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Hulu Selangor MP wants better public transport

TRANSIT took note of this recent article discussing comments and feedback by Hulu Selangor MP P. Kamalanathan on the public transport system in the north of Selangor. It was surprising enough to read of an MP taking a proactive step to examine the public transport system of his area, experience it for himself and give […]

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Updates #66 (Sg Buloh ITT)

Updates #66 1. Article: Thumbs-up for Sg Buloh hub (Malay Mail) – A government source revealed the location of the north-bound Integrated Transport Terminal (ITT) in Sungai Buloh, linking the proposed express bus terminal not unsimilar to TBS with the proposed Sg Buloh – Kajang MRT line.

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2 months for decision on Rawang terminal

TRANSIT took note of this article on the new bus station in Rawang, which facing problems in getting bus and taxi operators to move to the station. Decision on new bus station in two months (The Star) Saturday January 30, 2010 By STUART MICHAEL A THOROUGH study must be done on traffic flow at the […]