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Keretapi Sarong on Feb 25th is Malaysia’s lighthearted answer to “No Pants Subway” (Update #1)

Update: Check out pictures of Keretapi Sarong here! Read this article about Keretapi Sarong in the NST, here. And we just had to reproduce these two pictures on our site: TRANSIT took note of this interesting article about Keretapi Sarong, an event taking place on February 25th that will be Malaysia’s lighthearted answer to No […]

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Has KL reached ‘peak car’ yet? Will we be ready when it happens?

The term “Peak oil” refers to the impact of three very significant economic laws, namely: The Law of Increasing Returns to Scale tells us that a company or organization that increases the scale of its operations & activities will reduce average costs and increase revenues and profits; The Law of Increasing Relative Costs tells us […]

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Update: Finally, SPAD is in charge (Update #1)

Updated with SPAD’s Organizational Structure and comments & feedback from TRANSIT! TRANSIT noted this very interesting article which indicates that the Land Public Transport Commission is now the only authority for land public transport in Peninsular Malaysia. Ok, technically it will assume the duties on Monday, Enforcement officers will be in place starting on Sunday, […]

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Updates #65

Updates #65 1. Article: Initiative to increase ridership (The Star) – a continuation of The Star’s updates on government investment through the Government Transformation Programme 2. Hotline Story: No refund for lost or stolen Rapidpass (Malay Mail) – details the experience of Kokila of KL who lost her Rapidpass TnG but was informed that Touch […]

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Courtesy on Public Transport – Part II

A short time ago we presented a courtesy poster campaign from the Tokyo Metro. Today, TRANSIT shares a link to an E-article that refers to a courtesy campaign on the Delhi Metro. Will we learn to behave? (Hindustan Times) TRANSIT Says: The concept of courtesy on public transport is a very important one.  Mass-transit & […]