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Alternative Exploration: Bus 772

Whilst being a critical connector for the Subang Airport and Subang Suria/Pinggiran Subang population, its function should not be underestimated. Potentially cutting times to under 10 minutes between LRT and KTM transfers is a great benefit for Petaling Jaya (PJ) residents. What is stopping PJ residents from using this? Frequency. Let’s look into some key […]

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Statement – Free fares won’t fix issues with Klang Valley public transport

TRANSIT Malaysia is concerned about the temporary free fare scheme roll-out amidst the presently unaddressed downspiraling state of urban public transport in Klang Valley. Lower train and bus frequencies, frequent breakdowns and overcrowding, and dysfunctional walkways and escalators have become more apparent. Better dealings on improving the reliability of public transport would be a more […]

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Mandated transit service cut during MCO can’t be justified by any means

The ex-Chair of Prasarana once accused a reporter of provocation when being asked on viral images of LRT standees in close proximity to each other due to MCO-related service cuts. What is really overcrowding? Generally, a public transport service is designed to accommodate demand within a certain acceptable level of density threshold, typically around 6 […]

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Ketelusan Banci 2020 pemangkin pembuatan keputusan berasaskan fakta

Sempena perjalanan Bancian Penduduk dan Perumahan Malaysia 2020 (Banci 2020) yang akan berlangsung antara 7 Julai dan 30 September, TRANSIT Malaysia ingin menggesa kerajaan untuk komited bagi memastikan hasil dari bancian dapat dimanfaatkan oleh rakyat marhaen melalui data terbuka atau ‘open data’. Prinsip-prinsip ketelusan, pertanggungjawaban dan urustadbir baik merupakan teras dalam kecekapan sistem penyampaian kerajaan yang […]

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The Kelana Jaya Line Crashed This (Monday) Morning

Collective groaning At 6:45 am yesterday (18th February 2019) morning, the Kelana Jaya line ground to a complete halt between KLCC and Kelana Jaya. For about two hours, hostlers (those people who were manually driving your trains this morning) and Prasarana staff were scrambling to manage the influx of people coming into the Kelana Jaya […]

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A word on the MRT Cheras Assault

This incident is a damning indictment into how our public transport network, and indeed, our cities cater so poorly for women’s safety.

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KiDEx facing legal roadblock with @pjcitycouncil

TRANSIT took note of the following article describing legal issues that will delay the approval of the Kinrara-Damansara Expressway. Apparently the company that will build the expressway and has received ‘conditional approval’ from the Works Ministry and support from Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, has failed to get approval from the Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya…in […]

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Will unilateral approval of KiDEx fracture the Selangor Government?

TRANSIT took note of the increasingly public disagreement within the Selangor Government about the prioritization of the Kinrara-Damansara expressway also known as the KiDEx ” skyway.” 4 ADUNs from Petaling Jaya have already expressed their opposition to the approval of the expressway and called for greater transparency and suggested that the corridor would be better […]

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Meanwhile in JB, urban buses are moved out of the city centre starting May 1

TRANSIT took note of the following article describing changes to bus service in Johor Baru, with a new “no pick up” order for Jalan Wong Ah Fook, diversion of urban stage buses to Larkin Sentral, and a new free shuttle bus connecting the two areas. Commuters get short end of stick (NST JOHOR, 1 May […]

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Haphazard halts are a sign of haphazard planning and policy and organization and management….and especially leadership.

TRANSIT took note of this article in the Star Metro which reminded us how much more needs to be done to improve public transport organization and management in the Klang Valley. Haphazard halts (The Star Metro,  29 April 2014) MORE often than not, public buses in the Klang Valley can be seen stopping to pick […]