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Updates #40

Updates #40

1. Article: Penang Hill’s funicular train to stop for 7 months (The Star) – Service on the Penang Hill railway will stop for 7 months starting tomorrow (Feb 22) for a redesign of the railway. The 2-stage railway will be replaced by a continuous railway with larger, air-conditioned carriages.

2. Letter: Way off track in trying to woo tourists (The Star) – @Triple A from Petaling Jaya comments on the proposed changes to the Penang Hill Railway.

[TRANSIT: More information about the Penang Hill Railway upgrade can be found here.]

3. Article: Errant bus drivers, operators may face RM500,000 fine (The Star) – The Malaysian Law Reform Committee has proposed an amendment to the Road Transport Act allowing higher fines for those bus operators involved in deadly collisions.

4. Article: Things to do while in Transit (The Star) – describes the launching of a ‘visit-KL’ programme for those with 5 hours or more of transit time at KLIA with partners ERL Sdn. Bhd. and KL-Hop-on-Hop-Off.

[TRANSIT: According to the article, if the KL-Hop-On-Hop-Off bus faces traffic congestion, the traffic police will send an outrider to help the bus get through the congestion!]

5. Article: Kemudahan trem diperkenal (Utusan Daily) – discusses a proposal for a surface tram in Melaka connecting Ayer Keroh to the Melaka town centre, using the old Ayer Keroh Road & Batu Berendam.

[TRANSIT: Tram?!?! What happened to the Aerorail?]

6. Article: More disabled-friendly facilities at LRT and train stations (Malay Mail) – Minister of Transport Ong Tee Keat comments on an investment in accessibility to LRT stations and KTM stations. There is also info on the proposed elevated link between KL Sentral and the “KL Sentral” Monorail station. You may also wish to see similar articles in The Star and Streets (NST).

7. Letter: RIDING BICYCLES: Make cycling safe again for children (NST) – K. RAMAMURTHY ACHARI of Penang comments on bicycles and safety.

8. Article: DISTRESSED BY ‘SILENT’ TAXI DRIVER (Malay Mail) – investigation into a complaint of intimidating behaviour by a taxi driver.

9. Fomca: Develop urban and rural public transportation (The Star) – self explanatory.

10. Article: Panel still has queries on buses (NST) – The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is expected to conclude its probe into the controversial disposal of buses decommissioned by Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd (SPNB) before the next parliamentary sitting. However, the Committee wants more details from Prasarana

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