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Penang Hill Railway to restart someday (okay, maybe mid-to-late-April 2011)

As you know, TRANSIT has been following the upgrade to the Penang Hill Railway. As you might expect, the project, which was supposed (or should we say, supposedly) to be completed by the end of November 2010, has been delayed by 6 months, to the end of March. TRANSIT notes that the trains are being […]

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Updates #75

Updates #75 1. Article: 15 flee as bus burns (NST) – Fourteen passengers on a double-deck express bus, including foreigners and children, escaped death when they managed to get off the vehicle before it was engulfed in flames during an incident at Km224.2 of the North-South Expressway, heading south near Pedas here, on Saturday. There […]

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Updates #70

Updates #70 1. Letter: Put public transport back on track (The Star) – J. D. Lovrenciar of KL calls for improvements to public transport to reduce commute times & stress & improve quality of life. 2. Letter: Make cycling a way of life (The Star) – Dr. A. Soorian of Seremban calls for improvements to […]

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New Penang Hill Railway coaches arrive (Update #2)

Update: Penang Hill Tram service now scheduled to start “someday” (actually, we will know in one month) Update: Penang Hill Tram service now projected to start March 19! Update – Penang Hill Tram service is not projected to return to Penang Hill until the end of March 2011 – more than 6 months delay! TRANSIT […]

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Heritage Tourism: Chugging into oblivion

TRANSIT took note of this very interesting letter from “Heritage Rail Tourism Supporter” of Petaling Jaya, lamenting the lack of interest in preserving elements of the Malayan Railway system and historical railways in Malaysia. Heritage Tourism: Chugging into oblivion (Malay Mail) Our railway legacy may end up in history books, not tour brochures Tuesday, June […]

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Updates #44

Updates #44 1. Article: Deputy Transport Minister Lau dies at 68 (The Star) – The Star and other Malaysian media covered the death of Robert Lau Hoi Chew, Sibu MP and Deputy Transport Minister. 2. Post: Penang Hill Railway: Selling the family silver? ( – Anil Netto explores reports that the mechanical hardware for the […]


Penang Hill Railway shut down for ‘upgrade’ (Update #9)

This article confirms the update below – the Penang Hill Railway will return by the end of March 2011! Update – Penang Hill Tram service is not projected to return to Penang Hill until the end of March 2011 – more than 6 months delay! The new funicular trains have arrived. See our new post! […]

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Updates #40

Updates #40 1. Article: Penang Hill’s funicular train to stop for 7 months (The Star) – Service on the Penang Hill railway will stop for 7 months starting tomorrow (Feb 22) for a redesign of the railway. The 2-stage railway will be replaced by a continuous railway with larger, air-conditioned carriages. 2. Letter: Way off […]