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Will unilateral approval of KiDEx fracture the Selangor Government?

TRANSIT took note of the increasingly public disagreement within the Selangor Government about the prioritization of the Kinrara-Damansara expressway also known as the KiDEx ” skyway.” 4 ADUNs from Petaling Jaya have already expressed their opposition to the approval of the expressway and called for greater transparency and suggested that the corridor would be better […]

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Haphazard halts are a sign of haphazard planning and policy and organization and management….and especially leadership.

TRANSIT took note of this article in the Star Metro which reminded us how much more needs to be done to improve public transport organization and management in the Klang Valley. Haphazard halts (The Star Metro,  29 April 2014) MORE often than not, public buses in the Klang Valley can be seen stopping to pick […]

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Technology Update: RapidKL to provide real-time info on services

TRANSIT took note of this article in the Malay Mail back in February, which describes technology and service improvements by RapidKL which will see realtime service info brought to screens & online. This form of service tracking, using GPS-based technology, is a welcome improvement because it allows public transport users to understand services in real-time […]

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If tearing down an expressway can reduce traffic congestion, what would a few bus lanes do?

The Infrastructurist Blog has a very interesting post on what can happen to traffic congestion when expressways are actually removed – in many cases it just goes away! Huh?! 4 Cases Of How Tearing Down A Highway Can Relieve Traffic Jams (And Save Your City) The post cites examples of the Cheonggycheon highway in Seoul […]