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6-carriage shuttle train to be added to KTM Komuter starting 4 October (for a limited time)

TRANSIT notes that a 6-carriage Electric Train Service (ETS) trainset will be added to supplement the existing KTM Komuter service as of 4 October 2010 (Monday).

The train will operate on the following routes during peak hours, Monday to Friday:

Morning Peak:
Seremban – Sg. Buloh (dep. 0615 arr. 0751)
Sg. Buloh – Kajang (dep. 0755 arr.0850)

Afternoon Peak:
Sentul – Seremban (dep. 1830 arr. 2001)

For more information see the table below or visit You can also email KTM Komuter at of phone 1-300-88-KTMB.

Timetable showing KTM Komuter service's special 6-carriage shuttle train. Image courtesy of KTM Komuter.

Click here for a larger version of the image above.


It’s about time. Frankly, we expected that KTMB would have to shift one or more of the ETS trains to the Komuter service as long as the government continues to delay the purchase of the new trains.

We can only hope that with the overhaul progressing well, the existing trains will be back in service to augment the fleet within a short time.

If you happen to catch the ETS trains running Komuter service, do take a photo and email it to us at or post a link into the comments section of this post.

2 replies on “6-carriage shuttle train to be added to KTM Komuter starting 4 October (for a limited time)”

Salam, Transit

Always been a follower of this website. Frankly, in person, i would think that on one hand this is perfect, it may help to take d load off a bit from the current trains fleet…but, on the hand however, i thought, omg…those beautiful trains are going to be destroyed! ktm only hv 5 ets, n let say they use 2 of them for komuter service….the other 3 will be force to make multiple runs between ipoh-kl-seremban to make all the 10 trips daily plus to coverup the service that are supposed to be performed by the 2 other ets! the ets will be decimated n perhaps maybe in one year (hope that its not going to happen) there will be no more ets or if we do hv one, be prepared to ride in a horrible train cars that are in shambles(shabby n dirty seats, filthy walls with chewinggums, unhygenic toilets, faulty this n that…) for 2 hours….
Only then maybe do we appreciate things better…
Peace n Tq!
(p/s: supposedly, they shouldn’t launch d komuter service to batu caves n extend it all the way to tg. malim if they already know that there aren’t enough trains!)

Hi Danny

Thanks for the comments.

You are correct that logically, why extend service if you do not have the trains to provide the service! In fact, TRANSIT has been commenting on this gap in the logic of KTMB management for a long time – but then we realized that the gap is not in KTMB’s hands. Extension projects come under one Ministry (and one kind of “budget”) while purchasing additional trains come under another Ministry (and another kind of “budget”).

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

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