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Updates #73

Updates #73

1. Article: Integrated public transportation within a year: DPM (NST) – Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yasin took his trip on the Klang Valley public transport system and claimed that the public transport system can be integrated within a year.

Deputy PM Muhyiddin on an Ampang Line (STAR) LRT train. Beside him is a token OKU as well as the Minister of Transport Kong Cho Ha. Picture courtesy of NST.

2. Hotline: Vandalised bus stop (Malay Mail) – Lim of Ampang complains about a damaged bus stop.

3. Article: Jalan Putra pedestrian bridge redesigned to link up with PWTC (Malay Mail) – the walkway from the PWTC LRT station to the Hentian Putra bus station will include a branch to Putra World Trade Centre.

In contrast, some residents in Brickfields are questioning the 3 pedestrian bridges introduced recently, and want better pedestrian-friendly and universal design features instead.

4. Letter: Ensure efficient service (The Star) – William Davis of Subang Jaya comments on the need for a more efficient bus system (rather than just a larger fleet of buses).

5. Article: Shuttle service a boon for sick (NST) – The Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital here will be introducing a localised shuttle service for the public to go to its wards and clinics.

Two vans, each with a capacity to take 14 passengers, will pick up passengers at five zones in the hospital compound. A trial run starts 15 February 2011.

6. Letter: Railway woes: Station in dire need of repair (NST) – S.T. Raj of Klang comments on the state of the Klang Railway station.

7. Letter: Bus service: Rapid Penang makes it easy to get around island (NST) – S. Paul of KL comments on a good experience using RapidPenang bus service during the recent Chinese New Year holiday.

8. Article: Kuching may get a Hong Kong-like transport system (NST) – Abang ‘Jo'(hari Openg) the Sarawak Minister of Urban Development expresses his hope for an integrated transport system in Kuching and states that SPAD supports this.

[TRANSIT: Don’t start hoping for MRT / MTR in Kuching – when he says “Hong Kong style” he refers to a fully integrated public transport network including ferries & buses.]

9. Article: ITT-BTS and Puduraya terminal fully ready in March (The Star) – Puduraya terminal will reopen on 1 March 2011 and TBSBTS will be ready by then as well.

10. Statement: Penyediaan 16 buah bas BEST ini adalah komitmen Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang untuk menunaikan janji(BM) (Penang CM’s Office)

7 replies on “Updates #73”

so, our dpm took the public transport for 1 day and he concluded that we can have intergrated public transport in 1 year. Bravo! The transport minister should be sacked! What the BN govt couldn’t do for the past 20+ years, now can be achieved in 12 months. Let’s make him our PM. He’s the superman!

Re: Shuttle service a boon for sick

If you have to pick up people just to get them from the parking to the building, that just means there’s something very wrong with the design of your compound in the first place.

Notice how nicely dressed the OKU was, even more that the politicians! Some people don’t even dress like that to kenduri. Perhaps the PC term is “people placement”?

“The railway station is old and needs major repair as well as a new coat of paint.

The automatic ticket vending machine is faulty. The covered stand at the platform leaks when it rains and commuters get wet on rainy days.”

This summarizes most KTM stations.


“Notice how nicely dressed the OKU was, even more that the politicians! Some people don’t even dress like that to kenduri.”


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