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Updates #65

Updates #65

1. Article: Initiative to increase ridership (The Star) – a continuation of The Star’s updates on government investment through the Government Transformation Programme

2. Hotline Story: No refund for lost or stolen Rapidpass (Malay Mail) – details the experience of Kokila of KL who lost her Rapidpass TnG but was informed that Touch ‘n’ Go treats Rapidpass TnG as a separate service. Apparently, Rapidpass TnG and regular TnG are subject to different conditions and expectations.

3. Hotline Story: Parking rate too expensive (Malay Mail) – Lynette of Taman Bamboo complains about the hourly cost of parking at KTM Komuter stations along the new Sentul-Batu Caves extension.

4. Hotline Story: Cab driver who turned ‘violent’ (Malay Mail) – a description of a complaint from Shia of Puchong who alleges intimidation by a taxi driver at IOI Mall.

5. Letter: Take action to reduce bus accidents (The Star) – KAS of Shah Alam comments on the recent bus collisions and the use of high-deck or double deck buses on Malaysian highways.

6. Letter: Huge sum to spend on MRT project (The Star) – JW of Kuala Terengganu expresses concerns over the anticipated RM36 billion price of the MRT project and suggests that investing in upgrades to the existing system would be more effective.

7. Letter: Public also to blame for public transport woes (The Star) – Ravivarma Rao of JB comments on the behaviours of public transport users and how it can make service worse.

8.Article: Komtar Bus Terminal upgrading works to end in Feb (The Star) – upgrading works at the Komtar terminal in Penang which began in December 2010 will continue until February 2011.

9. Article:Bottleneck blamed on bus passengers (NST Streets-Johor) – complaints about a bottleneck caused by the parking of “Causeway Link” buses in an unofficial terminal were acknowledged, then dismissed by representatives from Handal Indah Sdn. Bhd. (operator of Causeway Link services) who claim that the main source of the congestion is caused by bus passengers who park in the area.

One reply on “Updates #65”

I hope it was the reporter, not the minister, who stated the start date of the ETS wrong.

The total ridership figures do not mean anything. At 120,648 passengers for 112 days between August 11 and November 30, that only translates into barely 30.8% of train capacity per trip. (Assuming 10 trips daily at 350 capacity)

Breaking in down further, the Ipoh-KL segment is somewhat lower, carrying at 24.8% capacity per trip. But the single return trip to Seremban daily at 6,829 total passengers only resulted in 61 passengers a day, or 8.7% of the train capacity!

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