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Touch ‘n’ Go card facilities go dormant if not used for 1 year – at toll plazas

TRANSIT took note of a very interesting complaint about Touch ‘N’ Go – which has revealed an interesting bit of information about how the Touch ‘N’ Go card works. As you know, the Touch ‘N’ Go card is “Malaysia’s one-stop card” which can be used for toll-payment at toll-kiosks, payment of public transport at fare […]

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Updates #93

Updates #93 1. Article: Malacca to be bicycle friendly (6 July 2011) – Melaka CM Mohd Ali Rustam announced an initiative to introduce bus lanes into Melaka. He also promised to ride to work every Friday. [TRANSIT: We couldn’t resist posting the picture above.]

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RapidPass Pelajar introduced

RapidKL has introduced RapidPass Pelajar, a pass for all students who are registered with any Malaysian school. Rapidpass Pelajar advertisement courtesy of RapidKL This initiative was mooted by TRANSIT back in 2006, as we believe that all students should be encouraged to use public transport. Currently, the CVLB requirement is that students in school uniform […]

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What have 100 Days of Najib as Prime Minister brought for public transport?

Commentary The passing of ‘100 Days’ of Najib Tun Razak as Prime Minister of Malaysia were marked with glowing reports in all of the mainstream media. In the celebration, Najib announced ’11 Gifts’ for the people of Malaysia. Or should we say, for certain people in Malaysia? Certainly the users of public transport do not […]