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Updates #15


1. BUS SERVICES: Once again an empty promise (NST) – this letter writer from Malacca comments on bus service there.

2. Perak aims for a ‘slice’ of S’pore (NST) – This article describes how Tourism Malaysia is hoping to encourage Singaporean tourism to Perak state with the arrival of Firefly’s new Ipoh-Singapore service. [TRANSIT: if Tourism Malaysia wants Singaporeans to visit and come back, how about pushing the government to fix the public transport system in Perak]

3. Girl ‘flew’ from seat to front of vehicle (Malay Mail) – this article shares the experience of a passenger on RapidKL bus L087 (signed as Route U80) which crashed on 14 July 2009.

4. Sixteen unsettled summonses (Malay Mail) – Further investigation on the bus crash shows that both drivers involved had 16 unsettled summonses together, with the bus driver receiving 13 of those 16 summonses [TRANSIT: it is at this time unclear whether these summonses were received while driving a bus or car – not to mention who actually chalked up all the summonses – not that this makes much difference].

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