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Courtesy on Public Transport – Part II

A short time ago we presented a courtesy poster campaign from the Tokyo Metro. Today, TRANSIT shares a link to an E-article that refers to a courtesy campaign on the Delhi Metro.

Will we learn to behave? (Hindustan Times)


The concept of courtesy on public transport is a very important one.  Mass-transit & public transport bring many people together in a small area to move them from one place to another.

In the use of that shared space there can be many advantages…and there is also potential for many problems.

The recent H1N1 Epidemic (which will be facing a 2nd wave coming soon) is a reminder that public transport is a place where hygiene & courtesy are very important.

TRANSIT has done our best to remind passengers and operators about hygiene. Sadly, the level of effort and attention from the operators seems to have dropped as public concern over the H1N1 epidemic has decreased.

But courtesy is another thing in public transport that requires constant attention and creative solutions. While Malaysians have been accused of having little courtesy when it comes to public transport, we at TRANSIT know that this is not always true.

But we know that it can always be better.

What do you think?

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