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Keretapi Sarong on Feb 25th is Malaysia’s lighthearted answer to “No Pants Subway” (Update #1)

  • Update: Check out pictures of Keretapi Sarong here!
  • Read this article about Keretapi Sarong in the NST, here.

And we just had to reproduce these two pictures on our site:

The youngest participant at Keretapi Sarong. Image courtesy of Weiwen On
A group photo of participants at Keretapi Sarong. Image courtesy of Weiwen On

TRANSIT took note of this interesting article about Keretapi Sarong, an event taking place on February 25th that will be Malaysia’s lighthearted answer to No Pants Subway, a flashmob activity related to public transport.

Keretapi Sarong to chug through (The Star)

Wednesday February 22, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR: Expect hundreds of people dressed in colourful sarongs to flock to trains in the city on Saturday.

Keretapi Sarong is an event inspired by No Pants Subway, a flashmob which, in 2009, organised 1,200 New Yorkers to ride the subway without wearing pants in a snow storm.

The event is organised by RandomAlphabets (RA), a non-profit organisation that puts together event-based projects in and around Kuala Lumpur.

The Keretapi Sarong poster that can be seen all around Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. Image courtesy of The Star.

“Our objective is simply to bring people together and have fun,” said Zain HD, 28, who spearheads RA.

Participants are encouraged to write their “sarong stories” on a piece of A4 paper and hold it up during the event.

Keretapi Sarong’s catchphrase, “Every sarong has a story, what’s yours?”, is meant to encourage people to communicate in different ways.

“Observers can take pictures, smile or wave at participants,” Zain said.

A participant with her ‘sarong story’. Image courtesy of The Star.

“It is a very simple, low-commitment way to communicate.”

These “sarong stories” will also be posted on the Keretapi Sarong official website ( as well as RA’s Facebook page.

In the website, Gaelle Linard, 26, took a photo of herself donning a blue sarong, coupled with a large smile.

Her sarong story is a sign that reads “Now I’m Malaysian. (Who cares I’m only a Minah Salleh.)”

Sufri holding a sign to explain why he would be joining the event. Image courtesy of The Star.

In another photo, a blank-faced Sufri Safuan, 24, clad in a green sarong, holds a sign that says “My boss made me do this.”

Keretapi Sarong is scheduled for 4pm on Saturday. The venue will be announced on the website today.

RA’s first project, the KL Freeze in Unison at Lot 10 and Pavilion in April 2008, attracted over 1,000 participants.

Since then, RA has put together projects such as the KL Chapter World Pillow Fight Day at 1 Utama in Selangor and the Glee Flashmob Dance at Gardens, Mid Valley in Kuala Lumpur.

“Previously, we got publicity for our events through the newspapers and radio. What’s different about Keretapi Sarong is that we are printing posters to reach out to a crowd that may not have access to the Internet and other media,” Zain said.

The posters can be seen all around Taman Tun Dr Ismail.


We like the idea and would love to help spread the word. Help us out, will you?

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