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Updates #77

Updates #77

1. Article: KLCC cabs not under SPAD (Free Malaysia Today, 14 March 2011) – The Land Public Transport Commission has no power over taxis and entrance fees for KLCC as it is private land, says Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz.

Taxis at KLCC. Image courtesy of FMT.

2. Letter: Taiping railway station: Build new station near current site (NST, 19 March 2011) – W.A.R. of Puchong agrees that the old Taiping railway station can be converted to a museum, but argues that the new Taiping railway station should be built at Taiping instead of the proposed site at Pondok Tanjung.

3. Letter: Removing green lung not the way to go (The Star, 14 March 2011) – BK 3 Resident of Puchong comments on the LRT extension.

4. Article: Cost-saving move for taxi drivers (The Star, 14 March 2011) – The Ipoh City Taxi Operators Association are happy now that they finally have government approval to convert their taxis to natural gas vehicles (NGV).

5. Article: Touts call it an ‘extension’ of BTS bus terminal services (Malay Mail, 15 March 2011) – certain public transport touts continue to operate at Bukit Jalil despite the fact that all buses are required to shift to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan at Bandar Tasik Selatan. The touts (and the companies they are involved with) are attempting to take advantage of uninformed public transport users.

6. Article: Joint patrols to ensure safety of LRT passengers (The Star, 18 March 2011) – the PDRM and Auxiliary Police will be making increased uniformed patrols of the LRT system. The picture below, from the Malay Mail article on the same subject, shows the Selangor CPO on the Ampang LRT.

DOWN WITH THE PEOPLE: Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah in the LRT to Ampang Jaya while interacting with passengers about safety measures. Pic: Sharul Hafiz Zam (Malay Mail)

7. Article: Driver in express bus crash that killed 10 called to enter defence (The Star, 18 March 2011) – Relates to a crash at KM 280 of the PLUS Highway near Jelapang, Perak on 26 December 2009, that killed 10 passengers.

8. Article: Electric cars to hit the roads by June (The Star, 18 March 2011) – The Road Transport Department is in the process of approving regulations for electric cars.

9. Article: Country’s longest truck unveiled at launch (The Star, 18 March 2011) – The country’s longest truck, at 23m or the length of almost eight Perodua Kancils, is a Scania R 500 “B-Double” transporting LPG cylinders from Kuala Lumpur and Malacca.

The behemoth, powered by a Scania V8 prime mover, has taken over the coveted position from an 18m-long Scania truck which transports Jet A1 fuel for national oil corporation Petronas.

No easy task: A policeman watches as the behemoth - which is the country’s longest truck at 25m - makes its way into the premises of Pusaka Gas during the launch. Image courtesy of The Star.

TRANSIT: If the Road Transport Department can allow 18m and 25m long ‘road-trains’ of lorries, they can certainly allow 18m articulated ‘trailer’ (or 24m bi-articulated) buses for mainline bus routes.

5 replies on “Updates #77”

SURPRISE!! SURPRISE!! Our (Malaysian) government did it again!!! This is like I allow these people to carry out prostitution/vice activities/crime activities in private premises and you have no right at all to take actions against it just because it happens within a private property. What kind of nonsence and B*******T is this????


Thanks for the link. However, we should point out that taxis in Malaysia are not permitted to refuse passengers or overcharge either. The laws are very clear, but the issue is enforcment – and people standing up for the regulations.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Hi William

The penalty, assuming that someone could be caught, convicted and punished, would have been the standard RM300 fine in the past, and possible (but unlikely) loss of permit.

Unlikely because the permit is probably owned by someone who is not the driver, and “taking away the driver’s livelihood would cause undue suffering” etc etc.

In theory, SPAD has revised the expectations and regulations (including fines) related to taxi drivers.

For further information, read the Pengangkutan Awam Darat (PAD) Act – it’s the source of all current and relevant legislation on land public transport.

You can also read the SPAD Act – the Act which created SPAD and outlines its authority and responsibilities.

If you see any taxi drivers or public transport operators flouting the rules, contact SPAD. The contact info is also posted at the left side of our website at all times.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

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