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Updates #74

Updates #74

1. Hotline Story: Overcharging by cabbies at the bus terminal (Malay Mail) Nor of Bandar Sunway Selangor complains about overcharging by taxi drivers at the Bukit Jalil temporary terminal.

[TRANSIT: This is the same terminal that Halimah Sadique of the CVLB visited once, more than 6 months after Puduraya was closed, where taxi drivers have been overcharging passengers for months without any CVLB response.

Does SPAD have a presence at the terminal? Even a table (and tent and fan) where the members of the public can go and complain right away if they are overcharged????

After all, one of the biggest complaints from the CVLB was that they could not get people to inform them and complain to them. Having a SPAD presence at each and every bus terminal would be a major step forward and encourage the public to complain.]

2. Article: Free and easy ride around Puchong (The Star) – information about a new community shuttle bus introduced by IOI Properties for their Puchong developments. The shuttle bus is open to residents who have the IOI Privileges Card. More information at

3. Article: Commuters rush for rides in Sabah’s upgraded train service (The Star) – the North Borneo / Sabah State Railway is back, with service from Kota Kinabalu to Beaufort!

4. Article: Puduraya bus terminal must open by April 16, says Nong Chik (The Star) – Federal Territories Minister Raja Nong Chik has made it clear that the April 16 deadline is the absolute last day for UDA Holdings to complete Puduraya.

[TRANSIT: We can imagine the people at UDA Holdings with their arms folding, facing down the minister with the words “Or else what?” being uttered. After all, the Minister did allow his previous “deadlines” to be flouted without action.]

5. Article: MRT land acquisition last straw for TTDI residents (Malaysian Insider) – TTDI residents on Jalan Pinggir Zaaba are upset to see land acquisition notices pinned to trees in their area. SPAD claims that the pinning of notices is legal and they are just for information only.

[TRANSIT: Perhaps SPAD would understand the concerns of the residents a little bit more if the residents chose to “pin” their feedback about the MRT onto SPAD’s office door at KL Sentral.

Of course, we recommend that TTDI residents “pin” their feedback by sending it to SPAD in writing (as well as through online and phone and email too.enf]

5. Letter: Transport terminal: Great station… if you can find it (NST) – M.C.Y. of Kuala Lumpur complains that the management of the new modern bus terminal have failed to put up adequate directional signage for motorists.

6. Article: Situation worsens for the blind (NST) – Blind residents of Brickfields and patrons of the Malaysian Association for the Blind are concerned that construction work has made Brickfields hard to access.

7. Letter: Satellite stations still useful (The Star) – “Keep the Satellite Stations” of Kuala Lumpur writes this interesting letter in support of satellite bus stations throughout the Klang Valley.

[TRANSIT: This letter actually reminded us that our coverage of satellite bus stations was never really completed. Look for a new post on this topic soon.]

8. Article: Mystery building at Salak Selatan LRT station (NST) – questions are raised about a structure at the end of the parking lot. Prasarana states that the structure is not theirs.

9. Article: Passenger grabs money, phones and taxi (Malaysian Insider) – Another taxi driver was robbed by a passenger.

10. Letter: Electric bicycles good for environment (The Star) – “A Proud Electric Bike User” from Batu Caves writes this letter encouraging the regulation of electric bicycles on Malaysian roads.

[TRANSIT: Some of you may recall our post about the benefits of electric bicycles/motorcycles which could become part of a bike-sharing program with docking stations located at LRT stations and shopping complexes.]

3 replies on “Updates #74”

SPAD won’t have teeth unless they alone someone from outside the box to take command. Perhaps someone from Singapore or someone from Europe or USA with good public transportation ideas.

If the taxi drivers want to be hooligans and gangsters, SPAD can join with the police or other security teams to “join” them. You must fight an eye for an eye. Many rude and uncivilised taxi drivers don’t deserve good and fair/justified treatments. All they need are some “legal” physical fists from someone for them to be “sober”. They will be sober once they end up on hospital bed. A few examples like that are good enough to give obvious and effective warning to other taxi unscruplous drivers.

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