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Updates #56

Updates #56

1. Issue: The annual ‘freakout’ over Balik Kampung bus services has begun once again, with concerns that there will not be enough buses for the millions of passengers. With Konsortium Transnasional and other bus operators indicating that they may not provide extra bus services (in light of their increased costs thanks to an increase in diesel costs). However, the CVLB has already indicated that it is ready to issue additional licenses for buses so everything will eventually be safe.


At this point we do not know if the new Bandar Tasik Selatan terminal would be ready in some capacity to handle the balik kampung crowds. We do not think such a space could be opened up and populated (with staff, stallkeepers, etc) in time for this Hari Raya.

This means that Balik kampung travelers should be prepared for additional hassles for bus services – since Puduraya will not be open until November.

Perhaps this is the time to look into taking the train (if possible) for Balik Kampung.

2. Blog: PAC wants MACC to investigate purchase of KTMB trains (Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad) – Dr. Dzul claims that the PAC is satisfed that there is reasonable justification for an investigation by the MACC on the purchase of 38 units of 6-carriage EMU trainsets for KTM Komuter

3. Article: Komuter service interrupted (NST) – Thousands of KTM Komuter passengers were delayed when the Rawang-Seremban line was disrupted by a broken overhead power cable at the Rawang Station on early on 2nd August.

4. Article: Council seeks three additional CAT buses (The Star) – The Penang Municipal Council has requested three additional Central Area Transit (CAT) city shuttle buses from Rapid Penang to ply the CAT route in George Town.

5. Letter: See how the other half lives (The Star) – Onlooker of KL comments on the issues that passengers and taxi drivers face with the misbehaving taxi drivers who create a poor image for taxi service in Kuala Lumpur.

6. Letter: KTMB doing a good job, so stop the grumbling (The Star) – Eunice Wong of Seremban comments on the positive aspects of KTM services.

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