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New Ampang Line trains introduced (update 1)

Prasarana and RAPIDKL will be introducing the new Ampang line trains at 3 pm on Thursday, February 27th.

Click on the links below for images of the trains.


This article by is one of many with details about the new trains which will begin arrival in Malaysia in September 2014.

The important details:

*50 units of 6-car trains designed and built by CAR Zhuzhou (which also built the “Six Car Set” for KTM Komuter)
*30 of these trains will replace the trains currently used on the Ampang line … which are only entering their 20th year (generally train carriages are expected to last approximately 30 years … Although the measurement is really based on kilometers traveled rather than time in service)
*20 of the trains will be used on the Ampang line extension when it opens in 2016
*The trains will have open gangway allowing passengers to walk between all the cars (as compared to the 3 pairs of cars in the current trains) spreading out the passenger load

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Proposed feeder bus routes for the Ampang and Kelana Jaya LRT extensions. Comments welcomed!

TRANSIT took note of the following proposed feeder bus routes for the Ampang and Kelana Jaya LRT extensions. All pictures are courtesy of @TWK90.

Proposed bus routes of RapidKL from stations on the LRT extension

Taken from LRT Extension open day in Sunway Pyramid

Ampang line extension

Kelana Jaya line extension


We would like to thank @TWK90 for the photos. Check back here for comments on the proposed routes.

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LRT-LRT ticketing integration begins today, 28 November 2011 (Update #1)

Update: This article from the NST describes a smooth transition to the new integrated ticketing system!

TRANSIT took note of the news that LRT – LRT ticketing integration will begin on 28 November 2011.

Of course, the LRT-LRT ticketing integration is not really that big a deal. And unfortunately, customers will not benefit from a reduction in the fares, which still reflect the old system where the STAR & PUTRA line were operated by separate companies and transferring from one LRT to the other required the passenger to pay a new “starting fare” because they were making a “new” trip.

In case you are wondering, the starting fares are:

Kelana Jaya Line – RM0.70 or RM1.00 (for the underground sections)
Ampang/Sri Petaling Line – RM0.70, RM1.00 and RM1.20.
KL Monorail – RM1.20
KTM Komuter – RM1.00

A person transferring between the Ampang Line and Kelana Jaya line making only a 2-station journey (say, from Psara Seni to Bandaraya via Masjid Jamek) would pay RM2.20 for their fare. RM2.10 would take you from Kelana Jaya to KL Sentral & Pasar Seni, and RM2.30 from Kelana Jaya to Masjid Jamek!

Is that a fair fare?

What fare integration does involve is the construction of a newly designed station arcade at Masjid Jamek as well as the launch of new Ticket Vending Machines that will allow the integration of LRT-LRT fares.

Now, let us have a “TRANSIT moment”, where we look at a significant improvement to public transport and still find a way to complain.

Oh, wait, we already did complain about starting fares above. So let’s “complain” again, by pointing out the fact that the integration of LRT fares has taken more than 7 years to complete. In contrast, when the government of Hong Kong forced the merger of the MTR & KCR railway systems, under the MTR Banner, fare integration was complete in 7 months!

We know public transport is moving forward – we just want to move forward faster, and further and further away from the “bad old days” of the past (like, 2004-2010)

Full integration of LRT ticketing system from today (NST)
28 November 2011

SYARIKAT Prasarana Negara Bhd (Prasarana), the operator of Klang Valley’s two LRT lines, is implementing a full ticketing integration of the RapidKL Kelana Jaya Line and Ampang Line today — two days earlier than its actual schedule.

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LRT Update: Prasarana issues international tender for 20 Ampang Line trains. TRANSIT: What features would you like in your new trains?

TRANSIT took note of the following information, an international tender for 20 Ampang line trains to service the LRT extension.


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Extended LRT and monorail services for football match

Prasarana has announced that there will be extended monorail and LRT services for the upcoming Malaysia-Singapore football match.

Extended LRT and monorail services for football matchKUALA LUMPUR: RapidKL will be extending the operation hours of all its rail services in anticipation of an expected increased in traffic for the second leg World Cup qualifying clash between Malaysia and Singapore tomorrow.

Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad (Prasarana) media manager Azhar Ghazali said the LRT Ampang line, which runs directly to Bukit Jalil, will be extending its services until 12.30am while the LRT Kelana Jaya line and the KL Monorail will be extended until 1am.

The extension for the Kelana Jaya line, however, is only for entry at Masjid Jamek. For KL Monorail, it would be for entry at Hang Tuah station.

Azhar said that under normal operations, the rail services would conclude at 11.45pm.

Prasarana is the operator of LRT, KL Monorail and RapidKL bus services.

Azhar also advised fans to purchase return journey tickets to avoid long queues after the match.

“We will be opening special counters to sell return journey tickets from 3pm on Thursday at our interchange stations at Masjid Jamek, Hang Tuah and Bandar Tasek Selatan,” he said. — Bernama


No word about extended bus services, though we know that buses could be used to speed people back to their destinations in a service similar to the Expressway Rapid Transit. Wouldn’t that help to discourage people from driving to Bukit Jalil? Especially when they may already be worried that the LRT & Monorail may be crowded – and accessing the services possibly inconvenient.

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LRT Update: Kelana Jaya LRT extension ’80 per cent approved’ – nearly 2 years later

TRANSIT took note of some recent articles on the LRT extension projects which state that the local governments have more or less agreed to the Kelana Jaya and Ampang LRT extensions.

However, TRANSIT notes that some of the issues regarding the LRT extension routes continue to crop up – either they were not properly resolved, or certain people are just not happy with the resolution.

As always, TRANSIT reminds our readers that there are many sides to every story. In this case, look for at least 4 sides.

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Updates #91

Updates #91

1. Letter: ‘Satu Malaysia’ actively at work on board Komuter (The Star, 23 June 2011) – David Chin of Seremban comments on the actions of KTM staff and passengers to help a passenger in distress.

2. Article: Metered executive taxis at Skypark (NST, 23 June 2011) – Metered executive taxis can now be found at Subang Airport.

[TRANSIT: The next step is shuttle buses. Are you listening, Firefly, KTMB and RapidKL?]

3. Letter: Taxis: Level playing field to beat touts (NST, 23 June 2011) – Anand Krishnan of KL comments on the continuing issue of taxi touting at KLIA.

4. Letter: KL Sentral needs more than a lift and a staircase (The Star, 23 June 2011) – Achee Karuppiah of KL complains about the access between KL Sentral and the bus area below.

5. Article: Part of Sg Besi airport land allocated for property development: PM (The Star, 23 June 2011) – Part of the Sg. Besi airport lands will be allocated for property development according to the Prime Minister. TRANSIT wants it to be clear that the development also includes connections to KTM Komuter as well as to the KLIA Transit service (at the south end) and MRT connections at the north end.

6. Letter: Show some action, LPTC (The Star, 24 June 2011) – YS Chan of KL argues that SPAD / LPTC needs to be more proactive.

7. Hotline: Misled into missing bus (The Malay Mail, 24 June 2011) – J. Jivani of JB complains about a miscommunication from Plusliner which resulted in her missing her bus.

8. Letter: LRT plan a boon for Puchong folk(The Star, 25 June 2011) – Business Onwer of Puchong writes in favour of the proposed LRT extension. However, BK3 resident of Puchong expresses a concern about the location of LRT station number 5 and asks that the guideway be realigned.

9. Letter: Build tracks underground (NST, 27 June 2011) – a letter about the MRT, as well as a complaint about the new 3-months public display for the Ampang LRT extension, and a complaint about the toilets at Bandar Tasik Selatan ITT

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Occasional closure of ‘shortcut’ bridge at Ampang LRT station generates complaints

TRANSIT took note of this interesting hotline story sharing passenger complaints about the availability of the ‘shortcut’ bridge at Ampang LRT station.

The retractable ‘shortcut’ bridge is used to connect the concourse area of the Ampang LRT station to the ‘island’ platform. As such it passes over a section of live track (referred to as Track 2). When the bridge is retracted, customers must climb the stairs to access the platform as there are no lifts or escalators at Ampang LRT station.

Since service on the Ampang line spur is relatively infrequent (6 minutes between trains during peak hours, 14 minutes daytime, and 18 minutes off peak), the ‘shortcut’ is usually available. However, in some cases trains are parked on track 2 and occasionally, active trains are using track 2.

‘Shortcut’ woes at Ampang LRT (Malay Mail)

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

CLOSED: The bridge being pulled back to allow train to be 'parked'. Image courtesy of The Malay Mail.

WITH the increasing clamour for public transport facilities to be made more user-friendly, especially for the disabled, elderly and pregnant women among others, we find, once again, such a facility apparently doing the opposite.

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Prasarana seeks feedback on revised Ampang LRT extension railway scheme (Public Display from 27 May 2011 – 27 August 2011) -Update #1

Udpate: Updated with a map showing the area to be adjusted!

Syraikat Prasarana Negara Berhad (Prasarana), the custodian for (some of) the public transport system in the Klang Valley and Penang, has issued the following press release about the 3 months public display for the proposed amendment to the routing for the Ampang LRT line extension – including a relocation of the proposed depot from Kg. Sri Aman to Kg. Kuala Sg. Baru (just across the Klang River) – which begins on 27 May 2011.

The LRT extension route showing the area with the proposed adjustments to the railway scheme - specifically the location of the depot. Image courtesy of

Click here for a larger version of the image above.

Public Display for the Proposed Amended Section of the Ampang Line LRT Extension ( / Bernama)
Kuala Lumpur, 26 May 2011:

Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad (Prasarana) – the custodian of public transportation system for the Klang Valley – is seeking feedback from members of the public over the revised proposed alignment of the Ampang (AG) Line LRT extension project.

The revised proposed alignment would be displayed to the public for comments for a period of three months; beginning tomorrow (May 27), according to a statement by Prasarana.

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Kudos to professional drivers, no matter the gender

TRANSIT took note of this article in the Star featuring two female public transport operators employed by RapidKL. And while we appreciate the feature (as it will encourage more women to consider public transport as a potential career path), we also wish to point out that we are impressed by the positive attitude displayed by Faridha and Norhayati.

Also, this article gives the public transport user an opportunity to see things from the perspective of the operator – a useful way to put ourselves in their shoes.

Two women take pride in being bus and LRT train drivers (The Star)
Saturday May 14, 2011

IT IS not a common sight to see a woman driving a big bus — a public bus, none the least.

But for RapidKL bus driver Faridha Begham, driving a bus around the city is part and parcel of her everyday life.

In spite of working in a male-dominated industry, she believes she performs as good as the male drivers.

While other women are contented with regular office jobs, she chose to take on a physically demanding job.

Driving enthusiast: Faridha developed a love for large vehicles when she was young. Image courtesy of The Star.