The Star.
Words of comfort: A policeman keeping a victim company as firemen fight to free her from under the wreckage of the express bus at KM341.9 of the North-South Expressway Sunday. Image courtesy of The Star.


2. Article: All set to soar uphill Handover of refurbished funicular train today (Star Metro North, 19 March 2011) – An update on the handover of the refurbished Penang Hill Railway to the Penang Hill Corporation. It is expected that the service will restart in April 2011.

One of the new Penang Hill trams - image courtesy of The Star.

3. Article: Promote pedestrian malls as tourism products (The Star, 21 March 2011) – Suggestions to use pedestrian malls to promote tourism in Perak.

4. Article: Perak Govt meeting contractor to get project back on track (The Star, 24 March 2011) – The Perak Govt will meet the contractor of the Electrification & Double Tracking project from Ipoh to Padang Besar to see if they can get the project back on track (pardon the pun). This was in response to a statement from the Minister of Transport that the EDT project might be delayed by up to 1 year, until late 2014.

[TRANSIT: For those who are interested, a table showing station facilities along the expansion route is available here.]

5. Article: Get your design on a bus (25 March 2011) – RapidPenang is having a design competition. More info at

6. Letter: Adding buses is a more flexible solution (The Star, 25 march 2011) – S.K. Lim of Petaling Jaya questions the projected billions to be spent on MRT and wonders if improving the bus system would be a better & more flexible solution.

7. Hotline Story: Prasarana clarifies leak in LRT train (Malay Mail, 23 March 2011) – Prasarana again responds to the question of a possible leak on a train of the Kelana Jaya Line. [TRANSIT: We still think that the ‘leak’ was probably condensation along the air conditioning vents inside the train, but it is still up to Prasarana to examine all possibilities before ruling anything out.]

2 replies on “Updates #78”

Some Malaysians just never learn their lessons, aren’t they?? Unfortunately, some of such tragic accident cases are not fully the driver’s fault. For example, I have a friend who work as a despatch boy and he has to rush his delivery which is literally hundreds of parcels per day among various different locations in Klang Valley on his motorcycle only. Sometimes the weather is scorching hot and sometimes is raining cats and dogs. His superior don’t want to listen to his so called “nonsensical” reasons no matter what kind of accidents he used to involved himself in. He used to discuss the matter of workload with his superior but unfortunately his superior always blame him and accused him of being incompetent. You see, these employers they want their workers to work beyonf their “maximum” capabilities but ignore their wellbeings, safety or health. He used to rush the delivery until he fell off from his motorcycle because of very heavy rain with slippery road. He got bruises here and there, but he still have to rush back to his office on the next day and continue his delivery. I told him to change job but he claimed with his academy qualifications, it will be an impossible task to change job. In other words, these unscruplous and inhumane employers always think about themselves only, the benefits and wellbeings of their employees are BULLSHIT. As long as we (employers) have meet the minimum requirement of our labour law, too hell with other safety issues and wellbeings of our employees and I pay them wages/salary and they must literally work to death. This is reality and tragedy too. Same things happen to many bus drivers or vehicle drivers who are either stupid enough to take drugs while driving because of family and work pressures or because of these heartless and inhumane employers who only want to get the work done and care nothing but shit for the employees. Worse still, taking the advantage of my friends difficulties to switch job, his employers abused his right outright!!

The summary is many employers make use the advantage of overmaximise and abusing many commercial vehicle drivers and commercial delivery man just because they know these people with low academic qualifications are very hard to switch job and they just have to take orders from their employers like ancient slaves. Hence, it always have nothing but tragic outcome like all these road accidents that involves many innocent lives and etc. 😦

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