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Updates #84

Updates #84

1. Article: Puduraya area almost free of ticket scalping (Malay Mail, 5 Mail 2011)

Express bus passengers at a spacious, well-lit Puduraya. Image courtesy of The Malay Mail.

2. Article: Terminal Bas ala KL Sentral – discusses a proposal to revamp the Terminal One bus terminal in Seremban to make it more like KL Sentral.

[TRANSIT: The irony here being that KL Sentral was never designed as a bus terminal. Let’s hope they can do better with Terminal One!]

3. Letter: Kad Rabbit ticketing system as good as cash (The Star, 5 May 2011) – Mohamed Hazlan Mohamed Hussain, director of Prasarana’s bus division, responds to complaint about RapidKL’s new bus ticketing system.

4. Article: Rapid bus service ridership up by nearly 75 per cent (NST, 2 May 2011) – discusses ridership growth in the four RapidBET routes.

5. Blog posting Bus signage can be beautiful (Human Transit) – an interesting blog post from Human Transit about the value of information on bus signage – something that we need to learn about in Malaysia.

6. Federal Territories Minister Raja Nong Chik comments on Puduraya and congestion issues in these two articles:

7. Article: Convenient way to see Putrajaya (The Star, 7 May 2011) – Putrajaya Bus Operator Nadi Putra is offering a “Best of Putrajaya” bus tour for RM1. There are three “photo stops” where tourists can take photos of Taman Putra Perdana, Seri Warisan Bridge and the Boulevard.

8. Article: Joy ride on the ETS gets better (The Star, 7 May 2011) – More information on the new packages for the ETS and future discounts.

9. Article: Eight hurt in bus crash (The Star, 4 May 2011).

10. Article: Bus service hours resumed after assault issue resolved (The Star, 2 May 2011)

11. Letter: Faster train service, please (The Star, 5 May 2011) – Dr. A Soorian of Seremban comments on the call for a revival of the Seremban-Port Dickson railway, saying that that improved public transport links between KL & Seremban are needed first.

3 replies on “Updates #84”

I hope Malaysia bus signage can be that beautiful too. Consistent, accurate and beautiful!!

Moaz, We have an article in NST today that SPAD is planning for barrier-dedicated bus lane in selected roads and areas. Do you have any further info?


Thanks for the update. If you can send a link that would be great.

Regarding the proposal, we only know that SPAD is looking at building bus rapid transit on various routes throughout the Klang Valley and these routes will be part of the Greater KL masterplan.

Beyond that, we don’t know anything specific (e.g. about routes, technology, number of stations, etc) at the moment and will have to chase after SPAD for more info.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

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