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Metal thieves hurt public transport (Update #1)

TRANSIT took note of this interesting article on one of the “other” issues that affects the quality of LRT & Komuter service – namely metal theft. Yesterday, police arrested more than 2 dozen metal thieves trying to steal rail track from the abandoned Subang Airport spur line. The Malay Mail wrote the article below, with […]

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Komuter Update: are we on track to better days ahead?

TRANSIT took note of this series of articles on an announcement from KTMB President Dr. Aminuddin Adnan, stating that KTM Komuter service was turning the corner and passengers could look forward to better days ahead. Better days ahead for Komuter service Commuters hope to see teething problems solved TRANSIT Says: The basic facts are pretty […]

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Updates #71

Updates #71 1. Article: Lucky escape for 40 passengers (The Star) – Forty passengers of an express bus had a close shave after the bus they were in had the front tire burst, skidded, crashed through the road divider and came to a stop in the opposite lane at the 245th kilometre of the North-South […]

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Updates #69

Updates #69 1. Letter: Foreigner laments bad cabbies (The Star) – Magnar Nordal of Brumundda, Norway comments about the poor state of taxi service in Kuala Lumpur. 2.Article: JPJ launches checks on reckless bus drivers (The Star) – The JPJ will target reckless bus drivers during the CNY rush. TRANSIT: And what will SPAD be […]

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Updates #66 (Sg Buloh ITT)

Updates #66 1. Article: Thumbs-up for Sg Buloh hub (Malay Mail) – A government source revealed the location of the north-bound Integrated Transport Terminal (ITT) in Sungai Buloh, linking the proposed express bus terminal not unsimilar to TBS with the proposed Sg Buloh – Kajang MRT line.

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Updates #61 (more bites on Melaka’s ‘snail-pace’ Monorail and Cheras’ new Shopping Haven!)

Updates #61 1. Article: Commuters want bus service to ply their area (The Star) – Teluk Intan residents are looking for a revival of bus service in Lower Perak. TRANSIT: Perhaps someone should tell them there is no money to support a decent bus service because KL needs an MRT network. 2. Letter to Editor: […]

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6-carriage shuttle train to be added to KTM Komuter starting 4 October (for a limited time)

TRANSIT notes that a 6-carriage Electric Train Service (ETS) trainset will be added to supplement the existing KTM Komuter service as of 4 October 2010 (Monday). The train will operate on the following routes during peak hours, Monday to Friday: Morning Peak: Seremban – Sg. Buloh (dep. 0615 arr. 0751) Sg. Buloh – Kajang (dep. […]

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Updates #60

Updates #60 TRANSIT celebrates 60 separate updates of news stories, comments and blog postings related to public transport in Malaysia

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Updates #56

Updates #56 1. Issue: The annual ‘freakout’ over Balik Kampung bus services has begun once again, with concerns that there will not be enough buses for the millions of passengers. With Konsortium Transnasional and other bus operators indicating that they may not provide extra bus services (in light of their increased costs thanks to an […]