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RapidPass Pelajar introduced

RapidKL has introduced RapidPass Pelajar, a pass for all students who are registered with any Malaysian school.

Rapidpass Pelajar advertisement courtesy of RapidKL

This initiative was mooted by TRANSIT back in 2006, as we believe that all students should be encouraged to use public transport. Currently, the CVLB requirement is that students in school uniform (meaning primary or secondary school only) receive 50% discounts for public transport.

Thus, Rapidpass Pelajar provides an increased level of discount because it reaches registered tertiary students, and because it is up to 50% off the cost of the existing Rapidpass.

New product: The Rapidpass Pelajar is to enable st udents in the Klang Valley to enjoy RapidKL’s services at discounted rates. Image courtesy of The Star

Rapidpass Pelajar has two options – Bas (for unlimited bus use) and Integrasi (unlimited bus, LRT and Monorail). The pass is based on the Touch ‘N’ Go system and uses a 30-day pass system rather than a monthly pass system. The main difference is that the remaining number of days (of the 30-day usage period) will be displayed on the card reader (rather than the amount of money remaining).

The 30-day period starts from the first day of usage each time the card is renewed. There is also an EZ option for automatic renewal.

The current payment structure is:

  • Bus: Malaysian students RM50, foreign students RM75
  • Integrated: Malaysian students RM100, foreign students RM125

NOTE: The cost of the Touch N Go card is RM10.

Registration for RapidPass Pelajar begins on 19 April, with roadshows at various LRT stations and colleges – alternatively, you can download the registration form here.

The pass will be available for use almost immediately. For more information, see the RapidKL FAQ on RapidPass Pelajar here or this article, Students can enjoy discounts on RapidKL bus, LRT and monorail with card (The Star).

56 replies on “RapidPass Pelajar introduced”

This works for buses too right? What happen if the touch&go reader on the bus cannot detect or spoil?

Hi Leonard.

The bus-only option is RM50 for 30 days, while the bus+LRT+monorail option is RM100 for 30 days.

We have been told that RapidKL will be working to ensure that all Touch N Go readers are working. The pass has the student’s picture and ID so we presume that drivers will do a visual check if the pass does not scan properly – but we will confirm that with RapidKL.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

can i know this rapidpass student is it can used for college’s/university’s student that without uniform??

Hi Jane

The RapidPass pelajar can be used by all registered students – including college & university students who are not wearing school uniform.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

i been taking the rapid kl bus most of the reader for TOUCH N GO RAPID PASS FOR STUDENT are not working is faulty i hope that they will see on that too.

Hi Aeda

You can purchase the RapidPass itself or the RapidPass Flexi option at all LRT stations. From July 2010, all passes will use the Touch ‘n Go Platform.

As for the RapidPass Pelajar, you can also get the application form at any LRT station.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

I’ve started using the rapidpass pelajar since mid of June.
As I was told that we need to renew the card 7days b4 it expires.
I would like to know can I renew it earlier eg 10 or 15days before it expire?
Will the remaining balance be deducted?
Is Pasar Seni counter the only place I could renew?
It is very inconvenient as it’s opening hours are short and the only location available for renew.
Can I stop using/renew the rapidpass for few months then start using it again?

Hi Nadia

RapidBET has the same fares as the regular bus service, so you should be able to use the rapidpass pelajar with no problem.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT


I leave at Shah Alam and i study at UTM in KL. I have to board commuter to kl central. Then i have to switch to lrt from there to Damai.

I use Touch n Go card for both transport. Single journey cost RM4.50 and double journey cost me RM9 per day. Can i use Rapidpass Pelajar for KTM or is there any solution to reduce my transoprtation expenses?


Do you travel to school each and every weekday? Do you travel on the weekend?

KTM Komuter does offer weekly and monthly pass options but there is no discount for students. Rapidpass Pelajar is available on the 30-day pass option. Depending on your schedule and finances, I suggest that you explore these options.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

i wish to know that after i apply rapispass pelajar at pasar seni station, i can get the card on the spot? if not how long i can get it?
and from the day i get the card will start to counted as first day??

i wish to know that after I submit the application form at Pasar Seni station, i can get the rapid pass pelajar on the spot?? and once i get the card it will function directly and start counted as first day?
can I certify my student card and ic by ahli dewan undangan negeri but not by university?

I would like to know if i apply for rapid pass pelajar bas, and top up the money for Touch ‘n Go inside that card. Will it detect the Touch ‘n Go when i use it on lrt. ;Note that i apply pass for bus service only, not integrasi.


Hi Eric

Thanks for the question. As far as we know, you would have to purchase a separate TnG pass for the LRT because the TnG Rapidpass is based on the amount of days you have purchased, not the amount of money held on the card.

We will ask RapidKL for further information.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

waktu bekerja untuk kaunter rapidpass pelajar adalah dari pukul 9-5pm…adakan masa rehat pada pukul 1pm? saya risau tak ada masa untuk pergi ambil

Hi, i would like to know if i can still get a rapidpass for student at any lrt stations. I had been notified by a lady working at asia jaya lrt station that rapidpass for student is only available at pasar seni lrt station. It would be rather inconvenient for me to go there.
Thank you.

Hi Ashley

From what we know you should be able to get a Rapidpass Pelajar at a roadshow or apply online, instead of going to the LRT stations.

However, we suggest you contact RapidKL directly on this as they might have changed their policy recently on where and when they sell the Rapidpass Pelajar.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Hey, been using rapidpass pelajar for a year plus already but stopped renewing it due to infrequent bus trips as I had exams. Now that classes are as usual, I can’t seem to renew it even as I have sufficient credit balance. I stopped using it for bout 2 months. Any help much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @Aaron

Sorry to hear that. I don’t think that TRANSIT can help you on this one. Did you continue paying while you were not using the card? If so, perhaps there is some kind of feature that automatically locks your card if it is not used for more than 30 days.

It would be best to talk to RapidKL directly about your problem with your rapidpass.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Hmm..darn. do you know of any way to contact them bout my problem besides going to pasa seni let station? As its very troublesome for me to go there. Anyways, thanks so much for your help! 🙂 much appreciated.

Hi @Amir

Download the form at the RapidKL website, get a photo, and get to Pasar Seni LRT station weekdays before 5pm.

Otherwise, contact RapidKL and see where the nearest pass roadshow is taking place.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Hi Devi

If you are looking for a Rapidpass Pelajar, download the application form at the link provided in the post (or at the rapidkl website and fill in your information. Take the form to Pasar Seni LRT station during daytime hours and you can get the rapidpass there.

You can purchase a regular rapidpass at LRT stations.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

i would appreciate if u can answer my following questions:
1) i would like to know the difference between rapidpass pelajar n rapidpass flexi..

2) if i travel to college everyday back n forth by lrt only (except for saturday n sunday), which rapid pass should i choose?

3) if d rapidpass pelajar displays the remaining number of days on the card reader, how would i know the remaining amount of money in my card??

please reply me asap, thank you 😀


A1. Rapidpass Pelajar is strictly for registered secondary and university/college students. “Flexi” refers to the flexible time periods that you can purchase for your rapidpass – 3, 7, 15 and 30 consecutive days. A Rapidpass Pelajar user can activate the ‘flexi’ option when he/she chooses – but only in advance (meaning you cannot activate for 30 days then change to 15 days in the middle of the 30 day period).

A2. You should look at your actual daily trip costs and determine if you should choose the Rapidpass or pay directly. The LRT Rapidpass is RM100 for 30 consecutive days. If you spend more than RM100 on LRT per month, get the pass (even if you don’t use it every day you still save money – and you might be encouraged to use the pass more often to “get your money’s worth). However, if you spend less than RM100 per month and do not see yourself using the LRT more often, continue to use cash, or better yet, a regular Touch ‘n’ Go card (to save yourself time).

A3. All Rapidpasses display the remaining amount of days from the period you have chosen. If you want to know how much money is left on your card you would have to go to a RapidKL LRT station customer service area and ask. But technically, if you are using a Rapidpass there should be no extra monetary ‘balance’ on your card (like there would be with Touch ‘n’ Go). Once you activate a Rapidpass (for example, a period of 30 consecutive days on the LRT costing RM100) your money would be used up to pay for those days.

I hope this answers your questions. You may wish to ask RapidKL for confirmation of the information above since they may have changed their policies or offered new services.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT


You can do it on the same day. Either attend a roadshow or go to Pasar Seni LRT station during “regular” working hours (the “daytime” service period between the AM peak and the PM peak hours.)

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT


i would like to know … the pasar seni counter opened during the weekends..for me to purchased the student rapid pass….

thank you..


We checked the ktmb website but cannot find any info on the student pass.

The best thing to do is call 1 – 300 – 88 – KTMB (5862).

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Hi, I would like to know what’s the meaning of ‘a copy of the original document, verified by the school/college/higher learning institution’? I have to get a chop from my college?


That is what it sounds like. Get your college to chop a photocopy of the document to acknowledge that you are a student there, then present the copy (probably good to bring the original as well) to RapidKL.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Good job you’re doing on this blog. I’ve got questionns to ask. Does the RapidPass Pelajar card lose its validity? How long can you go without renewing the card before the card becomes unreadable. I’m asking because I haven’t renewed from some months, and we’ve only just resumed, so I want to continue with the card (Its an Integrasi by the way), but apparently the card is unreadable. I tried placing it on the system at the LRT station but there was no response of any kind. I also tried checking the balance using the ATM, same issue, it could not be detected. Do I need to fill out a form for a new one (Replacement), or can the card be re-activated? Thanks.

I am a college student. So if i want to register a rapidpass, should i bring my student id or an approved letter from my college?

I’m a registered college student awaiting intake in May, thus have not obtained my student card. Can I apply for RapidPass Student (RM50) basing to my present offer letter certified by the HOD? Thanks.


Sorry that we cannot give you any clear information on this. Although we believe that the offer letter should be sufficient, we recommend that you try to contact RapidKL directly with your inquiry.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT.

ps. sorry for the delay in our response.

Hi. I applied for the rapidpass pelajar intergrasi since July 2010 and I stop reloading my card since March 2011. Could i reload my card again now? Between, I am still a student.


currently im pratical student….i have my college id and my ic with me….but i can”t certified the copy of my ic and student id with my college because im doing practical far away from my college…but I have a letter frm my college stated that im a practical student nw…So can apply 4 the pass…pls rply.tq

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