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Mandated transit service cut during MCO can’t be justified by any means

The ex-Chair of Prasarana once accused a reporter of provocation when being asked on viral images of LRT standees in close proximity to each other due to MCO-related service cuts. What is really overcrowding? Generally, a public transport service is designed to accommodate demand within a certain acceptable level of density threshold, typically around 6 […]

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Ketelusan Banci 2020 pemangkin pembuatan keputusan berasaskan fakta

Sempena perjalanan Bancian Penduduk dan Perumahan Malaysia 2020 (Banci 2020) yang akan berlangsung antara 7 Julai dan 30 September, TRANSIT Malaysia ingin menggesa kerajaan untuk komited bagi memastikan hasil dari bancian dapat dimanfaatkan oleh rakyat marhaen melalui data terbuka atau ‘open data’. Prinsip-prinsip ketelusan, pertanggungjawaban dan urustadbir baik merupakan teras dalam kecekapan sistem penyampaian kerajaan yang […]

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Limited loading fair for fare-deprived RapidKL?

Rapid Rail was rapped by the Home Minister for its (now reversed) announcement of physical distancing relaxation on its trains, with the minister quoted saying “we understand their concerns” that “less passenger capacity” due to the measure translates to less revenue for every cost unit incurred. The real irony behind this is his use of […]