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Updates #93

Updates #93

1. Article: Malacca to be bicycle friendly (6 July 2011) – Melaka CM Mohd Ali Rustam announced an initiative to introduce bus lanes into Melaka. He also promised to ride to work every Friday.

Leading the way: Mohd Ali (front right) with fellow state leaders cycling to Seri Negeri. Image courtesy of The Star.

[TRANSIT: We couldn’t resist posting the picture above.]

2. Article: DPM: Build bicycle lanes to promote healthy lifestyle (The Star, 5 July 2011) – DPM Muhyiddin expresses support for bicycle lanes and the initiative by Malacca CM Mohd Ali Rustam to cycle to work every Friday.

[TRANSIT: Check out this letter in The Star (7 July 2011) in response to the article about cycling and bicycle lanes in Melaka. The article refers to student cycling at the UTAR campus at Kampar. Thank you to wrongdoings_rapidKL for the link.]

3. Article: DPM moots Malacca bus firms consortium (NST, 4 July 2011) – During his visit to Malacca the DPM proposed a consortium of Malacca bus operators as a solution to the public transport situation of the state.

[TRANSIT: Our other examples of consortium in the stage bus industry have not exactly been that successful – think Perak Transit. We also have to wonder about how the consortium of bus operators will fit in with the upcoming Melaka tram (which is apparently under construction already despite not having approval from the Minister of Transport.

You can see our post about the proposed Consortium of Melaka Bus Operators coming soon.]

4. Article: Rail services to west coast disrupted (NST, 6 July 2011) – Rail services on the west coast have been disrupted after a train derailed at Tungjang near Padang Besar on 5 July 2011.

Workers inspecting two wagons of a south-bound Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd goods train lying on their side in Tunjang, Kedah, yesterday. — NST picture by Shahrizal Md Noor

5. Article: Rail network ready by 2018 (NST, 6 July 2011) – Johor Baru will usher in a new era for its public transport system in 2018 when the proposed RM1.23 billion rail transit network is completed.

[TRANSIT: This article refers only to the proposed MCN (Komuter Selatan) proposed by HUB and MASTEEL, and does not refer to the Rapid Transit System which will link Singapore and JB as well as the “Vast Rapid Transit” (BRT) system. Ok, honestly we are confused with what is happening down in Johor and wish that someone would make things clear.]

6. Article: NGV Crawl (NST, 5 July 2011) – Taxis queuing up for NGV at a petrol station in Jalan Maarof are causing a bottleneck, taking up the left lane and obstructing motorists wanting to turn left into Jalan Tandok.

The taxis make a beeline for the petrol station during lunch time and about 4pm. Image courtesy of NST.

7. Letter: Airport taxis ripping off users with ‘surprise’ fare increases (NST, 6 July 2011) – FR of Kuala Lumpur complains about the cost of a taxi ride from KLIA that cost RM46 instead of his regular RM20.

[TRANSIT: FR complains about a “surprise fare increase” but FR took an Executive Taxi, which has a flagfall fare of RM6 and regular fare of RM1 (as opposed to a budget taxi which is half that). Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware) applies here. But the real question is, how is it that an Executive Taxi is picking up passengers at KLIA? Has SPAD changed their policy recently?]

8. Article: Bad apples among taxi drivers (The Star, 4 July 2011) – Willy Wilson, an Indonesian in Malaysia, comments on taxi drivers.

9. Letter: KLIA Express is the better option (The Star, 5 July 2011) – The Khurana of KL comments on his experience taking a minivan limousine (charge of RM231) from KLIA to KL and expresses his preference for the KLIA Express.

[TRANSIT: Of course the KLIA Express is a more affordable option but it only helps you if you are traveling to KL Sentral.]

10. Article: 40% of city folk to use public transport by 2020 (The Star, 4 July 2011) – An article in a continuing series about the Government Transformation Program.

11. Article: Getting users to Touch ’n Go on RapidKL buses (The Star, 4 July 2011) – An article in a continuing series about the Government Transformation Program.

12. Letters: Keep up the good work, SPAD (Malay Mail, 6 July 2011) – @Public transport users expresses support for SPAD’s public consultation, while Hazamal warns that we need a better maintenance culture to ensure our public transport lasts.

13. Article: George Kent bullish about LRT job bid (Business Times, 8 July 2011) – update on the expectation that George Kent will win the RM1.5bn Ampang LRT project. The article was from the Bernama feed and also published in a few other places, including this one which certainly caught our attention.

14. Letter: More exits for Tasik Selatan LRT station (NST, 7 July 2011) – G.S. of Putrajaya comments on the construction work at Tasik Selatan LRT station.

6 replies on “Updates #93”

@All the Melaka Excos
I’m going to see you doing that on KL or PJ roads, even a lot of so called taman (housing estate) roads in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya are very hazardous to bicycle riders too, I remember back in 10 years ago I used to live in SS2 Petaling Jaya, during my stay there I heard two bicycle cyclists died in road accident in that area within nine days time. This haven’t include other bicycle accidents happened even in the outskirts of Klang Valley. Even a lot of parents did not their to let their children to ride bicycle to school although the school is only very nearby. Good luck!!!


I understand you have been warned by the “MASTER/OWNER” of this “house” (website) by being shout like a mad man and this is RUDE/NO MANNER in other people’s house. Who is unethical now??? I believe you are the one who is unethical, no manner and kurang ajar/没家教!! Besides, many facts and accidents reported in the mass media proven that many roads in Klang Valley are really not cyclist friendly, this is not just coming out from my mouth.

The comment by Jeffrey Ang on July 8, 2011 at 12:12 am is extremely disappointing.

I am merely showing a great example by our future generations at UTAR. It is sad that when the UTARians have come forward to show a great example, our parents are still telling their kids that car is king.

Sadly, this guy is at his usual antics of bashing He carries on his habit of telling people why it cannot be done instead of why it can be done. If this is not enough, he is also in a habit of calling people all sorts of names when the person’s opinion failed to tally with his.

Let this be clear that this website does not need a man like him, making all sorts of noise everyday. But if he continues with all his antics, Moaz will be left with no choice but to intervene.

Unless the government make a massive overhaul on most of the roads in Klang Valley/Kuala Lumpur to make it cycle friendly in five years time, or else do not risk yourself or any individual to cycle around Kuala Lumpur,or Klang Valley especially at some roads which are PROVEN hazardous for cyclists. Unless you really, really know what you are doing.

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