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Updates #82

Updates #82 1. An Electric Trike In The Trunk Makes For The Ultimate Hybrid Eco-Car(, 22 April 2011) – The Geely McCar concept (electric or electric hybrid) includes a built-in electrically powered trike (3 wheel scooter) that fits into the space between the driver & passenger seats. [TRANSIT: Now this is an interesting concept – […]

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Updates #79

Updates #79 – This is our real post for 1 April 2011! 1. Article: Three-tiered parking complex to be built at Serdang KTM station (The Star, 29 March 2011) 2. Article: RapidKL bus division receives ISO Certification – two articles, from NST & Malay Mail on 30 March 2011. 3. Letter: MRT: Learn and adopt […]

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The “best” we’ve seen so far?

TRANSIT took note of the updates on the progress of the Bridge Express Shuttle Transit (BEST) service introduced in Penang on 1 March 2011. B.E.S.T. is an effort from the Penang Government to reduce the number of private vehicles crossing the Penang Bridge by providing an alternative free public transport shuttle bus service to the […]

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Updates #73

Updates #73 1. Article: Integrated public transportation within a year: DPM (NST) – Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yasin took his trip on the Klang Valley public transport system and claimed that the public transport system can be integrated within a year.

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Penang Gov’t approves more buses for B.E.S.T. (Update#1)

TRANSIT notes this article which states that the Penang government has approved an allocation for an additional 6 buses to operate the Bridge Express Shuttle Transit (B.E.S.T.) service between Sebarang Prai and the Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone. This is an increase of RM600,000 per year to the investment from the Penang Government to hire […]