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Updates #72

Updates #72

1. Article: Work on LRT extensions to start next month (Malay Mail) – work on the LRT extensions will start in March 2011, with short segments from the existing terminal stations.

2. Article: KK-B’fort rail service resumes Feb. 21 (Daily Express) – Sabah State Railway services between Kota Kinabalu & Beaufort will resume February 21.

3. Hotline: Eyes rolling over RM100 note at train station (Malay Mail) – Amie of Kepong felt insulted when questioned by RapidKL for using a RM100 note to pay for a trip from Asia Jaya to KL Sentral, which costs RM2.00.

TRANSIT: Of course no one wants to be treated rudely by anyone, but many people would be surprised to receive an RM100 note to pay for a RM2.00 fare and would not be able to contain their surprise. That does not justify the reaction, but it explains it somewhat.

4. Hotline: Delayed ride and rude staff (Malay Mail) – Jaswant of Puchong complains about poor service from Konsortium Transnasional Berhad staff.

5. Letter: Taman Tun residents need an MRT (The Star) – Sulaiman Hood of TTDI comments on objections to the proposed MRT routing through TTDI. However, his views are rejected in this reply letter, Not viable to build an MRT in Taman Tun (The Star).

6. Article: Smoother ride for LRT users soon (The Star) – Khuraini Mohamed, Group Director of the Rail Division of Prasarana replies to complaints about ticket vending machines being out of order and talks about the new contactless ticketing system to be introduced by the 3rd Quarter of 2011.

7. Article: Bus operators in favour of e-ticketing but with conditions (The Star) – PMBOA President Ashfar Ali accepts the concept of e-Ticketing but does not wish to see e-Ticketing handled by a third party.

8. Letter: Make it safer to use public vehicles (The Star) – S.M. Mohd Idris of the Consumers’ Association of Penang calls on the government to improve the safety standards of express buses and public transport vehicles.

3 replies on “Updates #72”

Re: Eyes rolling over RM100 note at train station

Surprise is just a lame excuse. Being the front counter, it wouldn’t be the first time they handled larger notes. Even if a passenger had other notes, it’s his/her right to pay in the common denominations.

Everyone should try using RM100 from now on at Asia Jaya and other stations to see whether they have really learnt their lessons.

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