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Updates #77

Updates #77 1. Article: KLCC cabs not under SPAD (Free Malaysia Today, 14 March 2011) – The Land Public Transport Commission has no power over taxis and entrance fees for KLCC as it is private land, says Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz. 2. Letter: Taiping railway station: Build new station near […]

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MRT Update: AWER tells DoE to reject EIA from ERE for KVMRT (SBK)

TRANSIT woke up this morning and decided to confuse as many people as possible by using as many acronyms as possible in one post heading. We have already done this in the past (for fun), but once the GTP and ETP were introduced, we felt that they really raised the bar on acronym use so […]

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Learning the lessons of Curitiba

TRANSIT has noted that the Land Public Transport Commission is going to use best practices of successful railway systems in other countries in the development of the MRT line. TRANSIT hopes that the Land Public Transport Commission will see beyond the MRT line and look at Best Practices for all types of public transport. For […]

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Proposal for “Sunday no-car zones” for Penang (Update #1)

Update: A more detailed article, “Penang mulling over No-car Zone” can be found in Star Metro North section. It also includes more photos of the Colours of Malaysia Lantern Bicycle Night Ride and Competition TRANSIT took note of this very interesting article, in which Lydia Ong Kok Fooi (EXCO member & Youth, Sports, Women, Family […]

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ERL “goes green” and goes “LO-CO2”

TRANSIT takes note that Express Rail Link Sdn. Bhd. has posted some information on their website reflecting their committment towards public transport as an energy efficient and environmentally friendly, Low CO2 (“LO-CO”) way to move people around. This message has been used by other public transport agencies such as RapidPenang, but sadly RapidKL has not managed to take […]

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Comment: Stuck with dirty diesel (The Star)

TRANSIT has been following the introduction of new petrol and diesel standards to the market with great interest – because cleaner fuels mean cleaner buses, lower emissions, more efficiency (and lower costs) and they are better for the environment! Stuck with dirty diesel (The Star) Friday September 11, 2009 WHY NOT? BY WONG SAI WAN […]